A/N – This takes place in New Moon after Edward has left Bella – she's been riding motorcycles, she knows about the wolves. The Laurent scene never took place, but she knows about the wolves…

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Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

I was heading back to La Push ready to ride my motorcycle again. I was starting to get good at riding, which meant that the voice I was seeking to hear was making an appearance less frequently. I needed to find another rush. Maybe we could ride somewhere else… I wonder if I could ride a wheelie. Hey, I could be brave when I wanted to! I had been off in my own little world thinking of ways to get a little stupid with my bike when there was a loud "THUNK" in the bed of my truck. I was so startled by the noise that the truck swerved dangerously close to the ditch on the right side of the road, and I slammed on the breaks. You could hear the tires squeal and the metal groan at being put under the stress of stopping so suddenly.

There was a figure that flew over the cab of my truck and landed on the pavement as my truck came to a stop. "Ahhhhhhh!" came the scream; it sounded mad. As I was trying to register who could have been in the bed of my truck to fly over and land in the road, I started to open my door – only to catch a glimpse of the flaming red locks. Victoria. Shit. True terror ran through my system, I fumbled while trying to get the truck put it back into drive. I couldn't seem to get my act together. Get in the seat, grab the steering wheel…The door to my truck was pulled away as I stomped on the gas. She was hanging onto the side of the truck with her feet in my door well.

"Hello Bella, nice to see you again. It's been such a long time." Victoria gave me a full smile, purring and trying to look sweet.

"Go away! They left me…" I gasped as she grabbed me by the throat and jumped away from the moving vehicle. I heard the truck careen off the side of the road and crash into the trees that lined the pavement.

She stood there in the middle of the road, holding me by my neck, my feet kicking while I tried to move her stone hands, tilting her head from side to side looking at me. "I had just planned to feast, but maybe I could savor this just a little…hmmmm?" She slowly set me down to my feet, but not releasing me from her grip, as I gasped for air and tried to pull her hands from my throat. "Don't struggle Bella. Your heart is beating too fast and you are just getting to be too tempting… I just want to drain you in one drink!" She leaned forward and inhaled deeply; her crimson irises turning black instantly. And with that she slowly bit into my shoulder.

The pain that I experienced was not like it was when James bit me; it was like a normal injury, and then she started to drink. I felt very tired, like I wanted to go to sleep. It was finally going to be over, no more pain, no more dreams, no more trying to exist, I could just let go.

"Uh-uh, Bella," She hummed to me; my blood was on her lips as she licked them. "You are tasty but you need to listen to me." She was diabolical, shaking me awake, only to go back again. "We need to make sure that we can remember this exchange. This," As she pulled back again she licked a drop of blood from my skin, "Could" lick "take" lick "all" lick "day" lick. I could smell my own blood, and I started to feel nauseous. I wanted to sleep. She leaned into me and smiled, her cool breath on my ear bringing goose bumps on my skin "What happened? Did they tire of their pet?"

"They… they left me. They didn't want me anymore…" I struggled to say with her hand still holding me upright.

"Why must they make things so easy… hmmmm," She purred as she licked another trickle of blood that was running down my chest.

I could hear a fierce growl coming from the side of the road. She bit into my neck; she sliced through my skin like it was paper, and then I could feel the pain. She dropped me to the ground and I heard the wolves descend. They flew over me, and I could feel the disturbance in the air above me. I could hear the growls and snarls, and then they ran farther away. I could feel the venom running down the left side of my body as I lay writhing in pain in the middle of the road.

I waited to fade into unconsciousness; I could feel warm hands on the wound on my neck. "Bella! Bella – wake up!" I could faintly hear Jacob.

Jake! You came for me! But the words would not come. I willed my eyes to open; it felt like there were weights trying to hold me down and pulling me into unconsciousness with the pain and exhaustion. I could feel myself being picked up and moved, and then he was running with me. We ran only for a short time before he laid me down on a soft surface.

"I think she bit her. What do we do?" I could hear Jake shouting at someone. I could hear him pacing and shuffling his feet. I tried to sit up, but as soon as I tried the weight pulled me back down. I tried to speak, but my throat felt like it was closing up. I could feel a cool rag run over my face and some of the liquid touch my lips. I opened my mouth at the sensation. The cool rag returned with more moisture. "We're here Bella; can you talk?" I heard Emily's voice coo at me softly.

Emily, they brought me to Emily… this is not good, don't they know what's happening to me… I'm burning… I'm going to be a vampire and they have me at the reservation… they have to get me out of here… with all of my strength, I struggled to talk.

"Jake, Jake, can you hear me?"

"Yes Bella, we're here. I'm scared. I don't know…"

"Stop, listen to me… go to Alaska, to Denali… there are other vampires there like the Cullens. You need to find them and get me there. I can't be here. I can't be a danger to your people. You'll have to kill me if you can't find them…" and after that, I let the fire take me.