This is only the Prologue. Basically the stuff from Episode 3: The Perfect Boy…

Pairing: Death the Kid x Soul Eater Evans (Seriously, this is way too cute of a pairing to ignore writing for…)

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Chapter One - Prologue

Soul and Maka stand in front of the board that showed the currently available missions. "I wonder who took it…" Maka murmurs as Soul stares on. There was a giant uproar at Shibusen when someone took the level three Pharaoh mission. Many other students clamored over to the mission board as they started to fantasize who it was among them that enlisted for it.

Black*Star yawns lazily as Tsubaki walks beside him. There was a huge gathering in front of the mission board as students' excited voices filled the air. Tsubaki starts to ponder. "I wonder what's up…"

Ignoring the ruckus, Black*Star calls over to the two. "Hey! Soul, Maka!" Despite feeling tired, his voice remains energetic and loud as always.

Maka takes notice of them and greets Tsubaki and Black*Star back cheerfully. "Ah, morning."

Tsubaki nods her head in acknowledgement politely. "Good morning." As Soul and Black*Star high-five, she continues to converse with Maka. "Has something happened?"

Soul raises an eyebrow as he lowers his hand from Black*Star's. "Oh, you don't know?" His voice sounds cool and laid-back as always, but now it's rimming with curiosity. His eyebrows are furrowed uncomfortably as his palms shuffle into his side pockets. He leans forward as he continues to talk. "Everyone at the academy is talking about it."

Black*Star laughs arrogantly as he places his hands at his sides. "They're just now being taken aback by my big-ness?" He starts to chortle triumphantly.

Soul twitches an eyebrow whilst Maka and Tsubaki look uneasily at him. Soul grumbles in an annoyed tone. "No. It's that, over there." He cocks his head over to the board.

Black*Star glances over. "Huh?" His confident expression soon melts away into a sour and bitter face.

Soul addresses him once more. "Hey, Black*Star… You're wondering who took it on too, right?" He stares on uninterestedly as Black*Star closes in on the board.

His voice escalates to that at a live concert. He starts to shout vigorously. "You bet I am! Not so much on the job and such, but I don't like that someone has the nerve to outshine me!" He starts to pump his violently at the board.

Well, figures that was your reason… Never the less, Soul takes on a smug grin. "Well, that settles it."

"Yeah!" Black*Star yells as the two simultaneously sprint down the halls.

Maka raises her arm after them. "Ah, hold on, you two!" Tsubaki merely sweats nervously at her side as they make their hasty exit. Their wound up yell doesn't go unnoticed by the rest of the students and everyone shifts their head over to the side. Maka twitches on spot. Those idiots…

Once inside class, Maka and Tsubaki simultaneously sigh. "Geez, where did those two go?" Soul and Black*Star cut class regularly but regardless, it still bothered the two.

Meanwhile, Soul and Black*Star are dashing about the campus, looking up possible suspects. However, their reasons for doing it differ. Soul was fascinated. Black*Star was pissed. To the assassin, only he was the one worth being gossiped about in the halls. They sweat profusely as they match each other's speed whilst following for any leads. Eventually, they got their answer.

"What are you guys up to? The bell has already rung." Sid Barett stands across from them and scolds the two as they sweat and painfully heave over the staircase. Soul, not able to match Black*Star's level of enthusiasm and strength, merely clutches unto to the other's shoulder for support as he faces the teacher.

Black*Star, his energy quickly regained, immediately jumps up to counter while Soul loses his grip and tries to catch his breath. "What about you? You're a homeroom teacher, and you're getting ready to go somewhere, aren't you?"

Man, I wish I shared your endurance… Damn… Soul continues to wordlessly huff as he clutches his own knees for support.

Sid smirks as he replies: "I have a little errand to run." He faces his back toward the two. "Appearances to the contrary, I am a busy man."

Finally catching a lungful, Soul proclaims: "Well then, before you go, there's something we need you to tell us…"

Black*Star impatiently finishes the sentence for him. "Who was it that took on the Anubis ruins job?"

Sid with his back still faced, answers cautiously. "Oh, it wasn't one of our students who took that one… It's a little too much for one of the students to handle…"

He lets the mystery linger for a while before Black*Star snaps. "Then, who was it?"

He flashes his teeth, smiling vigorously. "Lord Death's son."

Black*Star repeats curiously. "Sir Death's…"

Soul's interest was piqued and he smiles crookedly. A shinigami kid, huh? Lord Death's… "... Son?" He finishes up Black*Star's question. "… Seriously?"

The teacher faces them once more, a dangerous gleam to his eye. "I'm not the kind of man who tells lies… Lord Death's son. His name is Death the Kid."

"Eh, that's a stupid name…" Black*Star disappointedly groans as he looks up into the ceiling and folds his arms. Soul merely scratches his chin as he continues to muse over the person.

Death the Kid, huh? Soul smiles once more before walking back toward class with a silently fuming Black*Star.

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