Codename Kids Next Door

Operation: M.I.D.W.A.Y.







(Line break here)

"Zer is a legend," a male voice with a German accent begins, "of a marvelous island, vhere Rainbow Monkeys are living, breathing creatures." a picture, drawn on a brown parchment paper, appears of Rainbow Monkeys playing in a jungle.

"Zhis island was supposidly home to zhe best sugarcane in zhe world, and zhe Rainbow Monkeys were said to be masters at crafting zhe sugarcane into some of the finest candies in zhe world." the picture changes to a group of Rainbow Monkey's grinding up sugarcane plants.

"Being lovers of all things sweet, zhe Rainbow Monkeys stored the sugary treats inside a hidden temple deep in zhe island's jungle, as a tribute to their gods." the picture changed again to a procession of Rainbow Monkeys carrying loads of delicous looking candy into a massive jungle temple.

"But zhen, War came to the island. Zhe American Navy built a base on the island, which was attacked as part of a massive war sweeping the globe. Frightened by zhe horror of battle, zhe Rainbow Monkeys flead deep into the jungle." this last paragraph was spoken with a faint undertone of shame, barely noticable unless one was paying very close attention. The picture had shifted to a group of Rainbow Monkeys fleeing into the jungle as bombs dropped and ships burned around them.

The scene changes to the child villain soda bar, where Heinrich Von Marzipan is shown to have narrirated the story to Mushi and King Sandy, both of which were drinking soda through a straw out of one glass. "Various shipwreck sailors and castaways have claimed to have zeen the Rainbow Monkeys, ranting and raving zhat they had evolved backverds and become simplistic savages, and to zis day, no one has discovered the location of the Lost Candy Temple of Rainbow Monkey Island."

"Well, that is about to change Mr. Marzipan. I know for a fact that the legend is true." Mushi said back. "And you are going to help me and Sandy find it."

"Velly. Humor me." Heinrich replied.

"Gladly. Before me and my sister had our... falling out, she would tell me all about her missions. One of the stories she told me was of how an evil adult tricked her into using her unique ability to sniff out Rainbow Monkeys to find an island that was full of real, living Rainbow Monkeys." Mushi explained.

"Interesting." Heinrich said while cupping his chin with his hand. "How exactly do you propose we reach zhis island?" he asked.

"Although my queen has many talents, the ability to smell Rainbow Monkeys is not one of them." Sandy stated. "We do, however, have the location of the airship that was used to reach Rainbow Monkey Island. After Numbah 3 used it to return to her sector tree house, the captured airship was sent to Sector W."

"The plan is for us to break in, take the ship, AND FIND THAT ISLAND!" Mushi exclaimed.

"Ve are talking about taking on an entire sector of KND operatives, possibly zhe entire organization. I am not sure zhis is a risk I'm willing to take..." Heinrich said slowly.

"Did I mention me and Sandy only want the real Rainbow Monkeys. The entire candy stash is yours." Mushi added quickly.

"I'M IN!"

Transmission interrupted...