Things you should know:

Voldemort happened but the war is over now!

James and Lily Potter are alive they came back to life in Harry's 5th year…in fact everyone is!

Harry is a cold Slytherin, everyone is afraid of him, except his friends

Snape and James get along, same with Harry

I am not following some facts of Harry Potter, obviously, I mean Harry's a Slytherin

I did kill off one person and I do love this person, but I wanted something drastic to happen. Like I was going to have someone that died in the books die in my story but I thought I needed someone else to die

Chapter 1, the new

Daily Prophet


By: Anonymous

Cornelius Fudge has gone crazy! He has set a new law saying that every pureblood has to marry a half-blood or a muggle-born. But this is only for 16-17 years of age! The Ministry has sent out letters saying who you going to be married to. However if you don't marry by the deadline you may NOT marry anyone else or have any bond of love with someone else what so ever. However, the ministry had to pair the couples somehow! They did not just pick names out of a hat! There is actually a spell that will connect someone with their soul mate. This spell cannot be revealed, it is extremely dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands! Well, have fun with your new spouses, kids!

"THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" shrieked Hermione Granger, 17 year old muggle-born.

"Hey! Purebloods aren't that bad!" said her best-friend Ron who was sitting with his arm around his former girlfriend Lavender

"Yeah, Purebloods Rock, unlike mudbloods!" said Lavender Brown

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" yelled Ginny Weasley, the sister of Ron. Everyone in the Great Hall was looking at her like she was crazy. "WHAT? NONE OF YOU EVER DEFENDED YOUR FRIENDS BEFORE? WOW YOU'RE NICE! JUST EAT YOUR FOOD!"

After Ginny's little speech, they all heard a screech from the post owls.

"Guess it's time" said Hermione glaring at Lavender, right before a Ministry letter was dropped in front of the four

"Ron, you open yours first" said Ginny

"Yeah, Won-Won, you should, and then we can see that you're my soul mate" exclaimed Lavender.

"Fine" said Ron as he tore open the envelope, Lavender was leaning over his shoulder when she shrieked Ron was smiling, but no one except Lavender saw this smile.

"Why are you smiling?" asked Lavender

"Because, this means we are over!" said Ron as he grinned.

"Who'd you get?" asked Hermione

"Open yours then I will tell you."

"Fine" said Hermione as she and Ginny ripped open their letters.

Dear Miss Granger,

I am guessing you have heard about the marriage law, and of you haven't, please read the Daily Prophet, You have been chosen to wed Ronald Weasley. If you have any questions, please contact Abigail Hanson, Head of Magical Laws Department

Abigail Hanson

Head of Magical Laws Department

Hermione looked at her best friend and when she saw his face, she was heart-broken; he was grimacing.

'Wow, he really doesn't like me' she thought, as she got up and ran out with tears in her eyes

Dear Miss Weasley,

I am guessing you have heard about the marriage law, and of you haven't, please read at the Daily Prophet, You have been chosen to wed Harry Potter. If you have any questions, please contact Abigail Hanson, Head of Magical laws

Abigail Hanson

Head of Magical Laws Department.

Harry Potter! She was afraid to go near him! Also, he is a rude Slytherin!

She felt eyes melting into her back, she turned around and chocolate brown met emerald green, Harry Potter was looking at her! And he was angry. Then she felt something move beside her, Hermione was now getting up and walking out of the Hall with tears streaming down her face. She looked at Ron, and then grabbed the letter Hermione left sitting at the table. Her eyes scanned the page and as they got farther along in the letter, her eyes grew larger. Once she was finished, she looked at her brother, who was looking quite disgusted. Ginny then realized why Hermione was crying. She thought Ron didn't want her.

"Wow, Ron, you are SO sweet" sarcasm was dripping from her voice

"What did I do?" he asked stupidly

"You just drove your fiancé away." She said as she was going to stand up

"Wait, Gin, what did I do?"

"Hermione read the letter then she must have seen you grimacing and she ran off! She is in love with you, but your too stupid to see it!" she exclaimed as she walked away.

Ginny ran to the library, and like she thought, she saw Hermione sitting there, sobbing

"Hey" said Ginny in a whisper

"Hi" she said between tears

"I told my brother off for you"

"Thanks, and I'm guessing you read the letter"

"You know it! At least you're comfortable with your fiancé"

"What? Who'd you get?" asked Hermione

"Harry Potter" she said before their conversation was interrupted

"Excuse me, Ginny, could I talk to you?" asked a raven haired boy named Harry

"S-Sure" she stuttered as she looked at Hermione "Remember, my brother is a git!"

Hermione laughed, "Yeah we all know that, now go" she shooed.

Ginny and Harry walked off and soon there was a silence, until Harry broke it.



"We are getting married right?"

"Yeah! I don't want to be single for the rest of my life" Ginny then realized that she practically said the only reason she wanted to marry him was because she didn't want to be single for the rest of her life. "Oh, Harry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"It's okay, I know what you mean." He said honestly. "Anyway, sorry I took you away from your friend; I just wanted to get to know you."

"Okay, then ask me a question, then I will ask you one"

"Okay, why were you talking to Hermione about your brother?" he asked

"Oh, they're engaged and he looked like he was grossed out and she got upset so she ran out! Then I had to explain it to my idiotic brother, and yeah that's about it."

"Okay, your turn"

"Okay, you promise you won't get mad?"

"Promise" he said

"Well, why aren't you being mean right now, I saw you when you were looking at me; you looked angry. I mean you always seem like you don't care about anyone but your friends."

"Well, only my friends have gotten to know me, and everyone else is just afraid of me, including you. And I was mad because Malfoy made a rude comment that I do not want to repeat" he replied

"I'm sorry for judging you, you're actually sweet,"

"Thanks, also one day our parents are going to have to meet and I wanted to meet you first"

"That's understandable, I mean what would my mom think, never mind I will ask my brother later, he's let my mom down before, a lot"

Harry laughed. "Has anyone told you, you're really cute?"

"No" Ginny blushed

"Well, then, you're really cute" Harry smirked

"Well, thank you, you're very handsome" Ginny smirked back "I just realized, we will only be able to see each other at meal time"

"Oh didn't McGonagall tell you that we have to pick a house tower so it's fair for the people who aren't in the same house like us."

"Oh-kay, what tower should we pick?" Ginny asked

"I think you should pick, the after we pick, we have to tell Dumbledore then he tells the fiancé the password and puts a spell on them that makes you not spill the password to your housemates. We also can't prank if we know the password" he explained

"Okay, do mind if we stay with the Gryffindor Tower, because I am more at home here, and I really don't trust Draco Malfoy, no offence"

"None taken, he might have been my best friend but you never trust him unless you are in Slytherin, speaking of trust and friendship, what happened that made you say 'Leave her alone'? Then you screamed at the Great Hall because they were all staring at you?" asked Harry chuckling a little

Ginny blushed "Well, Lavender called Hermione a m-m-m, I can't say it. But you know, Hermione is a muggle-born, and people call them…"

"Oh, the M word that Draco uses, I hate that word! And by the way I thought it was adorable that you would yell in the middle of the Great Hall just to defend a friend, it's sweet."

Ginny blushed again. "Harry?" she asked getting off topic


"Where are we going?"

"First, we are going to Dumbledore's office to tell him about the choice, and then I need to make a stop at Professor Snape's office."

"Okay, why are you going to Snape's office?"

"Well, we" he emphasized the word we, "are going there because, I am going to Floo my parents and tell them who I am engaged to, and you can Floo your parents if you want"

"Floo Powder?"

"Yes, Snape is close with my parents and he lets me use his Floo Powder to contact my parents"

"Cool" she said as they came into view with Dumbledore's gargoyle