A/N: This is another Pokémon story from me. ^^ This is IkariShipping, PokeShipping, ContestShipping, and there's others. The names will all be in Japanese.

Names Used (Translated from Japanese to English): Hikari/Dawn, Shinji/Paul, Satoshi/Ash, Takeshi/Brock

1: Transformed

It was late in the night and commands were heard throughout the plains.

"Torterra, use Frenzy Plant! Weavile, use Ice Beam! Electivire, use Thunder!" A command ran throughout the grassy plains. The three Pokémon obeyed their master to attack the Ursaring facing them. "Ursaring, you use Focus Blast!" As the three sent out their attacks, Ursaring used Focus Blast to counter them. The three offensive attacks were deflected and disappeared into thin air.

Meanwhile, a young girl was roaming throughout the woods, carrying her Piplup and Buneary in her arms. "Why don't we go to those plains to train for our next contest?" The two Pokémon nodded in agreement. Buneary's ears twitched and she bounced off the girl's arms. "Ah, Buneary!"

"Bun! Bun!" The bunny Pokémon continued to bounce toward the sounds. They made it out of the woods to see the grassy plain, but there was someone there. "Bun?"

The girl softly gasped. "It's Shinji… Wow, I never thought I'd meet him again." She watched Ursaring use Focus Blast to counter the three attacks. It had succeeded, but she knew what was coming. "He's probably gonna say…"

"You call that strong? That was pathetic!" Shinji sneered. "Do it again!"

"Oi, Shinji!"

The voice caught Shinji's attention. He arched his neck to take a glimpse of the person behind him. "Oh, it's you… Troublesome Girl…"

"My name is Hikari! Hi-Ka-Ri!" She exclaimed. "How many times must I have to tell you that?!"

Shinji had ignored her outbursts instead. "Hn." He returned his Pokémon back into their Poke Balls, except Torterra. "Let's go, Torterra." With that, the two brushed past Hikari and disappeared in the woods.

She blew. "Ugh, he's so annoying! What's his problem?!" Piplup and Buneary attempted to calm her down. "Sorry, guys, but he was the person I least expected to see." Hikari rolled her eyes and shrugged off the previous event. "Alright, Piplup and Buneary, let's get to work!" The trio got to work with their moves.

Shinji and Torterra were heading to their camp in the woods. "Tooorrrr…" Torterra growled, stopping in his tracks.

"What is it?" Shinji became alert. He picked up the sound of bushes rustling. "Who's there?" Torterra and he braced themselves for any attack, or, if possible, Satoshi. It became silent again. Shinji shook his head and continued their way to their camp. His Pokémon was alert for any suspicious movement or sound. They arrived to their camp, which was located in a large, vacated space around a tall maple tree. "We'll train here." Just as Shinji was about to take out his Poke Balls, Torterra nudged his head on Shinji's.

"Tooorrr." Torterra wanted his master to hold the training until tomorrow. Despite his large size, he was very peaceful in nature.

This was something Shinji would never reveal to anyone: Torterra had a place in his heart. If Torterra wanted to stop his training sessions, he would. He stared at his Pokémon, and then shoved his Poke Balls back into his pocket. "Fine." Shinji sat down on one of the large and wide roots that were sticking out of the ground.

Torterra seemed to smile and rested on the ground. His eyes moved to the Starly that landed on the small tree on his back. "Tor."

"Mukku!" it sleepily greeted back. It snuggled with the leaves and slept. Torterra had done the same thing.

Shinji stared at the Starly and Torterra for a while and dozed off.

Meanwhile, Hikari were trying to perfect the new moves for, perhaps, a challenge with her mother. "Alright! That was great, you two! If we keep this up, we're going to pass the first round for sure!"



She gained great confidence and enthusiasm, and she needed it. "Alright, let's take another go at it!" Buneary and Piplup positioned themselves. "Buneary, use bounce and go up high!" Buneary used her ears to bounce up high in the sky. "Spin while using Ice Beam to surround Piplup!" She started spinning and a light blue beam shot out from Buneary's mouth. A spiral-path tower was created around Piplup. "Now, grab Piplup and bounce up to the top!" Buneary landed on her feet and grabbed Piplup's flipper. They shot up to the top of the tower, landing on the peak.

Hikari evaluated their progress so far. "They're making fast progress! We'll be able to perfect these in moments!"

She nodded to herself. "Buneary, lift Piplup up in the air with your ears!" Buneary did so. "Now slide down the path while spinning! Don't do it too fast, though! Piplup, use Bubblebeam!" As Buneary slid down the spiral path and spun, Piplup used Bubblebeam. The bubbles spread around the tower and popped as they went down. The sparkling drops of water not only made them stand out, but it also made the tower shine.

Buneary and Piplup posed when they reached the bottom.

"That was perfect! You two really outdid yourselves tonight!" Hikari squealed. She took out a small bag of poffins, and handed one each to them. They ate them happily, feeling satisfied with their reward. "Well, that's going to be it for today! Let's go back before the others find out we're gone." The three headed back to the woods to return to their camp.

As they made their way through the bushes and trees, the fireplace gradually came into view. "Ah! I see them! We sure are lucky they didn't wake up yet." Something caught Hikari's eye: Torterra. "Oh, hey, it's Shinji's Torterra." Her eyes shifted their gaze to the person resting on the large root of the tree. "And… there's Shinji…" Her eyebrow twitched, recalling the words 'troublesome girl' again. "Forget him…"

They arrived to their camp and slipped into Hikari's tent silently. Her Pokémon returned to their Poke Balls and Hikari slid into her sleeping bag, falling asleep moments later.


"Oi, Hikari! Are you awake yet?"

"C'mon, Satoshi, just a few more minutes!" Hikari complained. She didn't want to wake up yet. All Satoshi would do this early in the morning is train and exercise again. It's not that she was too lazy to do it, but she was too exhausted to do so.

"I disagree with Hikari. I think it's too early for us to get up, Satoshi…" Takeshi drawled.

"Not you too, Takeshi!"

Hikari rubbed her head, her face scrunching. She picked up her Pokétch, looking at the time. "Satoshi, it's like six o' clock! Are you insane?!"

"Fine… I'll go train alone!" The sound of running footsteps was heard and Satoshi was gone.

"Sheesh, talk about being over-enthusiastic…" Hikari murmured. She fell asleep, hoping Satoshi wouldn't wake them up again with his loud voice.

An hour had passed until Satoshi returned… literally announcing it to the whole landscape. His Pokémon shouted out in agreement. Hikari and Takeshi's eyes snapped open, startled. Once they realized it was Satoshi, they grunted groggily.

"Satoshi, really…?" Takeshi murmured. He stifled a yawn, replacing it with a deep sigh. "Why are you so pumped today?"

"I have no clue!" Satoshi exclaimed, grinning. "When I woke up, I felt a big flood of energy flowing through my blood!" He bent down to touch his toes and stood back up. "Ah, doesn't the morning air smell delicious?"

"Yes, but when you start talking, it ruins the moment, Satoshi!" Hikari shouted from her tent. She got up from her sleeping bag, her longing for sleep disappearing. When she got her hand mirror… "KYAH! My hair!" There were strands and lumps of hair sticking out everywhere! "Not again!" Hikari grabbed a brush from her bag and started working on her hair. "This is a disaster!"

Satoshi and Takeshi chuckled nervously.

A few minutes later, Hikari came out of her tent, her hair in perfect shape. "So what's for breakfast?"

"I'm planning to make some soup for us and for our Pokémon is Pokémon Food," Takeshi replied. "But we're gonna need some more firewood… Ne, Satoshi, can you go find some firewood for us?"

Satoshi nodded. "C'mon, guys, let's go!" Satoshi and his Pokémon followed him.

"Is there anything I could do, Takeshi?"

Takeshi thought for a moment. "Ah, yes, there is something!" He took out the table, chairs, a pot, a blanket, and a large container. He pointed to the opposite of his location. "There was a river nearby and the water is clean enough. Do you think you can go fill this container?"

"Of course! No need to worry!" That famous phrase of hers was the only thing that would get anyone worried. She took out Piplup and ran off to find the river.

"That's when I get worried the most…" Takeshi murmured, nervously smiling to himself.

Hikari was rushing to find the river. She passed the location of Shinji's resting place, only to find it empty. "Huh, he must've left already." They kept walking and found the river. "Ah, there it is!" Hikari kneeled, dipping the container in the water. "Wow, the water does look clean! And it feels cool."

"Pipl!" Piplup had dived into the river, enjoying the water's gentle flow.

Shinji wasn't out of the woods yet, and if he went to the direction of the grassy plains, he'd be returning back to the previous city he was in before. He was stuck walking in a field of tall grass, although Torterra was able to brush the grass away with its large body. The way the grass was blocking his vision was irritating him. "Ugh…!" He pushed a bundle of grass that had slapped him. "Damn it…"

Rustle rustle rustle.

He wheeled around to face whatever had made that sound. "This had happened last night!" he thought. His eyes narrowed and darted back and forth. He caught sight of the tip of the tall grass moving. He cautiously moved a bundle of grass aside and found a Xatu before him. "A Xatu?"

The wild Pokémon's blank eyes stared at his. Before Shinji could even ignore it, a sudden flash of light blinded him. "Xatu!"

"Argh!" Shinji covered his eyes with his arms. A second later, the blinding light had subsided. "What the hell just happened?!" was what he wanted to say, but something different had come out instead. "Shinx! Shinx!" His eyes widened at the sound. He wheeled around, but found no one. Shinji felt something touch his head. He turned his head to find a tail pointing at him. "WHAT THE-?!" He jumped. Shinji glanced at his Torterra, but found a towering Torterra, which was staring at him as if it did not know what just happened.

"Xa… tu…" The Xatu droned.

"What the hell did you do to me?!" Shinji exclaimed. He broke out in "Shinx"s, but the Xatu seemed to understand.

"I apologize, but you had startled me to death."

Shinji's eyes widened. "Did you Did you just talk?" He shook his head. "Oh, never mind! Turn me back to a human now!" he demanded. But the Xatu shook its head. "Why not?!"

"I'm afraid it's impossible for me to do so…" Xatu replied. "Unfortunately, this type of power is used on enemies that startle me. It cannot be reversed."

"So what? Am I supposed to be stuck in this body forever, you little!"

"I do not know, human. I've never done this on an actual human before; therefore I do not know the results."

Shinji felt his blood boil. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW?! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO TURNED ME INTO THIS THISPOKÉMON!" He gritted his teeth, feeling his body warm up. The next thing he knew, he used Spark! But the Xatu dodged and disappeared in the tall grass. "Come back here!" He ran toward the direction the Xatu disappeared in, but he couldn't find it.

"Damn it!" He suddenly released another attack and it shot in all direction. It was Discharge! Torterra took cover. A high-pitched shout was heard. "Huh?" He and Torterra ran towards the shout. "I'm gonna beat that little bird to death!" As soon as Shinji made his way out of the bushes, he came upon a stunned Hikari. She was on the verge of falling into a river. "…"

"Hey, what's your problem?!" Shinji heard Piplup shout. "How dare you shock Hikari-chan!" Piplup's beak shone and elongated. She leapt and aimed at Shinji. Fortunately, he dodged it quickly.

"Wait, Piplup! I'm fine!" Hikari reassured. "Wow, that was a really strong Discharge! It's almost similar to Pachirisu's!"

"Shinx! Shinx!" The Shinx before her was shouting at Piplup, and seemingly, Hikari too.

Hikari tilted her head, observing the Shinx.

"Wh-What are you staring at?! Oi, can't you see I became a Pokémon?!" Shinji shouted. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the river. To his horror, he really became a Shinx! His eyes widened, and he leapt away from his own reflection. "Oh my!" He was frozen from alarm.

"Aw, you're so cute!"

That irritated Shinji. "Oi! I became a Shinx, you Troublesome Girl!" he growled, feeling electricity charging up from his… fur.

"Wait a minute, are you that Shinji's Pokémon?!" Piplup asked. "He's the only human that uses that term with Hikari-chan!"

"Look, you blue penguin, I AM Shinji! A Xatu transformed me into this Shinx!" Just as Shinji was about to argue some more, he was picked up by Hikari.

"You are so adorable, Shinx!" Hikari spotted something unique. There were streaks of purple extending from the head to its nose… and she found a backpack embracing Shinx's torso. "Wow, those purple streaks makes you look tough! But I've never seen a Shinx with this color before…" Hikari stared at the bag hanging from its body. "Huh, whose backpack is this?"

Hikari set Shinji down, her hand reaching for the bag. Unfortunately, Shinji was not going to let this girl dig through his bag. He leapt away, growling at her. "Don't touch my bag or me!"

"A-ah… Sorry, Shinx…" Hikari kneeled. "I'm just going to see your trainer's PokéDex, so I can see who you belong to."

Shinji now had second thoughts about letting her get his PokéDex. With some clues, he can tell her that the Shinx before her is really Shinji! He hesitated, but shrugged his bag off his back. But he was saved by Torterra. He walked towards them, and nudged his head on Shinji's tiny head. "I thought you were behind me."

"I was," Torterra replied. "But since you're smaller, in size, you can run as fast as I did when I was a Naetle. I'm not as fast as you are." He blinked. "But I still can't believe you turned into Shinx It just seems a bit awkward."

"Do-Torterra?" Hikari murmured. "Whoa, you must be Shinji's Pokémon!" She looked at the small Pokémon in front of her. "You must be Shinji's, too!"

Shinji's brow twitched, his tail scratching the back of his head. "I swear this girl is stupid…" he murmured.

"Wait, so you're Shinji's Pokémon?!" Piplup exclaimed. Torterra nodded. "Then Where's Shinji?"

"Uh About that…" Torterra trailed off. His eyes averted their gaze on the small Shinx in front of him. "This Shinx is him…"

Piplup tried to suppress his laughter, but couldn't stifle it after all. He started laughing, pounding his flippers on the grass. "Oh man, I can't believe that the hardened Shinji has become this adorablePokémon! Well, not that you're as adorable as me, though…" He continued to laugh, which confused Hikari.

"Piplup, what's so funny?" Unfortunately, Piplup was too busy laughing, so Hikari gave up. "So if you're Shinji's Pokémon, where is he?"

Torterra and Shinx exchanged a look and sighed. Knowing her, she'd be too clueless to figure it out. They shook their head instead.

"Troublesome Girl…" Shinji growled.

Piplup managed to curtail his laughter. "So if you're Shinji, what do you plan to do while in…" He snorted in laughter. "… in that form?" He burst into laughter again.

"Piplup and Shinji," Torterra called. "This is just a suggestion, but why don't we travel with you guys?"

"What?!" they exclaimed.

"There's no way I'm gonna travel with this guy!"

"And there's no way I'm gonna travel with those idiots and their happy-go-lucky Pokémon!"

Torterra groaned. "Fine, then do you have any other good ideas?" He got them there. "Exactly… Why don't we just ask Hikari if we can join them?"

"Ugh Fine," Piplup murmured. "But what are you gonna do about Shinji? You should have an excuse for why he isn't with you, Torterra."

"Look, you stupid penguin, just butt out!" Shinji growled. "I refuse to stay in this body! What the hell can I do just to get out of it?!" He rarely broke down in rage like this, but he couldn't help it. Why, of all Pokémon, did he have to be transformed into a Shinx?!

"Shut up, SHINX!" Piplup exclaimed, putting much sarcasm into Shinji's "new" name. "Why don't you just accept the fact that you've turned into a Shinx, you purple-haired freak?!"

"Wow I thought you were just another clueless and stupid Pokémon, but I guess I was wrong," Shinji murmured. He turned to Torterra. "This is not a good idea, Torterra."

"Well, this is the only idea I can think of. Besides, if we're not with them and if I'm not around, you may get attacked in this condition." Torterra sighed, shaking his head. "Sorry, Shinji. But this is the only way to be safe."

Torterra had finally convinced Shinji that it's possible that he might be stuck in a Shinx's body for a long time and that they should stay with the two trainers and breeder. "Wait Do I have to be stuck that Troublesome Girl?"

"Is there anyone else you'd rather stick with? I'm fine with whoever you're with."

"If it's that Satoshi, I'd never go with him. If it's that Troublesome Girl, it'd be a bit better, but I am NOT going to perform in contests! If it's Takeshi, I'd be fine, I guess."

"Oh, so you'd rather be with Takeshi-san, huh?" Piplup asked. "Are you afraid to be with Hikari-chan?"

Shinji ignored her. But he didn't notice that Hikari was behind him, attempting to pick him up. He slapped her hand away with his tail. "Don't touch me."

"Ow!" Hikari's hand retreated immediately. She growled, "Knowing Shinji, he probably trained you to ignore us or something." Her brow twitched, raising a fist. "Argh… And to think I thought he was a good guy…" She sighed, observing Shinji. "Anyways, let's find Shinji." Just when Hikari was about to walk back into the forest, her boot was tugged. "Piplup?" Her hand was nudged by Torterra. "What's wrong?"

Torterra shook his head, gesturing her to their camp with his head.

"Wait, Shinji didn't release you, did he?!"

He shook his head one more time, but just a little more frantically.

"Then, is he hurt? Are you two lost or something?"

Once again, Torterra shook his head. He stared at Shinji, then Hikari, and finally the camp.

"Are you saying you want to come with us?"

Relieved, he nodded.

"But what about Shinji? Won't he get worried?"

Torterra froze. His eyes moved to Shinji, who was staring back at him. "Can you please say something, Shinji? I can't exactly lie to her…"

"Ugh, fine…" Shinji murmured. Knowing that humans can't really understand Pokémon too much, he just shook his head. His tail pointed to the bag in front of him. "Look, Torterra, why don't we try to tell her that we're just roaming around? It's better to say that than say that we're lost, isn't it?"

"Does that mean you're going to accept the proposal of traveling with them?"

"Shut up, Torterra I've got no choice…"

"Oh, you're just traveling alone?" Something had hit Hikari. "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! That guy is actually letting you roam around with your friends alone?" She was shocked. She never thought Shinji would do something so… cruel – no, that's wrong – kind-hearted – no way – mixed. There's no way he'd let his own Pokémon wander around… Especially with his backpack! When she saw the two Pokémon nod, she blinked hard. "This has gotta be a dream…!"

"Wow…"was all Shinji could say. "So are we going to go or not, Troublesome Girl?" Following that saying, Piplup pulled Hikari's arm.

"Okay, okay, Piplup!" Hikari giggled. "Let me get the water container." She reached for the container, but it was nowhere to be found. "Huh? Where did it go?" She looked up to see the container in Torterra's jaw. "Thanks, Torterra!" Hikari received it and petted Torterra's head. "You really are a nice Pokémon, aren't you?" With that, they went on their way.

"…" Torterra was slightly speechless. The gesture was so warm and gentle, something Shinji had never done. "… Why don't you treat us like that?"

Shinji's eye twitched. "Don't. Ever. Ask. Me. Again."

Torterra let out a chuckle. "Maybe I can get used to you like this after all, Shinji."


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