Chapter 21

He shook his head immediately understanding what I meant, "No. You were my first."

My eyes snapped open and I looked up at him fully awake now, "Really?"

"Don't look so surprised, Bella." he seemed a bit disappointed.

"I am surprised. Not that I wanted to even tell you this cause it would embarrass me completely but you seemed so…experienced," I was surprised I didn't blush.

He chuckled lightly, "Did I now?"

I nodded before pursing my lips, "When I saw you with her that night I automatically thought you guys had done it before. But I had already thought that before that night."

"It was just instinct, Bella. Just like how you did everything that night," He says it like it means nothing.

There's that annoying voice again. I thought I got rid of you?

Nope. No such luck.

Of course, I've never had it before in my life.

I was starting to drift off again to Edward's humming. He was humming an unfamiliar tune but it sounded beautiful and soothing. I closed my eyes and fell asleep with my head on Edward's chest and my arm over his stomach. I felt truly safe here in his arms. Everything I had said was true; I do trust Edward. And hopefully our relationship would grow stronger when he finally got released.

What if they got worse? Would my heart handle that?

It'll handle it fine because we don't care.

Ugh! You never listen! And finally I was asleep. How did I know? Well I was having a dream that definitely wasn't real.

The song Love Story by Taylor Swift was playing in the background. I was wearing a dress like for a ball. It was the color of red wine and silky but yet puffy. The top was a corset with beads on it while the bottom just puffed out slightly. Edward was across the room in a tuxedo.

I had seen him in the exact spot every time I came here. He smiled at me from across the room before approaching me, "Hello miss. May I ask for this dance?" He held his hand out for me to take.

I smiled before placing my hand softly against his, "Of course."

He led me to the dance floor and we were practically floating on the wooden floors. "What's your name if I may ask?"

I smiled before blushing slightly, "Bella Swan."

He smiled, "Your name fits you."

I smiled wider, "Thank you. May I ask for your name?"

He smiled wide showing his pearly whites, "Edward Cullen."

"That's such a pretty name."

He chuckled, "Thank you."

I looked around the room at the other guests.

"Can I show you something?"

I bit my lip, hesitating, "Sure."

He took my hand and led me outside. We walked passed the house and into a lovely meadow, "Wow. It's so beautiful."

"Just like you."

I looked down and blushed fiercely at his comment.

"I feel like…I know you already; like we were meant to meet each other. As if it was destiny. I have this strange connection to you Bella. Every time you've come to one of our party's I've wanted to ask you to dance with me. But I never had the courage to. I was scared you'd say no to me," he confessed taking my hands into his.

I had been watching him from across the room since the very first party I attended. I had been fifteen back then; it's been three years.

"Bella, I love you. I know it's crazy because we just met but I know I do."

The strangest thing is; I love him too.

"It's not crazy Edward. I love you."

I woke up to a strange eerie silence. It was quiet in the room. All I could here was someone breathing beside me. I fluttered my eyes open to find Edward's eyes on me. He had a weird expression on his face. He looked a bit surprised but yet jubilant. I looked away from his stare and at the heart monitor. It wasn't beeping. Is he dead?

No! Wait…he's alive right? I looked back and sighed in relief to see him breathing.

Damn it!

Your evil you know that? "They took the heart monitor off already?" I asked sleepily.

I rubbed my eyes waiting for an answer, "Yeah," he said as if he were in lala land–not really here just answering automatically.

"What's wrong?" I asked concerned about his expression.

"I didn't know you talked in your sleep," he stated.

"Yeah I've been doing it since I was a kid–wait–why? What did I say or what?" I was starting to freak out.

"You said my name a couple of times. And then towards the end you said I wasn't crazy and that you loved me."

My eyes widened so wide I thought my eyelids would rip off, "Oh my god! I did?"

He nodded although now he seemed a bit dissatisfied, "Yeah." He leaned his head back on the pillow and looked away. I picked my head up to see his face. He had a small tear flowing down his eye.

I couldn't believe it. He was crying because he thought I didn't mean it. Does he love me?

No. Oh yeah? Then why is he crying? "Edward?"

"What?" his voice broke a bit.

"Why are you crying?" I lightly touched his cheek and tried to turn his face towards me. He shoved my hand away and looked away wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

"I'm not crying."

I was starting to feel bad. A part of me actually did love him. I'd hate to admit it but I was in love with Edward Cullen.

What?! How could you do this to me?!

Hello?! You are me! Duh! Anyways, I may love him but I'm just not ready to tell him.

I looked up to see Carlisle walk through the door, "Hi Carlisle."

He smiled, "How's your arm?"

I didn't even feel it "Is it supposed to be numb?"

He walked around the bed; I sat up, and he examined it.

He ran his hand down my arm, "Did you feel that?"

I bit my lip, "Barely."

He moved his hand up in the air indicating to get up, "Follow me."

I got up and everything around me spun, "Whoa."

Carlisle helped me back on the bed; Edward had his hands on my waist for support.

"You okay?"

I shook my head to shake the dizziness off, "Yeah, I think I just got up too fast."

The room was back the way it was supposed to be; still.

I got up again and started following Carlisle out, I turned to Edward, "I'll be right back," I said a bit shyly before walking out. I followed Carlisle into a room and sat on the bed. "So what's up doc?"

He smiled lightly, "I'm going to have to give you a blood fusion. You've lost too much blood that's why you were lightheaded earlier. And since you lost a lot from your arm, it's starting to lose feeling."

I sighed in frustration, "Does this mean I'm going to need a room until I've gotten enough blood?"

He nodded, "It shouldn't take long, just a day or less. You'll probably be able to leave by tomorrow morning."

"Great, just great," I said sarcastically.

"Edward can be in here with you. That's actually the reason why I was going to his room. He's going to be released in a bit. He's completely healed. I don't know how the kid did it. He healed pretty fast."

"Edward is being released?" I asked happily.

"Yes and you're being admitted."

"This so sucks," he chuckled lightly at what I said.

He gave me one of the hospital gowns and left the room; letting me get dressed. He went to go give Edward the good and bad news and of course let him free. Unlike me, now I'm prisoner. Well at least it's only for a day right? I got into the gown and got under the covers waiting for Carlisle to hook me up with some blood.

"You ready?" He asked sticking his head in.

"Yes. Unfortunately."

He chuckled as he walked in, "Edward went home with Alice. He said he was in desperate need of a shower and a good bed."

I smiled on the outside but frowned on the inside. I thought he would stay with me like I stayed with him. Are things going to get weird now because I accidently said I love you to him in my sleep? He hooked me up quickly and painlessly before leaving the room. He also gave me an anesthetic for the pain in my arm.

I can't believe I'm in here because of my arm.

Why not you've been in here just because you broke your foot or scratched your head? Don't you think this is more serious?


Maybe? Ha!

I closed my eyes to try and stop the tears that wanted to brim over my eyes. I feel so gullible. I can do someone a favor but they can't return it. Slowly I started to fall asleep. It was still dark from the blizzard. The lights were still off in the hospital.

It was night time now and it's darker than before. I was starting to get scared. I didn't need a heart monitor so I didn't even have the light from that to help me.

I woke up to the sound of the door opening. I snapped my eyes open and looked towards the door but it was too dark. I didn't even see a light come through as they opened it. I could hear someone else breathing. "Carlisle?" I heard someone stop in there steps, there shoes squeaked on the floor.

I sat up higher on the bed, "Okay. That isn't funny. Just come out already." Nothing.


Why? I don't know who it is. What if it's Edward?

Yeah right!

Okay you have a point. I squinted into the darkness straining my eyes to see who it was. My head jerked back and my heart raced when I saw the person in front of me.

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