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This is SOO stupid, I can't believe they're actually going through with this! What did I do to deserve this? I'm a good kid!

Tai threw his head against the rental car window with a thud. He was getting closer and closer to this new school and it was sickening him. While staring over at Kari, he noticed she looked just as upset and rightfully so.

"They offered Tai the full scholarship, I don't see why I have to be dragged here along with him," whined Kari to her parents from the backseat.

Mrs. Kamiya turned around with a big, almost mocking smile,"Oh Kari, this will be a good opportunity for you. If you graduate from here, you'll have so many options an Odaiba public school can't give you. We just want you to have the best!"

Kari rolled her eyes, she'd been hoping there was still a chance they'ld let her go home...Who was she kidding? Her parents and some random benefactor had already paid the semester's tuition. She was stuck there just like Tai.

"This is all your fault," she whispered angrily to her brother.

Tai brushed it off,"You think I want to be here? Who wants to transfer to an american boarding school in mid September?"

Kari crossed her arms and turned her back to Tai, this was still his fault. End of story.

Mr. Kamiya glanced at his children from his rearview mirror and noticed how unhappy they were. This will all work out, he thought, I'm not making a I?

"Come on kids, can't you go into this with an open mind? Please?" Mrs. Kamiya begged,"You might like it and Tai, doesn't your old friend Sora go here? Maybe you two can catch up!"

Tai glanced at his mother's desperate face, dropped his cold demeanor and sighed,"Mom, I haven't talked to Sora in forever. We played soccer together when we were like ten. That was seven years ago."

Tai stared out of his window, why would she bring up Sora? She knows how I feel about her. Anything involving her, I don't want to hear it.

As far as Tai was cincerned Sora might as well have fallen off the face of the earth. Tai and Sora had been best friends in elementary school. Then one day, she just left and didn't say goodbye. Tai heard from a girl in his class that she'd been accepted at Westbridge on a scholarship. Sora never even bothered to tell him or even contact him. She dissapeared from his life and he's been bitter about it ever since.

After twenty more minutes of tense, uncomfortable silence they could finally see the big metal gate. They were there, Tai and Kari's new home for the next eight and a half months. Tai cringed and they drove under the giant, rustic, arch: WESTBRIDGE est. 1879.

Tai, his sister, and his parents stood in the principals giant, victiorian style office. This was much bigger than the principal's office in Odaiba. This was the size of a small library. On the desk stood a small name plaque trimmed in gold: Dr. Joseph A. Bradley.

As Tai admired the rest of the office, Dr. Bradley walked in. He didn't look very old, just barely forty. He was tall and thin with orange hair and a matching orange mustache. Though he looked like he be could calm and inviting, something about him screamed he was no nonsense.

"Hello," he greeted shaking hands with Mr. Kamiya,"You must be the Kamiyas. Welcome to Westbridge, I'm Dr. Bradley. I'm the headmaster of this fine establishment."

Headmaster? Kari thought, SERIOUSLY? This has got to be a joke.

Dr. Bradley turned to the kids,"And you must be Tai and Kari. We are thrilled to have you at Westbridge. Welcome." he stuck out his hand to Tai and reluctently Tai shook his hand.

I'm DEFINITLY not thrilled to be here.

Standing awkwardly off to the side, Kari and Tai listened to the headmaster explain last minute details to their parents.

"Well Kari and Tai will have the afternoon and Sunday to pack and get settled in. They will start classes Monday. We serve three meals a day, everyday in the cafeteria. There are also full kitchens in each dorm room for any other time during the day. They will each have room mates. Boys live in a four person dorm rooms and Girls in a two person dorm room. In a few minutes, some one will be here to take them to their rooms and show them around. Their boxes and bags have already been delivered to their rooms, where they will also find their schedules. You do not have to worry, everything has been taken care of."

Mrs. Kamiya's smile began to fade as the realization hit her. When she left today, she wouldn't see her children for months. Her kids didn't really need her anymore. Tai was a junior, Kari a freshman and they could get along fine without her. The thought made her want to cry.

Just then there was a knock at the office door,"Come in." said Dr. Bradley.

Two kids walked into the room. The first was a tall thin girl with long purple hair and glasses. The second was an average sized male with a good head of deep red hair.

Dr. Bradley smiled widely,"These are two of our brightest students here and Westbridge, Izzy Izumi and Yolei Inoue. They are both part of our computer and technology program. They are also Kari and Tai's room mates."

Tai and Kari exchanged glances, they knew they were thinking the exact same thing.

Oh boy, NERDS.

"Well," started Dr. Bradley,"I think it's about that time. We'll give you a few minutes to say your goodbyes and then we'll let Kari and Tai go settle in."

Dr. Bradley, Izzy, and Yolei exited the room while Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya stood up to say goodbye to Kari and Tai. This would be the last time they saw them until the end of May. Almost immediatly tears welled up in Mrs. Kamiya's eyes, what a mom thing to do. They all exchanged hugs and a few mushy kisses.

"Well," Mr. Kamiya said rubbing his hand playfully in Tai's hair aggrivating him greatly,"Make me proud Tai. This is serious, no messing around up here."

"I know dad," Tai grumbled,"I know."

Mrs. Kamiya gave one final hug to each of her children,"Tai, Kari. I love you both and you can call me anytime. Day or night okay?"

Kari and Tai nodded just begging for this awkward goodbye to end. It was already bad enough that they had to be here, now they had to watch their mom cry too? What had they done to deserve this?

The Kamiya family stepped out of the office. Dr. Bradley lead Mr. And Mrs. Kamiya outside while Izzy and Yolei took over from there.

"Hey, i'm Izzy," he said giving his hand to Tai.

Tai returned the handshake,"Tai."

Izzy didn't waste any time in showing Tai around, they immediatly bolted out of the office and began walking around. "We live in Bradley Hall, room 223B." he said pointing to a large stone building visible from outsode of the main office.

"Bradley Hall?" Tai questioned,"Like the principal?"

Izzy nodded,"Yeah, his great grandfather or grandfather paid for that building or something I don't know."

Izzy looked down at his watch and then over at Tai,"You hungry?" he asked.

Tai's stomach answered the question for him,"Yeah."

"Well good, dinner is everyday at six in Declan Dining Hall. We're just in time." Izzy said as he lead Tai through the glass doors of a large red brick building.

Declan Dining Hall? How was anyone suppose to remember all of these building names?

Izzy lead Tai through a lunch line better than he had ever seen. At least ten times better than the one he had back in Odaiba. Izzy laughed at Tai's wide eyed expression,"Not use to this many options, are you?"

Tai shook his head,"Not even close."

"Yeah, neither was I. You get used to it," he said leading Tai to a unoccupied table in the back of the lunch room.

Tai sat across from Izzy," Do you always sit way in the back?" he asked.

Izzy shook his head before taking a bite of his food,"I usually sit over there." He turned and gestured to a table in the middle of the cafeteria,"but I thought you might be uncomfortable on your first day, I didn't want to make it worse by crowding you around a bunch of people."

Tai looked past Izzy's shoulder towards the table. He saw several kids sitting there about his age. There was a good mix of fairly attractive girls and guys. One girl with long strawberry blonde locks and a pink shirt was staring back at Tai and Izzy. Tai couldn't tell too well, but her expression looked less than pleased.

"Who's the chick with the pink shirt?" Tai asked curiously.

Izzy looked over his shoulder,"Who?...oh Mimi? She's a cheerleader and gymnast here."

"Is she your girlfriend?"

Izzy raised an eyebrow,"Why, are you interested?"

"She's pretty, but I was just curious as to why she's glaring at you. She looks upset."

Izzy expression changed to confused and he looked at Mimi one more time. She did look kind of mad he noticed. Izzy rolled his eyes,"I don't know what her problem is. She can't always have her way."

"Huh?" answered Tai completely lost.

For a brief moment Izzy had forgotten Tai was new, now he had to explain, "Mimi's nice, if you're here "friend". But she thinks everybody should kiss her ass. She's beyond spoiled and can be a real brat. Westbridge offered her a full gymnastics scholarship, but she didn't take it." stated Izzy.

"Apparently she was loaded and instead her father donates like a million dollars a year and gets the gymnasium named after him. For that reason and the fact that she's a cheerleader and pretty, everyone sucks up to her and everyone wants to be her friend. She eats it up."

Tai nodded urging Izzy to continue. He still hadn't answered Tai's original question yet, but why did she look so mad?

"We dated for a while last year, but we broke up. I loved her, I really did. We told things to eachother that we'd never tell anyone else...but she's all about image. She was so self absorbed and could be such a bitch. Anyways, she asked me out again last semester but I told her no. She's mad because I'm not sitting over there and she can't control me like every other guy. It's nothing, don't worry. She'll get over it."

It was alot to take in and process so Tai simply nodded and took a bite of his dinner to occupy his mouth. He couldn't believe that Izzy and Mimi had dated or that they were even friends. They seemed like complete opposites. He looked from Izzy, the average computer geek, to Mimi, the classic popular cheerleader. And now Mimi was looking at him. But as he stared back at Mimi he saw Sora and she was looking at him too.

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