With the note folded neatly in his pocket, and some salads from the local big-box store in some bags for Raz and Milla, Sasha entered the hotel room. He had two hours before he was supposed to meet Laguna. He set the bags on the small table right before Milla grabbed the one she knew was for Raz and handed it to him. "Hurry up and eat darling." She said to the boy as Sasha raised a brow as she grabbed her own salad and moved over to the couch to eat.

"Levi told the survivors that tomorrow was going to be big." She said as she popped off the plastic lid so she could start cramming food down her throat in a way that was, quite honestly, a bit gross. But Sasha wasn't going to say anything; he could tell she was in a rush. Well, at least they both were on the same page. "The reason why they hadn't told anyone else was because they said one of us was going to be the target."

Well, it was good to know he would follow through on what he said he would. "So, I am getting Raz out of here ASAP." Raz was scowling into his salad a little at that, he hated being treated like a little boy in the eyes of the other agents, and while Sasha would sympathize, knowing what it was like being a child in an adult's world once he proved himself; Sasha would agree with Milla this time on this issue if only because of the note. If Levi followed through, that meant there would be a running battle tomorrow and Raz was currently not equipped well enough for something like that at the moment. Also, because this was his and Milla's case, and if it suddenly went sour like it looked like it would, he wanted the boy out of the way. Raz was only in training right now; it would be too much of a bite at the moment.

Sasha crossed his arms as Milla kept on about everyone she had contacted, "So, I contacted any agents within a 100 mile radius to meet up here so we can work together."

The only place agents wouldn't come from would be from Jude's about 50 miles away. He hated how it was so close yet at the same time in the middle of nowhere. He wondered why they would do something like that; perhaps it was a simple out of sight out of mind for the general populace. The name made people think it would have arts and crafts instead of psychic guards equipped with medication to dull a psychic's powers and guns, ready to shoot if the prisoners even walked wrong.

Sasha removed the letter from his pocket and slid it over to her, Levi's little note confirming the trouble he is planning on brewing tomorrow- and was looking for an excuse to execute it. Milla rested her fork on the bowl and opened it up, reading it. Bright green eyes darting over the page before simply putting the bowl to the side, Sasha spoke up.

"I think he is after you." Sasha said after a few moments. "Simply because, why would Levi spell it out like that."

"It could quite possible be because he is a creeper." Milla said, tone serious despite the language used, folding the note back up. "Perhaps you should stay in tonight, we just go to the meeting and you call Mr. Jim and cancel the meal at McBurgerQueen." Sasha shook his head.

"Levi said tomorrow, he is already watching us so no matter what we do, he will pounce. I will be in a public place during a busy time and you know where I am." Milla narrowed her eyes a little. She didn't like this one bit as Raz stood up.

"How about this, Milla-" Raz started, "I can go with Sasha to McBurgerQueen." Sasha already saw the argument about to happen, Milla will be firm, Raz will be biting at the reigns and Milla would win. Sasha decided it would be best to stop it all now.

"No Raz." Sasha said, "I want you to meet up with Agent Morales with the note." He was going to make a copy of it now. "And I want to make sure it stays in the bag until he is done with it. I am going to have you working with him on tracking Levi down, because this is something he wrote." So a strong psychic would be able to track Levi with it. "So, keep it on your person at all times. DO NOT remove it from the baggy." Sasha stressed as he went to his suitcase and pulled out a small device, it was a scanner for travel. Something he got for Christmas last year from his aunt who wanted him to take pictures, scan them and email them to her. He plugged it into his laptop and quickly scanned it as the boy downed his salad and watched as Sasha put it into a bag and handed it over.

"Listen to Milla; don't let it or your bags out of your sight. I will also be giving you my bags." His bags was mostly just clothes, so if anything happened-well he was out of clothes he didn't care if they got destroyed, like those stupid pinstriped Psychonauts uniforms. His technology would stay in the hotel lock box until he or Milla would get it.

Milla raised a brow at that one, "Any particular reason why?" she asked. Sasha nodded.

"To help distract anyone who might be watching. They would see the bag and assume I am nearby…"

"You're making him a target." Raz smiled at that, action! Raz's imagination was already running wild at the set up, some goons lurking in the shadows, seeing Sasha's bags imagining the agent nearby- and behold! Raz. They would go after Raz and Raz would defeat him and it would become his first big mission standalone and it would get published in the comics.

Sasha on the other hand, wasn't thinking about the comics. Sasha knew Levi would be looking for the person and not the bag, but it would keep some goons watching Raz but not likely to attack due to the location and that means less trouble for everyone later. Sasha shrugged a little, even though he could feel Milla burning a hole into his shoulder. He knew she knew what he was thinking, but he was going to spell it out anyways.

"Two goons following Raz mean two less goons on us tomorrow." Sasha stated, every little bit help, and Raz was an agent-although barely just out of the mailroom. He knew Raz could take on some low-ranking baddies on his own if push came to shove. He looked down at his watch.

"I should go now. Milla, I will see you at 6." The Brazilian woman just frowned at the entire idea as Sasha stood up leaving the two in the hotel room. He knew Milla would keep some of his items with her though, because it would be her own little form of rebellion against the idea of using Raz as a target, and it would make sure she could keep an eye on him when he was out of her sight.

Sasha would take the bus down to the McBurgerQueen, if only to make sure there were a lot of witnesses to his actions. He was trying to be obvious, let Levi watch him. Let the bus driver see him, let the woman sitting next to him be squished a little as he tried to sprawl out. Sometimes, the best way to protect yourself was to make sure everything saw you. If something happened there would be a witness saying they saw him on the 5:21 32 bus. He looked over at the woman and asked if she lived in town and what she would suggest to do while he was here and that he was here on business. Some people would think it is counterproductive to do when someone is after you, but at times like this, you would be safest in a crowd. In a bus with people standing, children trying to scoot around the standing people so they could look out windows, next to girls listening to their iwhatevers and boys talking about their pokermans or whatever they talked about now a days. He saw the McDonalds coming up and going past them, and there he also saw the cab of a flatbed truck with a gaudy cross painted on the hood.

He remembered the radio station Laguna was listening to over the phone- a Christian rock channel. That must have been him. The bus stopped, the doors slid open and Sasha started to walk to the restaurant, bumping into people like he didn't know how to move through a crowd before making it in. The restaurant was busy, and there was a tall man with a large nose and a scraggly beard. He waved when he saw Sasha and came up. "Sasha?" he asked as the German nodded, the man gave Sasha a large grin- he was missing some teeth. He looked like someone the Jonas' brothers would have known. He smelled like cough syrup and cigar smoke- the same kind of cigars Che smoked.

"I already got my order." Laguna said gesturing over to a table with a half-eaten sandwich and fries scattered across the paper lined tray (with the caloric counts shown for those who cared to see how much they were consuming right next to a picture of some blonde girl with pigtails sharing apple slices with a boy of some eggplant color.) "Sorry 'bout that, I had to get something in me. My truck is fixed so I didn't want to stop to dump my load later on if you catch my drift."

Sasha's mental response to that was a simple 'ew'. Well, there went his desire to eat something. But it would seem rude if he didn't. "Milla told me I should eat healthier, I'll get a salad." He said, even though he knew those salads were worse for you than the hamburger itself. But Sasha's now was going to relate a hamburger to 'load dumping' for the next day, and besides, the salads here were pre-packed, thus unattainable.

"A chicken Caesar salad and an ice latte." Sasha told the ginger girl at the cash registered.

"You're going to be up all night now." Laguna said and Sasha shrugged as he turned to face the man.

"Well, I have a lot of work to do tonight, so might as well start it off with over-priced cheap coffee." The woman behind the counter coughed a little at that-she knew that McBurgerQueen made a huge profit on something like the coffee here. Another teenager brought Sasha up his tray with the drink, the dressing and salad on it. The salad still even had its little sticker seals on it as the German walked over to the table with the truck driver.

"Nice to see you face to face man." Jim said as he crammed some fries into ketchup and then promptly crammed them into his almost toothless mouth. Sasha carefully opened the plastic box the salad was in and carefully opened up the dressing packet and squeezed it onto the salad- somehow still managing to get some on his gloves. He took a bite of the lettuce, not needing to pick it apart unlike with the nicer places where he did. "So, you want to know more about my buddy's idea, about his other half?"

Sasha nodded, before swallowing. "You probably understand I am a bit skeptical about the entire idea of it all." Laguna nodded.

"Yeah yeah, I know. I know I would be too. Although, wanna hear a thought. I kinda don't want to find Caesar's other half." Sasha raised a thin brow at that one. If he didn't why was he looking for them? Then as if he could read minds Laguna continued. "It's that wouldn't it be creepy man. Someone coming up to you and going: Hey you're this man's other half and he wants to be buddy-buddy with you until one of you dies so two can become one- set your spirit free only way to be type." He took a sip of his soda as Sasha went to take a drink of his coffee.

"Well, then why are you looking?"

"Because man, if I am looking and find them- I can at least find out if it is true or not. Besides, what's the harm? If I find them and they are open to that stuff, good, I can host some sort of reunite TV special, if they ain't? I can keep them like sea and sky. Separate. Both can know about the other, but I'll tell Caesar that the other can't meet up for whatever reason."

Something about that made Sasha's stomach tense up a little, was Caesar someone who would stalk someone if he knew about this special other half thing? Was Laguna telling the truth? Something inside of Sasha was having his mental bells set off, and he knew to trust those bells. He pushed a lettuce leaf into more dressing and brought it to his mouth, chewing carefully as he wondered about his next thing he should say.

"Do you think Caesar would be a threat to this person?" Sasha Nein, master of tact. Laguna shook his head.

"Nah, it's that you know how people can get when they get an idea in his mind. At most, he might demand they meet and throw a temper fit with me, but if I know where they are at and keep in contact, I could try and warm then up to the idea, right? No harm in it." Sasha knew he should have actually ate something today, the caffeine was making him shake a little already, but he kept it under control where he could feel his heart beat quickly but Laguna couldn't tell about it. Maybe he should really talk to a doctor about better meals for his health like Milla wanted him to. Tomorrow he would start taking multi-vitamins or something. Have less coffee as a staple of his diet and more onion dip like Milla would or something. He ate a piece of the chicken and quickly finished the coffee so he could have an excuse to get a cup of water.

"Well, I am sure if it is important to Caesar, he would wait until the person was comfortable and was more open to the idea. Although from some studies I read about, many Americans believe in things like that." He stood up to go get a plastic cup of water, making sure to take the rest of his salad with him. The girl at the counter asked if he would like more dressing and he accepted as she brought him some more and his water. Maybe some more fats would make him feel a bit better as he sipped his water as he sat back down and added more dressing on. This time not caring as much when more dressing got on his gloves.

Laguna nodded as Sasha started to finish off his salad. "Yeah yeah, and if he doesn't want to wait, I just will tell him to take a freaking chill pill." Sasha sipped some of the water, and then took a deeper drink. He didn't want to eat more, but he didn't want to waste his salad as he decided it would be best to do it because he doubt he would be able to have a good meal tomorrow as he just decided to focus on the meal. "Don't worry; I'll be sure to keep you updated. Perhaps one day I can meet your friend to get more details- and perhaps- it would make him more aware if he throws a fit someone besides you will be there to back up the other person."

"Yeah yeah." Laguna said standing up to throw away his food, looking down at his watch. "Damn- it only feels like we've been here for 15 minutes. It's almost five thirty, I best head out." That made Sasha drop his fork – he would be late to the meeting if he didn't leave now. "You got a ride back home?"

"Yes, the 32 which will be arriving in five minutes." Sasha said as he realized that also, standing up too quickly, feeling a bit lightheaded at that to throw away his food and clean off the table. "I'll call you later, alright man?" Laguna said waving as he hurried out.

Sasha downed the rest of his water and headed out also, pulling out his cellphone to tell Milla he was getting on the bus now. It looked like the bus was stopped right in front of the McBurgerQueen. Thank god, it must have had its stop back to the hotel there as he rushed there. The steps feeling steeper and the bus feeling colder than before. A little more quiet as he sat down in the first seat he could, ignoring the bus door slamming shut.


It was 6:15 and Milla was running late as per her normal life. She pushed back her hair into a ponytail and stepped into the small meeting room at the hotel. There were a few agents there already. "Sorry I'm late." She said with a smile. "You know how airport traffic can be." A few of them nodded, of course they knew, they had to deal with it as much as any other agent who had to go anywhere outside of a half a day car trip anywhere. She sat down at the table as she grabbed her files from her brief case. "Alright, let's get this meeting started. Sasha, please start."

The agents stared at her. "Agent Nein had arrived yet." Said one plump female agent. This made Milla blink a little, Sasha was never late, and he was always early if anything. And he hadn't called her yet. "We figured he was dropping Agent Aquato off at the airport with you to ensure he made it on the plane safely."

Milla pulled out her cell phone to see if Sasha had left her any messages, there was one on her phone from about five minutes ago- she must have overlooked it. She read over it, Sasha missed the bus and just got onto one. She breathed out a small sigh of relief.

"Okay, Sasha just sent me a message, he is running late. We can start without him." She knew he was on the 32 and it took about 15 minutes to get here. It felt odd to be someplace before Sasha was; it was like showing up to a party before the decorations even got put up. "So, as for this meeting, James Levi had struck recently, but because this was Agent Nein and my own case, we were sent in to investigate, and two pieces of evidence was planted there for us. Letters. I have copies of them right here for you all to look over." She handed them out so the agents could read over the copy of the letter in the folder, and the copy of the letter Sasha had found earlier today. She gave them a few minutes to read over them. "Now, today when Sasha got the letter, I was out with Agent Aquato to do interviews with people who had survived the chaos- psychics who did not qualify for Whispering Rock. They said that Levi told them that tomorrow would be something big."

"So, why didn't they tell one of us this?" A blond man asked Milla. Milla looked at him.

"Well, it was because Levi threatened them, saying that if they don't tell Sasha or me first, he would kill their families." The plump woman from earlier nodded. They felt threatened and with the situation they came out of, they thought it would be a very real threat. But because of that, now they were all understaffed here in case something big did happen tomorrow. If they had been given 24 hours notice instead of 12, they could have had agents here already, they could have eased more agents into the scenes here without it being a show.

"So, why is Nein running around by himself if he is a target?" The man asked. Milla frowned, wanting to simply tell them that Sasha was an idiot.

"It is because he does not believe Levi is after him, after all, Levi would want us to focus on one person while he went after something else. So, it's why Sasha sent his baggage with Raz to distract that way-"

"He sent a child to be a target." The woman said, frowning. Her frown matched Milla's own from earlier.

"He says an Airport is the safest place Raz could be right now, his luggage being sent to the same airport but on a different plane. Agent Morales is waiting for him, and all the flight attendants think he is a child visiting his uncle- so they are keeping an eye on him too." So with that, increased security measures and Sasha's luggage on another plane, Raz was safe. "And Sasha said it meant that there would be less people against us tomorrow." In case this did go down. Milla looked down at her watch. It was six thirty. "Sasha is too late now." She said, "Please excuse me for a moment." She said dialing his number, and suddenly felt terrified as it went straight to his voice mail. Her eyes widened as she pointed to the blond and gestured for him to come with her. "We're going to the 32 stop near here." She said, it wasn't a request it was an order.

The agents blinked as the blond and Milla headed out of the office and out of the building to see the bus pulling up. The blond man ran over to it like he was going to miss the bus and watched as people got off of it. He then stepped on and looked down it. Girls with their iPods, women with their kids.

And no Agent Nein.

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