"I really don't know what to do with her any more Renee. I've tried everything I can't seem to snap her out of it." Charlie Swan said to his ex-wife on the phone.

"She is healing from a broken heart Charlie she needs her space." His ex wife Renee responded.

"Renee you don't seem to be understanding me. Bella is depressed. She is waking up every night screaming she never leaves her room anymore. It's almost as if she is catatonic."

"Look Phil and I were planning a trip out there to see Bella during the summer but why don't we just come now. I'm sure it will help her to have her mom"

They were talking about their daughter Isabella Swan or Bella for short. She had just gotten her heart broken by her now ex-boyfriend Edward Cullen and had gone into a deep depression worrying her parents.

"Ok I don't see any other way to help her. When will you be here?"

"The latest tomorrow afternoon."


"Goodbye Charlie."

"Goodbye Renee."

Charlie hung up the phone and went to Bella's room. He went inside and Bella was just laying on the bed cuddling the pillow. He sat by her side.

"Hey Bells. I don't know if this will help or not but your mother is coming to visit. She and Phil are both coming down to see you. They should be here by tomorrow afternoon the latest."

"Ok dad." Bella mumbled softly.

Charlie sighed and left. If he ever saw Edward Cullen again he was going to make him wish he was dead.

The next afternoon Bella sat with her mother and Phil at a little restaurant. It was the same place Edward had taken her when he first told her he could read minds. But that's a story for another time. She tried not to think about Edward and focus on her mother. She seemed so happy but why? Finally she found out why.

"Bella I was going to wait but I have some amazing news."

"What is it mom?

Renee looked at her new boyfriend Phil and they smiled at each other. They looked back at Bella.

"Bella I'm pregnant. You're going to have a little brother or sister."


"We just found out."

"Oh my gosh mom. That's wonderful!"

She gave her mother a big hug.

"Is it a girl or boy?"

"We aren't sure yet."

"Any idea on names?"

"Well we were thinking Gabriella for a girl."

"Or if it's a guy Edward." Phil said.

Bella froze at his name.

"Bella it's ok sweetie." Renee said.

"Edward isn't a good name Phil. You really should think of something else."


They continued to talk through lunch Bella tried hard not to think about Edward. She was going to be a big sister she had to snap out of this depression. If Edward didn't want her anymore too bad. It's his loss.

On the way home everyone was still talking about the baby.

"I can't wait to see what she looks like or what gender she is. I am going to buy her every outfit in the store and oh toys she will have ever toy she can think off." Renee squealed.

Her mother was starting to remind her Alice. Edward's adoptive sister.

"Mom calm down. I'm sure when it's born all it's going to care about is eating sleeping and pooping."

"Just you wait Bella. Soon she will be coming to you for guy advice." Phil said.

"Doubt that but ok."

"Cheer up kid so it's one broke heart. Do you know how many broken hearts I had to go through before I met your mom?"

"I know I know there are other fish in sea." Bella muttered.

She had heard this speech way too many times.

"There have to be other kids in your class that you like other than that Edmund boy."

"Edward and no there is no one else. There never will be anyone else."

"Oh come on a good looking girl like you. There has to be a million boys after you."

"There is only one and he isn't my type."

"What is your type?"

"I don't know. Shy and quiet. The kind of guy that is mysterious and hard to figure out. Sweet, funny, polite."

Yes she just described Edward.

"Oh so vampires." Phil laughed.

Bella froze. Yep Edward was a vampire. That's why he could read minds. He didn't drink human blood though only animal blood. Now he was gone and never coming back.


"Relax Bella I'm just kidding." Phil laughed.

"Right I knew that ha-ha." Bella laughed nervously.

"Are you all right Bella you look a little pale?"

Phil turned around to look at her.

"PHIL LOOK OUT!" Renee screamed.

Phil spun around and saw an oncoming car.


Bella's world went black!

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