Chapter 1

It started out like any other day at the kendo dojo. Kirino was already practicing while Kojiro watched sleepily. About ten minutes later Mia-Mia walked in. "Hi Kirino, how's it going?" Mia said on her way through the door.

Just then Kirino noticed Yuuji and Tamaki walking towards the door with smiles on their faces and holding hands. "Huh! Yuuji….and Tama!" Kirino blurted out to Mia. Yuuji and Tamaki both looked up surprised and quickly let go of each other's hands.

The doors closed but didn't open for at least another minute. Kirino was being especially snoopy today so she sneaked over to the door and cracked it open. Yuuji was still smiling same with Tamaki. " I hope we can do that again soon." Yuuji said. "Yeah I had a lot of fun." Tama replied. " So um Yuuji?" "Yeah?" "Does this mean that we are… you know boyfriend and girlfriend?" Tama said nervously. "Uh I don't know. if you want to be." Yuuji replied. "Then we are." Tama said looking up at him and smiling. "But…lets not tell the team yet I don't want them to make fun of us like Kirino probably would." She continued. "Yeah she totally would!" Yuuji agreed with a laugh.

Kirino quickly closed the door and ran back to Mia to tell her what she saw but it was too late she was already on her cell phone with Donny. Saying some of the corniest things ever. "Mia come talk to me when your…" Kirino began but was interrupted by a greeting by Yuuji and Tama. "OH! Hey guys what's up with you two how are you what have you been doing how's things at home!" Kirino said panicked. "Uh nothing much. What about you?" Yuuji replied. "Oh yeah I'm great I'm fine yep just fine better than fine actually in fact awesome yep I'm awesome!" She said with a worried look.

"Um ok then?" Yuuji said confused. "I'm going to go get dressed." He continued. "Oh yeah ok that's ok fine see ya in a sec." "….Right." Yuuji said just before he walked through the locker room door. "Uh hi Kirino." Tama tried to say before Kirino jumped at the chance to get out of it by running and hugging Saya. "Uh hi Kirino I missed you too from three days ago." Saya said confused and patting Kirino on the back.

Then Kirino brought her mouth to Saya's ear and whispered what she saw to her. Saya couldn't say anything because Tama was looking straight at her. "Uh Hi Tama!" She said. Then mouthed to her. " Has Kirino been acting like this all day?" Tama just nodded with a smile. Just then Yuuji came back from the locker room in his blue robes and walked over to the sword rack.

"OK GUYS FOCUS ITS PRACTICE TIME!" Kojiro yelled. The team started practicing until the end of the whole day without having enough free time for Kirino to tell everyone else about Yuuji and Tamaki.

So because they didn't get to talk the team stayed behind and talked in the park for a while. "I'm so sorry that I was late you guy's!" Azuma said with her head in her hands. "Its fine Azuma we all make mistakes." Kirino said. "Yeah don't beat yourself up." Saya said. "HEY! Don't give her all the attention!" Mia-Mia wailed.

"While we were training like crazy my little sweetie Donny is puking his brains out at home right now!" She continued. "Yeah we know." Yuuji replied. "Anyway so Azuma why are you so late lately?" "Uh well I'm just…well ok fine I'll tell you guys. I met this guy he is so nice and well we kind of are dating and I lose track of time hanging out with him." Azuma said with a bright smile.

"Oh so two brand new couples in the Kendo Dojo now!" Kirino blurted out. "What do you mean two?" Tamaki said quickly. "Well…" Kirino began when Saya whispered something in her ear. "Well you know Donny and Mia and now Azuma and uh what's his name?" She said desperately trying to change the subject. "Huh oh right Darren. He's from Colorado." Azuma replied. "An American huh." Kirino replied.

"Oh he speaks perfect Japanese he's lived here for five years now." "Oh well that's good. Anyway we should get going." Kirino suggested and everyone agreed. Saya grabbed her and yanked her behind a tree while the others weren't looking. "Kirino are you certain that Yuuji and Tama are dating?" She said quickly and quietly. "Well um I think so." Kirino replied. "That's not good enough they left together so we should do a little detective work." Saya said with a smile. "Then so were off Watson!" Kirino replied. "Uh no I'm Sherlock Holmes your Watson." "Awwww." Then they went after Yuuji and Tama.