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Chapter 29


Sitting in the back of Peter's truck leaving Denali, feeling the wind in my face, humming along to whatever trashy country hick ass song that Peter had coming out of the radio, gave me the moment of peace I had been hoping for. I had plenty of time for contemplation, plenty of time for thought provoking deductions, but for now, right now, I just wanted to turn off everything and just be. It was a good feeling.

I took in a deep breath knowing that there were no true goodbyes in the vampire world. You only said a 'see ya later' 'cause everyone would be around eventually. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be 10 years from now. To a vampire, they keep telling me, time means nothing. So I'm trying to see if I can just let the time roll by.

Tanya and I made plans to travel around Europe in a year, after the wedding and mine and Jasper's honeymoon, none of which were really even in the planning stages but I knew they would come. Charlotte was excited at the thought of planning something at their place in Montana, but I was hoping for something just a tad on the original side. Plus we still needed to talk to my Dad, and until I was in complete control of my bloodlust, there was no way we were going to see him until I was sure that he would not end up on the menu.

But for now, we were headed back to the ranch in Montana. Back to the quiet, back to my adjustment period, back to the place where Jasper and I were trying to figure everything out. I looked up into the front seat at my mate, a vision of masculinity. Wearing his badges of honor freely now. Sitting up there in an A-shirt he never looked better. As I watched him, I could feel the need to be close to him; feel stronger as I pondered our future together. What do vampires do for forever? Fuck and feed. The rest is a charade to see who can accumulate the most toys.

Toys. That takes my mind down the path of the Cullens. Obviously at this point in the game Carlisle and Esme are the losers. Actually, Esme is the biggest loser in this game. He manipulated, connived, lied and cheated to cover his deception of his entire family. He really did want to find a way to end the Volturi, which coincidentally was Aro's greatest fear. Absorbing so many memories from Aro and Carlisle gave me years of information to ponder. In particular Aro. He was much more calculating and intelligent than most would give him credit for. He stayed with the approach of 'honey attracts more flies than vinegar' and it worked well for him his entire life.

I did interrupt Aro's process of pulling all the information he was after. He didn't make it to Carlisle, Esme or Jasper, but he has plans to return soon. Alice will see to it that he has what he wants anyway. Discussing Alice just sets my blood to a low boil. Not that I ever want to whine and play the 'life is not fair' and 'how do the worst people find their happily ever after and the good ones don't get shit' thing going on. Tanya, Kate and Edward deserve to find their mates just as much if not so much more than Alice does, although it does seem that Edward will find new distractions with Jane during his assignment.

Assignment. His assignment with Jane to watch Jessica Stanley. How I hated that girl when we were in high school. Her never-ending stream of jibber jabber was vomit inducing. Her fake personality was enough to make you want to punch her in the face and her ability to pick at your insecurities could cause you to crawl into a ball. I know that Edward wants Jane to try to follow the vegetarian diet when she arrives, but maybe, just maybe, Jane will drain her first.

"There's a lot of hate and anger coming from you babe. Are you ok baby?" Jasper turned to face me with concern etched across his features.

"Yes sweetheart. I'm just trying to process," I said as sweetly as possible, knowing that the thoughts were going to ricochet in my mind like a ping pong ball shot into a three by three box.

"Do you want to talk about it? It's a long drive," he asked hopeful. I could tell from Jasper's observations that Peter and Char were just as curious as he was.

"Well…" I took a deep cleansing breath. "Yes and no. There are a lot of things I've learned and I'm sorting through peoples histories because of Aro's gift. There is just so much information. I hadn't realized his gift would be so strong and intricate."

"So now you know all of Aro's secrets, does that make us a threat? Should we be getting ready for a war? Is he coming after us?" Peter asked anxiously.

"If you go by his past behavior, I would say no. For one, he's too curious about us. As long as we're not out causing problems, I believe that he will just be trying to keep tabs on us. Second, he's very busy trying to keep peace in Volterra. There has been a power struggle for a long time and when there is the smallest amount of discourse, the Romanian coven tries to overthrow the Volturi. He is always worried about who is trying to destroy and disband the Volturi. The Romanians have a much different view on how vampires should be regarded in this world and I'm positive that 90% of the vampires in the world don't want what they do."

Char blurted out, "Yeah, yeah. Politics are great, Aro is all-awesome. Whatever. Spill the beans; what is with all this stuff with Carlisle and Esme?"

"Well, for the most part Esme was in the dark about the whole thing. She knew that Carlisle was moving not based on his own desires, but that someone in Italy was giving him suggestions. She was under the impression that he was spying on people, not trying to find relatives. He had her build layers of resources for them to hide without him knowing much about it. That way if Aro were to discover and destroy him, she could escape. Of the nice things, that's the end of the story. I've come to the decision that Carlisle is a corrupt individual. Everyone in the family has a Volturi link in some way shape or form. Well everyone that he turned, not to mention the ones that are dead in a mission that failed. All of the genealogy that has been traced lies with Carlisle."

"You saved his life by keeping Aro from him," Char commented softly.

"Probably, but more importantly I'm giving him the time to make things right with his family. I felt horrible about letting the family ties with Rose out without talking to her. But everyone has some kind of link, even Esme. They deserve to find out from him, not from a random Volturi member showing up on their doorstep. I will tell them if he doesn't. But that is not my responsibility."

"So let me play devil's advocate for a minute…. I don't understand what the big deal is. So what? He tracked some family, some of them were turned, and some died. He took some money, big deal," Peter scoffed.

"To us maybe, we're not linked in this mess. But to each of the people that Carlisle brought into this world and to the Volturi, this is very personal. He was considered a very treasured link to North America. He was trusted. Trusted with secrets. They are aware of the betrayal, but they do not have the details, once they do, I'm not sure what they will do."

"But what about what he did to you?" Jasper whispered angrily.

"That's another item that makes this whole shit a bigger mess. He had Alice constantly looking out for me. When Edward left you guys to go about his merry way, Alice watched to make sure I didn't reveal the vampire secrets. They both knew that I was in a mental hospital, she saw all the treatments I went through and she told him. They only wanted to make sure that their secret was safe. They had hoped that when I disappeared from her visions that I had died, but then realized that I was on the reservation living with the Quileute tribe."

"You LIVED with them?" Jasper looked at me surprised.

"Well of course I lived with them. You didn't expect me to stay in Forks after being in a mental hospital did you?" Jasper looked at me and I could tell he was rolling things around in his mind, I really wanted to turn on the mind reading ability but I refrained, it seemed such a cowardly way of finding out why he was freaking out. "You remember our high school. Would you go back? Would you go to listen to all the things they would say behind my back? And when Edward left someone turned on the hormones because I think every guy there asked me out within a day of him leaving."

"Are you reading my thoughts?" Jasper snapped back at me.

"No I am not. I thought that would be rude," I snapped back.

He crossed his arms across his chest and huffed, "Fine. Yes, I know our high school wasn't the greatest, but I thought that you could have made it all the way through. I just can't believe you lived with them." He added a little growl when he said the word lived, he was getting really jealous and huffy on me, I really wanted to turn on the mind reading, but I really knew I shouldn't.

I could feel the anger building in me. I knew he was judging me in his mind. I squinted my eyes in irritation when I knew he could see me in his peripheral vision. I leaned back and crossed my arms, mimicking his actions looking just as stupid. He threw some irritation at me, rolled his eyes and turned his head to look out the window so that he couldn't see me. I tried to send him some irritation mixed with a little anger. He laughed a little and then scoffed. Scoffed! I was getting pissed and I really wanted to turn on my gift.

"Where else would I go?" I started by taunting him.

"I don't know," he said tersely

"You don't need to be an asshole, you know. We could just talk about it."

He turned slowly to me and the smile faded from his lips and he went blank. "Don't start throwing around names if you don't want any thrown back at you." I could see from his face that he was calling me all kinds of obscenities, I was trying to resist, but I couldn't resist any longer and flipped the switch.

Peter: La dee da, la dee da, nope not getting in the middle of this.

Char: Not our fight baby, nope. Just stay out of it P…

Jasper: God Damnit, I knew you slept with Jake, but you LIVED with him. LIVED. Yeah, I'm supposed to think that was all huh? How many of the dogs did you live with, or more? Damnit, I do not want to think about this. I don't want to think about this… Bella, are you listening to me?

I sat in silence and tried to act as if I wasn't listening. I tightened my arms that were crossed in front of my chest and turned to look out the window in the opposite direction.

Jasper: Bella, nod your head if you are listening. Damnit woman! We need to talk about this shit, but I do not want to have this discussion with Peter and Charlotte here. This is a private conversation that they should not be privy to.

I sighed and looked out at the passing scenery actually noticing that we were moving at a fast clip. Peter was not enjoying this ride and neither was Charlotte, they both seemed more than uncomfortable and did not want to get in the middle of our static. I took a deep breath trying to let the air cleanse me, it didn't really work the way it did when I was human, but I tried to relax and tried to not get upset about Jasper's reaction to this.

Jaspers thoughts invaded my calm: I really wish she had waited for someone better than that dog, someone good for her.

I tried not to react, I kept my arms crossed, but I grew more agitated with each statement he mused. As each thought filtered in and out I wanted to turn and slap him.

Someone who would have protected her and kept her out of harms way.

I wanted to turn and explain. But if he couldn't talk to me about this, he would get no explanations.

We should have never left.

I debated in my mind for less than a second. I needed either to slap him or call him another name. "Asshole."

He looked at me with a little smile. "What?" I know you're listening. I knew you'd want to know. I knew you couldn't resist.

"Whatever." I flipped it off. I don't want to hear it. All I needed to do was to remember why I went to stay with them. I was alone, I was afraid; Charlie didn't know what to do with me. He needed me out of his hair. Billy knew. He knew that I just needed time. Jake wanted me there; he wanted me to be with him. I was wanted by someone. It wasn't who I wanted, but someone wanted me. Yes, we used each other, but we needed someone. I wanted the forever that was promised to me, he wanted his forever that was in myths and legends from folklore tales passed down from generation to generation. I would not feel guilty for being with Jake. We were what we needed for each other at the time. But I was so alone, the black hole constantly wanting to swallow me whole. There are some things and feelings that as a human I thought were so intense that I would put myself into a state of detachment that I would even scare myself. There were moments that I would take, moments where I would go to sit by the ocean or out by the forest to just be, to not feel anything, to not do anything, to just be numb. When I was like that, I didn't need to respond to life, I could float along and be nothing. "Man, I miss weed." I whispered softly to the window I was staring out of.

"Did you really…"

I held my hand up and turned to look at Jasper at the same time. "Stop. If we are not going to have this discussion until we can be wherever you need to be, then just stop. I would hate to embarrass you. Please just wait until our circumstances are what you desire."

"I knew you were listening. I was trying to tell you…"

"Stop. I turned it off. It can wait." I could feel the pain forming in my chest as I said the words. I knew that he was so disappointed in me. He could not make me feel guilty for taking my comfort in whatever manner I needed, but it still hurt. It hurt that he didn't want to talk to me. That he suspected and taunted me when it was unjustified.


"No. We'll be in Montana in less than a day. I won't listen, I won't do anything. I'll wait for it to be right for you." And with that I closed my eyes and remembered how to just be, to just exist, to paralyze my thought process and fade into nothing.


She turned everything off. All emotions, all movement, she stopped breathing. If we weren't already dead, she would be dying again. And when I mean she turned it off, it was as if nothing was there. It was a void. If I couldn't see her with my own eyes and knew her scent, I would go by and think she was simply a stone statue. It was eerie, scary even.

The hollow feelings she was feeling along with the loneliness that she had was making me feel repentant. I knew she had it hard when we left and I'm not sure I want to know all of it. We left because of me, but we should have stayed. We left Victoria. We left her unable to deal with the loss of a family that she loved.

And my bitch of an ex-wife. She had played so much a part of her pain. I believe wholly in Karma. Everything in this life is about fair play. I still don't know why she didn't' want Aro to read me, hopefully that is something Bella got out of one of them. Then again, it could have been something completely selfish of Alice, she has definitely turned out to be a lot greedier than even I suspected. Only Alice would be mated to a thousand year old European metro man of a vampire. She'll have him dressed in the latest Paris fashions in no time. God knows I resisted her dressing me for years. I finally gave in after a few years, it was better than hearing her whine and cajole. He'll be wearing loafers for the rest of his existence.

After Bella cut all of us off and became a statue in the vehicle, I could feel Peter and Char relax. He kept giving me the stink eye and I knew that in his mind I did something wrong, but I'd like to see what he thought about it if Char had slept with someone else. He knew that we as a family screwed up to massive proportions, but none of us had any clue that so many were so deceitful.

"You know you're gonna have some explaining to do, Jas. She had every right to survive as she saw fit when you abandoned her." Peter told me sternly. Charlotte was staring at the back of my head and I could feel her irritation grow as Peter spoke.

"Yeah, I know." I had to sit back and ponder if this was important. Is it just my male ego stepping into the mix, or is it something more?


We arrived at the lodge in Montana hours later. Peter had laid on the gas so hard we made it in record time. As soon as the truck came to a stop, Bella came to life once again, just like she had been aware of everything but also acted like a human just waking up from a nap.

"Nice of you to join us. Welcome back," I snarked. I knew I shouldn't provoke her but the more I had to think about her checking out and just riding the time out the more irritated I became. She looked at me with an irritation that had I not been an empath, I still would have known she was less than appreciative of my comment. She turned her back to me and looked out at the field and her emotions took me on a roller coaster - Fear, anger, hatred, elation, worry, irritation, amusement and then complacency. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could feel me watching her, so I walked over to the porch and leaned against the wall crossing my arms and just watched her.

Peter and Char walked up the stairs and into the lodge leaving us to ourselves. Unless we took off into the woods there would be no privacy only the illusion of it and this area here was much less volatile than the lodge anyway. I might as well say what I needed to say and get it off my chest.

"Bella I'm sorry. I just can't understand how you could go to the wolves and then shack up with them. I just can't comprehend why you would want to live with them."

She took a deep breath and sighed. "You don't get to apologize and insult me in the same breath. I did not shack up with them. I moved in with Billy." She turned to look at me with so much pain in her eyes that were she human; tears would be streaking her cheeks. "I was alone. I had been locked in a mental hospital, strapped to a bed, medicated and abandoned by all the people I believe that loved me. My life was a sham. Everything and everyone I believed in had disappeared or had written me off. So yes, I moved in with Billy. And yes, Jake lived there. And yes, I slept with Jake. And yes, I may have done other things that weren't on the straight and narrow, but I survived. I came back from the depths of hell I had created in my mind when I thought that my life was over. I had found myself again and I was just trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted when Victoria found me." The desolation and loneliness pouring out of her soul as she described why she lived there pulled me low. I was being such a dick. Her past is her past and I have her now. That's all that really matters.

"I'm sorry. It was all my fault. My control was just so bad that day, I don't know why…" I started to explain.

"Stop. This isn't about my birthday. It was staged. That much I got from Alice. She played us all as did Carlisle."

"Then what is this about?"

She raced up to my face and sneered. "It's your damned ego. Your need to feel that you are more than me. To control me. That's what it's all about. You want to be just like Edward was with me when I was human…"

"Oh no, don't you even go there!" I shouted. "You know that's not true." I was holding onto all of my self control, I just wanted to scream at her. "I just don't' want to think about you being in the arms of that dog! I can picture it in my head…"

"Picture it in your head? OH MY FUCKING GOD, do you hear the shit that is coming out of your mouth? I HAVE fucking seen it. In Alice's mind, in your mind, in Edward's mind. So, just let your IMAGINATION run wild. Have fun with that. I'm going for a run. Stay away from me."

I ran up to her to restrain her. I didn't want her to run away. We needed to talk this out but when I put my arms around her I forgot how strong she was and she threw me off of her.

"Do not touch me," She growled low.

Damn the newborn mind. Her emotions were all over the place. She was pissed and full of rage at the moment. But with the way her emotions were going all over the place she could change her mind and be naked under me in about thirty seconds. I could feel her anger increase and damn if she didn't look dangerous and beautiful. She crouched low and hissed at me. I turned my hands up in a show of submission hoping that would calm her down some.

"I am going to go for a run and you are going to let me be. I will not be controlled by any man, so just Fuck off!"

"Woah, wait a minute there! This has nothing to do with me controlling you. This has to do with your bloodlust. You are not ready to go off on your own. I can follow behind you. I don't want you to do anything you'll regret later."

"Oh don't worry. I have lots of regrets." Bella turned her back to me and took a deep breath.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I yelled back at her.

"That I obviously shouldn't be making my own decisions. I always seem to make the wrong one."

"What the hell are you talking about woman?" I threw my hands up in the air. I swear this is more than just newborn emotions, this must be some kind of vampire PMS.

"What the fuck did you just say? PMS?" She started stalking towards me crouching low and I could feel her anger rolling off in waves and crashing into me. I was resisting getting too angry. This is not how this discussion was supposed to go.

"Bella, just calm down. I didn't know you were listening to my thoughts. I'm just trying to figure out why you're acting so irrational and I forget that you're a newborn for the most part and I have to keep reminding myself of that." I threw some calm at her and she turned her back to me, taking a deep breath and then she started to sob. Uncontrollable blubbering came from her. She was trying to talk but in between her crying and hiccups there wasn't anything that was intelligible. She was trying to tell me something but it wasn't making any sense. Her emotions were all over the place and she was becoming hysterical, so I stepped up to her close and tried to send her some peace and love.

She turned and slapped me. Hard. I stumbled backwards and put my hand on my cheek where the sting was resonating under my skin. I could feel nothing but shock. I couldn't believe that she would slap me.

She looked at her hand and then back at me as satisfaction resonated from her. She was happy that she slapped me and caught me off guard. I could feel her determination start to build and I just knew she was going to slap me again so I threw as much lethargy at her as I could.

She fell to the ground in a heap, exhaustion showing on her face. I reached down to lift her up when Peter jumped from the deck and started screaming at Bella. "No Bella, no! Don't do that!" And as Peter reached his hand down to lift her up instead of me he was filled with pain, she had switched abilities and was now hurting Peter. She was going to do that to me!

I sent her fear instead of the lethargy and she kicks and sends Peter flying into the edge of the porch causing timbers to crack, causing damage to the railing and deck.

I heard a banshee wail from the porch as Char jumps down. Landing in between Bella and me.

"STOP! STOP DOING THIS TO YOURSELVES!" She takes a deep breath trying to calm herself. "Look what you're doing to one another." She looked to me. "You and your jealousy - over something that is long gone - is going to destroy your relationship with your mate." She looked at Bella. "And you and your temper tantrums make you look like a child. You think you're so independent and can do everything yourself, well then go ahead and act like you don't need anyone. Be all alone. Building walls up around yourself will only make you lonely. You have to want to be with your mate. If you don't want it to work, then you'll destroy both of you."

She walked over to Peter and kissed him on the temple before helping him up. "You two love each other or at least you did. You can't act this way and be together. Fix it." She started to cry and caught herself before she grabbed Peter's hand and they started to walk away. She stopped and turned back to both of us looking so sad it pulled at my heart. "Fix it." And then they took off.

I looked at Bella and she looked as bad as I felt. I knew that what we were doing was going to pull Peter and Char into our argument but I hadn't realized that we were this bad.

Bella took a deep breath and looked at me so longingly I just wanted to walk up and hold her. She smiled a small smile and asked softly. "Hold me Jasper."

I walked up to her and slid my arms around her torso pulling us close together. I leaned into Bella placing my forehead against hers so that we could take in each other's scents. Our words and actions had hurt one another. There has just been so much thrown at us in our very, very short courtship. We stood leaning into one another listening to each other breathe in and out feeling the calm vibes that each of us felt at this moment. There was a slow song playing on the truck radio down from the lodge. We started to sway slowly to the music.

Amusement flooded each of us as we realized who put the music on. It was Foreigner's "I want to know what love is." Looking at each other we said it at the same time. "Peter." Almost like it were a bad name and a funny joke at the same time.

Bella ran her hands up my chest and hooked them behind my neck and snuggled into my chest as we stood on the damaged porch and swayed slowly. She breathed in my scent as I pulled her closer and I kissed the top of her head.

"Baby, I love you with everything I am. There are no love songs, no sonnets, and no poems that could possibly do these feelings justice." I sent her every ounce of love I had in my heart for her. She pulled back and looked at me, her eyes widened and glistened over with venom as she sent me back a wave of love and adoration that had we not been holding onto one another we would have been knocked down.

"I love you Jasper. With everything that I am and every part of who I am. I need you to love all of me, not just the parts that you want. I need your acceptance. I am who I am and I need to be me, not just the Bella you want but the Bella I am."

"I do love you for who you are baby." I said softly. Cupping her face in my hands and sending her all the sincerity I could muster. "I am jealous and regretful and angry about so much. I think too much sometimes and I make it worse. I'm sorry."

"We have lots of issues that we need to talk about and things we need to work out before we can get married," she said with heartfelt honesty.

"I know darlin'. And we will. We will do whatever it takes. We can…" she put her fingers up to my lips to quiet my apologies.

"Shhhhh." She scanned my face and licked her lips. "Make love to me Jasper," she whispered.

I leaned down softly and kissed her lips. Her lips molded to mine as she sighed into our kiss. Her hands slid around to my back and pulled me closer. I leaned in to kiss her more as I opened my mouth and our tongues caressed and danced. I pulled her closer to feel her body close to mine and molded our bodies together as we kissed and swayed to another one of the mushy soft romantic songs that played out of the truck's speakers. Her body felt so warm and inviting, so soft and smelled so intoxicating. I breathed in her scent deep as I leaned in for another kiss and felt a wave of dizziness as our love and passion swirled around us like a dirt devil.

I leaned down and picked Bella up bridal style as I continued to kiss her and walked up the steps. Her hands were buried in my hair, pulling my face closer and wiggling her body closer to me if possible as I reached the door. She reached down and opened the door swinging it wide open as I carried her in. I turned to close the door with my foot and hit it just a little too hard as it slammed shut hard. We both peeked at the door and could see that it was wedged pretty hard into the frame, but not broken.

I carried her up the stair case and into our bedroom. Laying her gently onto the bed I started to remove her clothing. I slid my hands down her body, carefully going down her shoulders, down the sides of her breasts, to her hip bones and down the outside of her thighs to rest on her calves. Slowly I removed each of her shoes as I massaged her feet and removed her socks. I kept my hands to the outside as I reached up to the button of her jeans. I raised up as I popped open the button and slowly lowered the zipper, kissing the soft fleshy part of her belly, dipping my tongue into her belly button, eliciting a small gasp as her hands went into my hair again.

Slowly as I could stand, I lowered her jeans revealing the tiny pink pair of panties that I had hoped she would be wearing. I bowed down to her crevice and inhaled deeply as the scent or her arousal filled my nostrils and caused my need to notch up a level. I reached down and adjusted myself slightly as I could feel the denim of my own jeans strain against my hard on.

I pulled the jeans off of her beautiful legs as I kissed over her hip bone skipping over the fabric covered area and trailing kisses down her thigh to her knees as I tossed her jeans to the side.

I wanted to take this slow. I wanted to make this be what she needed. And she needed me to not screw this up. We needed this.

"So beautiful" I softly spoke as I kissed back up her thighs to her belly. I skimmed my hands up the side of her body and pulled her shirt up as she raised and slid it slowly over her breasts and I stopped to gaze at the matching bra, so soft and delicate. I leaned down and captured her bud between my lips through the fabric and gave a good pull and raised her shirt up so that it covered the top of her arms and the lower part of her face. I pulled and reached over to the other breast to cup it gently she pulled the shirt above her head and tossed it into the same spot as her discarded jeans.

I lifted the fabric of her bra and sucked on her exposed nipple finally getting the skin on skin contact that I desired as she let out a closed mouth moan, unhooking her bra and tossing it to the side. Her skin was sweet, intoxicating me like wine for a human. I began to trace my tongue around her breast making sure I gave each side and bottom enough attention. The taste of her skin making me feel high. Sucking and nipping as I went while the breast that was not getting attention from my mouth was in my hand. I continued my ministrations on these mounds of perfection, Bella placed her hands on my shoulders giving me a gentle nudge lower, hurrying me along and trying to get me to go where she wanted me. Only too happy to oblige, I started trailing kisses down her stomach, licking her belly button and moving lower leaving a trail of venom on her skin all the way to the crease of her thighs.

I spread open her legs, breathed in her scent and felt dizzy. She was so much more than intoxicating, she mad me blind with arousal. Her essence was seeping out of her, sliding down the crack of her ass and pooling on the sheets. My patience snapped and I dove into her pussy lapping up her juices hearing her yelp from the sudden onslaught of sensation as I move my tongue quickly over her clit while sucking her juices. I could not get enough, my tongue dove into her folds and I drank her honeyed liquid as I followed its path to her ass. I tongue fuck her pussy and then move back to her ass when she tilts her hips up. "Oh holy shit!" She gasps.

My fingers plunge into her pussy as her juices flowed into my hand and seemingly poured her essence into my mouth. I could feel the lust I had for her projecting from myself but I was unable to control it at this point. I could feel her need for release and her need replicated my need. I spread my hand and inserted a finger in her ass as she started to buck and moan. I was licking and sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy and ass, she started to shake. I sped up.

She neared the edge of her orgasm and screamed, "Oh fuck Jasper, HARDER, OH GOD!" I bored down on her clit and sucked as hard as possible while fucking her with my hand as she screamed out her orgasm at the top of her lungs causing the windows to rattle as she ended with a growl.

Before I could react, she had us flipped and her mouth was devouring me in a kiss that was hotter than the earth's core. The kiss was all consuming. She was kissing me and I could see that she could taste her pussy on my tongue, causing her eyes to turn to a pool of onyx. While one of her hands went down my body ripping off clothing as it descended, her other hand had me anchored to this electric kiss as her fingers entwined and pulled on my hair. She pulled away and stared into my eyes as she resonated need, want, lust and ownership. "Mine." She spoke possessively as she reached down to stroke my cock and devoured me in another scorching kiss. She broke the contact of our kiss to go down to my chin and kissed and nipped the edge until she reached my earlobe and she sucked, releasing with a suction sound that was incredibly erotic. "Mine." She whispered into my ear.

She moved down to my neck, finally releasing my hair but still continually and slowly stroking my now aching cock. She licked my neck and sucked on the spot where my vein would have been, but was now just a mish mash of scars. "Mine," she said again. Moving down to my nipple she caught the small erect bud in her mouth and sucked while nipping with her teeth. "Mine."

"Yes baby, I'm all yours. Only for you," I say back when she raises enough that I can see her eyes. She smiles brightly and I can feel the lust radiate from her. She moves her body lower, never breaking eye contact as she darts out her tongue to lick the droplet of pre-cum that had beaded at my tip. The sensations running through my sensitive engorged head that I had now realized she had purposely been missing while stroking me sent a jolt up my spine and down to my toes. She lowered again and swirled her tongue around the head to land on the underside and then took my whole cock in her mouth in one motion. Her tongue and throat contracted and moved as she took me to the hilt and I wanted to cum right there, this is how heaven will feel. Paralyzed with pleasure and sensation. Keeping me in her mouth to the hilt she moved her hands to cup my balls and massage. Holding back my orgasm I closed my eyes, I gritted my teeth and threw my head backwards into the pillows, shaking the entire bed frame.

"Look at me Jasper," she said after she released my cock from her mouth and started to stroke me again with her hand that wasn't fondling my balls. I took a deep breath trying to steady my lust and to keep from cuming, I opened my eyes to see her looking at me like I was the best meal she'd ever had.

She released my cock and balls to grab my knees and she spread them and moved her body in-between. She looked up to me as she slowly flipped her hair over her shoulder and pulled her breasts and laid my cock in-between. I thrust up to rub them and her mouth darted down to suck on just the head of my cock. The sensations of her breasts on my cock were nothing compared to the erotic sight of my cock poking out of the gorgeous mounds of her breasts only to have her pink tongue dart out to capture my cock and then her sucking.

"That is fucking hot." I finally had to say.

"Mine." She said again. She smiled that smile again and pulled back to devour my cock like it was her last meal. Sensations of wanting to come jolted through my system and I was walking on a thin line of pleasure and control. As she bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock, her hands cupped my balls again and started to massage. The feelings and sensations were so good and intense I never wanted to lose control so that we could do this forever. She moved one of her hands to my taint and I could feel the pressure she placed there, causing my very tenuous grip on my control to slip slightly and I started to pant and strained obscenities slipped from me. Her suction increased and I started to watch as she sped up her bobbing causing slurping sounds to come out of her mouth as the venom from her mouth started to drip down my cock, sliding down my balls and to her hand that was now rubbing my taint. I could feel the moisture lubricate her hand and just as it dawned on me, she stuck her finger in my ass.

I lost it. "OH FUCK BELLA. OH GOD DAMN. !" I screamed, no longer able to form coherent thought as I came and came and came. My body convulsed as she sucked my cock and her finger pressed on something sensitive that had never been touched before, causing my orgasm to be never ending. By the time my body finally stopped cumming, I was spent. I felt satisfied, I felt…. "Wow."

"Yeah." She whispered as she released me and curled up next to me laying her head on my chest. We lay there for some time just being with each other. Feeling the sensations of how good we can make each other feel, knowing that just a few hours ago we were in the biggest argument of our relationship.

"Well, we at least have one thing we don't need to work too hard on before we get married," she giggled as she started to rise and look for some semblance of clothing to put back on.

I rose up and pulled her back in the bed. We lay in bed and made love over and over again until we needed to go and feed. We would get married, we were mates, and that was that. Somehow we would make this work.

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