The small room was unlit, except for the scant amount of light that filtered in from the ocean through the small round window.

One figure stood alone in the darkness. The blue-green of the ocean cast aquamarine shadows across his silvery-grey armor. Crimson optics stared out into the bleakness of the ocean. His plan was going so perfectly. So why did he feel as though something was wrong? He regaurded a school of fish as they swam past. As though they could sense his aura, they turned and swam away, like a swarm of insects fleeing a bird in a gentle breeze. or something like that. He wasn't sure.. he never was too familiar with those human phrases. He didn't care to know them. They were just another annoyance in the path of his conquest. "The stong shall lead, the weak shall follow." he thought.

He was so sure he had gotten rid of Prime for good. And now, he made yet another comeback. It had gotten rather annoying, after several million years. Megatron paced back and forth in his darkened quarters. He couldn't let any of his warriors know he was in doubt, after all.

No. That would show weakness. And no doubt, that traitor Starscream would try to use that to his advantage. So far, this was only a minor setback. They had severely damaged several Autobots, including two of the officers. He smirked at the memory of the look on the face of the Autobot tactician as he shot him down. His fusion cannon blasted straight through him! there was no way he could have survived! Megatron allowed himself a small chuckle. He wondered if those empties were still out there. They had made thing so much easier for the Decepticons. They had wanted to destroy both factions, but had decided to take care of the autobots first, which suited Megatron's plans perfectly.

He would deal with them once he had taken care of the Autobots. And there was nothing they could do to stop him. He stopped, wondering if Devastator was back up to full capacity yet. They needed to strike before the Autobots had too much time to rally their forces." Strike while the enemy is down." he noted.

The Decepticon leader stepped closer to the clear glass, looking out into the ocean. IHis/I ocean. And beyond it was his world. Ripe with energy, and ready to be plucked like a fruit tree at the time of harvest. It was all his. And it was so close to coming true. Just barely beyond his reach. Right at his fingertips, but not quite in hand yet.

"Soon enough." he thought. "Soon, it will all be mine. And I will take the energy back to our homeworld, and be heralded as the savior of Cybertron" he smiled at the thought. "My Cybertron." he corrected.

But his smile dissapeared suddenly. "No, I cannot allow myself to daydream now. I have to make it happen before I can rejoice in my conquest." He let his mind wander, bringing thoughts of all the plans for the future, all the ways he could defeat the Autobots, and lastly, the almost musical sound of the Autobots screaming his name, begging for mercy before they died at his hand. He stopped his thoughts abruptly. "Okay, that was too much daydreaming." he growled in his mind. He brought his mind back to the planning part of things. How was he going to defeat the Autobots? He had Devastator, yes. But what if the Autobots brought out those dimwitted drones from the stone age, the Dinobots. Dumb, yes. But also powerfull.

No, He needed to make sure Prime was gone for good. If the Autobots lost their leader, they would be hopeless. But if Prime had made a comeback, it would make it even harder to defeat the Autobots. He folded his arms in front of him, and glared defiantly out the porthole window into the sea. It wasn't fair! why couldn't he at least have one thing go right for him for a change? what did the universe have against him? at least having order would make sense, instead of what the Autobots so loosely called Democracy.

If 100 people get together to make a descision, the odds are 1 out of 100 that they will all agree. In other words, there will inevitably be one person who will argue, even if for argument's sake. But Democracy declares that one person has a right to their opinion. True, in democracy, it is supposed to be the majority who rules. But what if out of the ones chosen to make the choices cannot choose? what if they make a desicion and everyone is unhappy with it? well, the Autobots would go about rewriting the rules, redoing the choices, until nobody is happy.

As the old Earth-saying goes:" I can't please everyone at once. Today isn't your day. And tomorrow isn't looking good, either." He smirked. Starscream had backhanded Archeville across the room for saying that. The inscolent creature actually thought he could stand up to Starscream. The only reason why Megatron had allowed Starscream to hit him was because no flesh-creature should be allowed to disrespect a Decepticon. "We are better. Faster, stronger, smarter." Megatron reminded himself that they were better. Not soft-hearted cretins who protected anyone who came crawling to them for protection.

If they constantly made peace with every planet, compromised in every altercation, how would that show they could defend themselves? It would simply show others they were willing to give in a little bit. A little more. That they want peace so bad, they would be more willing to give up power and position instead of fight. Which would almost make one wonder why? why don't they want to fight? the most logical reason for not wanting to fight is an inability to fight. So the Autobots would have others think they are WEAK? Those who try to make peace with everyone, even those with benevolent intentions are naieve, and wind up getting used, and even dominated.

Because if someone wants peace bad enough, they will give in to the will of others. Megatron tilted his head to one side. He noted Prime was the only one who really opposed him. Others followed his lead, yes. But in all his centuries of leading the Decepticons, there had only been a handfull of Autobot leaders. The other Autobots followed like sheep. Maybe they fought because they were told so many negative things about the Decepticons. Propeganda they had speread far and wide to make themselves seem like the better party.

Yes, a Decepticon would shoot someone, rather than be betrayed. A threat to government would have to be stopped, of course. What would an Autobot to if one of their own tried to shoot Prime? why, talk it out, of course. Beg them to come back to their senses? Megatron rolled his optics. "Hmmpfh they'd probably burst into tears and start begging." he snickered at the thought. Also, they followed because they were told there was no other way. That they would run out of energy, or be looked down on because they're not an Autobot. Given, the Decepticons don't like the Autobots either. But for different reasons.

The Decepticons don't coddle every creature in the galaxy. They don't support any ape-race that's so fragile they are crushed at the slightest bump. Someone can't very well befriend a creature so stupid it can't even begin to comprehend quasi-universal mechanics. That's one of the simplest things, one of the first thing Cybertronians are taught at the academy. A sparkling could understand it!

Megatron shook his head. He didn't understand the Autobots. He idly wondered if they would care about one of those little silver things going past his window. What were they called? fish? They seemed no different from the humans. they went back and forth in a seemingly pointless circle all day long, grouping together, then parting ways. Except humans didn't communicate with squeaks and clicks like these creatures. Although they would occasionally bicker and fight like the humans did. He scowled. This wasn't helping his concentration any. He had plans to go over. He had to make sure his troups were recharged and ready for the final assault.

He told himself not to worry. Prime was only one fish in a sea of Autobots, so to speak. His end would come. And Megatron would make sure of it. He grinned. Prime was still damaged. That he knew. That was why he was so quiet when they fought. No smart remarks. No one-liners. Just all-business. It wasn't like him. Megatron chuckled "I kind of like the change. Too bad it's only temporary." He ran one hand down the length of his fusion cannon. "Soon, Prime. Very soon." And with that, he walked out.