...Transmission re-established

It was just an ordinary day for Sector W of the Kids Next Door. No villains were attacking (yet) and no missions where avaliable, so the three operatives where just lounging about.

Then, there was a knock on the door. "Sonya, go get the door." ordered Numbah 363 from his spot on the couch.

"Why don't you get it Harvey!" shot back Sonya, or Numbah 83.

"Because I'm the team leader and I'm ordering you to do it!" the buck toothed child yelled back.

"Chill guys. I'll get it." Spoke up Lee, or Numbah 84, as he headed towards the door.

"Why can't you be more like Numbah 84, 83? He respects his leader and knows I need to save my streangth for fighting adult tyranny!" 363 chided. Numbah 83 just rolled her eyes at this.

By now, Lee had reached the door, when he opened it, he saw a small Japanese girl in a Skunky Scout uniform holding a wagon which carried a large box with the words "Skunky Scout" written on it in poor handwriting.

"Skunky Scout Cookies!" she exclamied happily.

"No thanks." Lee said, and began to close the door.

"Wait, wait!" the "scout" interjected. "We're having a sale, all KND operatives get half off. This whole box is yours for just five dollars!" she shouted.

"That whole thing for five dollars!" Numbah 363 exclaimed. "Lee, buy it! That's an order!"

"Fine, fine." he says while digging a five out of his pocket. After paying the girl, he went to pick up the box, then paused for a second. "Do i know you from somewhere?" he asked.

The "scout" looked nervous. "Who, me? No, you don't know me from anywhere!" she said quickly. Lee just shrugged and carried the box inside, grunting with difficulty. The KND operatives gathered around the box, grinning with anticpation of the sugary goodness that waited within.

As soon as they broke the tape seal on the packing, Heinrich and Sandy burst from the box and attacked. Lee and Sonya were quickly taken out, and just as 363 had drawn his sidearm, Mushi kicked the door down and pinned the sector leader to the wall with a barrage of crayons.

Sandy and Heinrich began tying up Numbahs 83 and 84 with licoricse, while Mushi walked over to the immobolised 363. "Okay bub, where's the Rainbow Monkey airship that got transfered from Sector V!" she demanded.

"I'm not telling you anything!" he yelled back. Mushi just got a devious look on her face.

"Not even if I do... this?" she asked sweetly while softly poking Harvey's forehead.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" he immidiatly exploded.

"THEN TELL ME WHERE THE SHIP IS!" Mushi shouted back. When Harvey remained quiet, she started poking him over and over again, until finally, he snapped.

"ALLRIGHT ALREADY, YOU WIN!" he screamed. "Just get your dirty fingers off of me!"

"Much better." Mushi responded, her voice full of sunshine and happiness once more.

A few minutes later the Rainbow Monkey airship rises Sector W's hanger and takes off into the sunset.

"Next stop, Rainbow Monkey Island!"

Transmission interrupted...