Hey, everyone! My story wasn't really getting anywhere, and I decided it wasn't great anyway. So I started a completely different one. And this one hopefully will be more appealing to all of us, including me. I decided to take a step back, to Jessie and Emily. And play-by-play their life together, so you guys can think of it as based off of the song "when she loved me" in toy story 2. And sooner or later it'll go into how she ended up with Al. The reason I decided to take the step back was cuz I tried to work with after toy story 3, but I didn't wanna mess with the ending Disney left us. And I know this sounds like the cheesiest thing ever. But I am a toy story freak. So pause. Rewind. Play.

PS-i was watching TS2 and realized i left out the camping scene with emily. so i put in a short one. im on vacation and dont have that much time to write! hope u enjoy and i promise to make it a better scene when ihave the time!

"Giddy up, Horsie!" Emily exclaimed as she jumped around her room while holding Jessie, her cowgirl doll, on a plastic horse. She grabbed her red cowgirl hat from off her bed. "Yee-Haw!" The six year old did this for hours at a time, seeing that she was young and creative. Though she was only a toy, Emily's imagination brought her to life, because to the little girl, Jessie was real. And Jessie loved the feeling of being important. Her spunky, confident, and upbeat attitude required play time. Emily's room was a dream-come-true for any cowgirl toy. Horse wall paper lined the room and her dresser was filled with all sorts of items from Jessie's hit TV show Woody's Roundup, including lunch boxes, yo-yos, and a guitar, all featuring Jessie herself. "Emily, time for lunch!" Emily's mom called upstairs.

Emily dropped the horse onto her bed and carried Jessie down to the kitchen with her. As Emily ate her sandwich, Jessie sat limp in the chair beside her. "Can Jessie and me go jump into leaf piles?" Emily asked her mom when she was done eating.

"It's Jessie and I." her mom corrected, while shaking her head. "And I'm not sure it's a good idea to bring Jessie. You might lose her."

"She'll be fine, mom. Besides, she's the toughest cowgirl in the whole wild west!" Emily exclaimed.

Her mom smiled and said, "Well, have fun then!"

Emily opened the door to the backyard and stepped out. She spotted a big pile of raked leaves and turned to Jessie. "Ya'll ready?" she asked the doll in her best western accent. And as if hearing a silent answer, she hoisted Jessie onto her shoulders, ran, and jumped into the leaves, sending them everywhere. Emily laughed, which brought a smile to the insides of Jessie. As long as Emily was happy, she was happy."Race you to the swing set!" Emily told Jessie as she grabbed the cowgirl's hand and ran to the swings, which were now covered in leaves. "It's a tie!"

They swung, and went down the slide a few times. Then Emily threw Jessie while spinning and closing her eyes and had to find her; this was her version of hide-and-seek. On occasion, Jessie would be thrown behind something; but she was usually in the middle of the backyard. "Why do you always hide where I can see you, Jess?" Emily would ask, pretending Jessie could hide herself.

It became the friday of the last week before school. Emily's parents took her camping in the park. As her parents were packing up their gear, Emily said good-bye to Jessie. She looked at the cowgirl's face and suddenly felt said. What girl wanted to leave her best friend behind? So with a lot of begging and pleading, Jessie came along on the adventure. She sat on a tree stump and watched Emily help her parents with the tent. Darkness came late, but Emily refused to go to sleep until she made two smores: one for her and one for Jessie (though she ended up eating both of them). "Time to go to sleep." her mother ordered. So Emily took Jessie and went into her own tent. In the middle of the night, Emily woke up to stirring in the bushes beside her. Her imagination thought it was a big, bad bear (in reality, it was a stray cat). This scared Emily, but she was too fearful to get her parents, so she clutched Jessie with all her might.

So as the summer ended, Autumn started, which meant an all new season of Woody's Roundup. Each day went the same. Emily woke up and went to school for a few hours. In those few hours, Jessie would play with the plastic horses and occasionally watch the small television if no one was home; she would pop in a video cassette from an old season of her TV show. Then Emily would get home and she and Jessie would play for continuous hours. 6 o' clock would come around and that meant dinner time. After dinner was a new episode of Woody's Roundup. Before going to sleep, Emily would reenact that night's show with Jessie, the horses; and some other miscellaneous toys would substitute the other characters. Finally, lights out. Emily would fall asleep while hugging Jessie, who would smile and cuddle with her owner through the night.

But as the days carried on, Emily's birthdays kept passing. By the time she was eight, Jessie would stay on her bed for most of the day. Whenever Emily had a bad day, she would run to her room and cry to Jessie, who she would hold close to her face to wipe her tears. Aside from the not-always bad day, the only quality time Emily spent with her cowgirl anymore was while watching Woody's Roundup, but there was no more reenacting the scenes. Jessie sensed in her stuffing that things were changing, but she wouldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it. After all, she had nothing without Emily. She was nothing without her. Two more birthdays passed and Emily was ten years old; Woody's Roundup was canceled long before. Her friend, Ruby, had a cooler older sister, who she idolized. She wanted nail polish and make up for her birthday, so that's what she got. Ruby came over one day to do each other's make up. "You better not get any nail polish on your floor!" Emily's mom shouted upstairs. This made Emily take her pillow off the bed. Jessie was lying on the pillow, so without noticing it, Emily made her raggedy best friend fall through the cracks to underneath the bed. This shocked Jessie as she crawled to the corner to see what was going on.

"She'll remember me before she goes to bed." Jessie assured herself. "She'll come looking for me."

Nighttime came and Emily crawled on top of her bed. Jessie became lifeless, anticipating sounds from looking under the covers and worried mumbles. But nothing came and all was silent as Emily drifted off to sleep.