Soon it was time for Easter Break, everyone who was leaving had their trunks and they were now on the train.

Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Alyssa, and Blaise were all sitting in a compartment. It was silent, no one was talking. Ginny and Ron were just looking out the window in sorrow. Occasionally, one of the other 4 would try to break the silence, but it never worked.

Soon, they were at Kings Cross, everyone was gathering their trunks, and they all started to get off the Hogwarts Express.

Harry and Blaise said goodbye and started to make their way through the crowd, toward Harry's family.

Once they got there, Lily ran and hugged Harry.

"Mom… I can't… breathe!" Harry exclaimed

Lily released him "Oh sorry" Lily said then hugged Blaise

"HI Lily" Blaise said hugging her back

"Right, so let's get you two home so you can pack for the Weasleys" James said and they left.

Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Alyssa walked toward Mr. and Mrs. Weasley

"Hi, Mom" Ginny gave her a hug, then Ron did

"Hi, Dad," Ginny hugged him, then Ron did

"HI, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley" Hermione said

"HI Molly, Arthur" Alyssa said

"Hello, we should get home, dears, we do have some leaning to do" Mrs. Weasley said in her motherly tone. The four teens groaned and they started to leave.

Harry and Blaise were done packing, and they were waiting for Lily and James to come down, so they could go to the Weasleys

"You, boys ready to go?" Lily asked as her and James walked onto the room

"Yeah, we are but, we have to tell you something" Harry confessed

"Oh, honey what happened? Did you and Ginny get into a fight?" Lily asked

"No" Harry replied

"Then, what's going on?" James asked

"Um, after Christmas, the Weasleys got a message" Blaise stated

"May we know what the message said?" James asked curiously

"The message said, that the second oldest Weasley, Charlie was attacked by a dragon, while he was working" Harry said

"What?" Lily and James exclaimed in unison

"Is he okay?" Lily asked

"No, he died the day after he was attacked. They were going to give him a blood transfusion, but they went in to find him dead" Harry explained

"Oh that poor family" Lily said

"Ron and Ginny haven't been the same since they got the news" Blaise admitted

"Really?" Lily asked with a saddened expression

"Okay, maybe we should bring some brownies or something, to let them know we feel for them" Lily said

"Yeah, I think we should, we still have about an hour until we have to be there" Harry said

"Okay, how about we make some brownies the muggle way" Lily suggested as they all walked into the kitchen "That will make it more worth it"

Harry, Blaise, and James nodded and they got to work.

One hour later, the Ron and Hermione were in Ron's room and Alyssa and Ginny were talking in Ginny's room.

"They should be here any minute" Alyssa said

"I know, that's why I have to finish making my room perfect" Ginny said running around the room, making everything perfect.
"Calm down! Harry will love the Burrow, I mean it's amazing!"Alyssa exclaimed

"Yeah, but now, there's one less Weasley in the family" Ginny said, wiping a stray tear from her eye.

"It's okay" Alyssa said getting off of Ginny's bed and walking over to hug her friend.

"Thanks" Ginny said and hugged her back, putting her head in Alyssa's shoulder in comfort/

"No problem, this is how I felt when I lost my dad" Alyssa said (A.N., this is a part of Alyssa's past, her dad died and her mom is a drugie, so she lives with the Weasleys)

,"Wow, now I really know how you feel, I always said that I was sorry, but I guess, I never knew how you felt" Ginny said honestly as she pulled away from the hug

"It's okay, it always gets better in the end" Alyssa said, and placed a hand on Ginny's shoulder.

"Thanks, but I'm going to go sit in the garden until they come" Ginny said then started to walk away

"It's where you guys used to hang out, isn't it?" Alyssa said indicating Ginny's and Charlie's relationship

"Yes" Ginny said softly and moved a piece of her long red hair out of her face, then she slowly she walked out of the room and down several flights of stairs until she got to the kitchen, where the back door was located.

"Oh, Ginny, dear, you did say 6, right?" Molly Weasley asked her only daughter

"Oh, um, yeah!" Ginny quickly wiped her tears from her eyes so her mother wouldn't see them, then start to cry herself. "I'm sure they're just running late" Ginny gave her mother a slight smile then continued to walk outside.

Ginny sat down on a bench and started to cry. Ginny then remembered Harry's words "Everything happens for a reason"

"Maybe, everything does happen for a reason" Ginny whispered to herself. She sat there, still, looking out over her back yard, remembering all the good times she's had with her brothers. Most of these memories were about Charlie.

Honestly, she tried not to cry, but it felt like she was supposed to, but it seemed she had run out of tears. Of course, she was still upset, but she just felt that Charlie wouldn't want her to mope around, when she could be having a great time.

She heard someone coming toward her, but she didn't spin around, like she normally would.

"Hey" a voice that Ginny grew to love, said


"How are you doing?" Harry asked

"Better" Ginny answered

Harry put his arm around her and pulled her close.

Ginny put her head in his chest and tried to relax. "It feels like I've cried so much, I just have run out of tears, or something"

"It's okay, everyone loses someone in life, and it comes a time you just can't cry anymore, because you've already cried more than you have in most of your life" Harry said then kissed her head.

"Thanks, that really helped my mood" Ginny said then kissed him

"I love you" Harry whispered

"I love you too" Ginny replied

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