another fanfic referenced in the RP Series fic "The Wrong Side of Right". This one wasn't actually caused by WSR like *some* fics were *eyes certain fanfics*, but rather was a pre-existing headfic. I was supposed to write it before the RP Series, but I just never got around to it till now. And my headspace-fics move ten times faster than my fingers can sometimes.

Anyway, this is how Jade and Klutch first met.

Also, warning gfor minor dialogue-skewing at the end of the fic. I'm an American, trying to make the readers imagine an english accent. I apologise in advance.


*Jade's Story*

"After her you idiots!" Megatron's angry declaration sounded behind the jet as she streaked out of the Decepticon base's boarding dock, engines screaming with effort. The evening air was cool around her, and somewhat moist. The bright light from the watever-it-was that had activated in the control room a few short minutes ago had nearly blinded her, but she guessed it had also blinded whichever Decepticons were in the room. The cylindrical whatever-it-was glowed brightly from within her shattered cockpit. The jet cursed and dipped lower. She couldn't see where she was going. Wait, or could she? That was strange... the device, Scythe had referred to it as "the Transmognifier", was feeding her information. Rerouting her sensors somehow so she could almost tell where the ground was. She couldn't see the Earth below her, or the edge of the land where the ocean began. She heard weaponfire whiz past, then her radio crackled to life. "You won't... worry about them..." the message dissapeared into static. She couldn't tell whether it was Windstriker or Wyldkat, but she was thankful for the distraction, whoever it was. "Thanks, I'll meet you back at homebase." Jade responded, hoping her message got through. She kept going, not knowing whether home was the direction she flying in going or not.

The device hummed softly, then dissapeared into subspace. Jade started at the sensation, realising she'd been drifting off to sleep. She forced her engines to keep going on full. She couldn't tell how much time had passed, or where she was. The land finally appeared on her sensors, what she could tell of them, anyway, and she thankfully dipped lower, searching for as place to set down. Her fuel sensor bleeped, a little red light coming on in her peripherals. "I'd better find a place to land soon, or I'm gonna crash." she mused. The beeping intensified, and the femmeseeker finally turned it off. Her optics were starting to refocus after the electromagnetic flash that had blinded her a few hoours ago. The ground came back into focus bit too late though.

"EEEK!" the jet shrieked, and slmmed into a tree, twirling around to do a 360 before careening off the edge of the hill down into the gravel pit below. It was only a 50 foot drop, but all Jade could see was a series of light and shadows. "Heeeeellllpppp!" the jet screamed, and slammed into the ground on her back, bouncing off the rocky gravel onto her front. The world faded away, and her conciousness gave away to sleep.

When the world came back to her, it was daylight. Jade looked up at the high rises on either side of her, not knowing where she was, or how long she had been asleep. She tried her radio to find whatever part of it was undamaged had been doomed by her little crash. Footsteps crunched nearby. Jade tried to move, roll over, anything! Her limbs felt like logs. Too heavy to move, too tired to fight. The shadow fell across her, and a voice sounded.

"well well well, what 'ave we heah?"

At first Jade was thankful it wasn't the decepticions, but then realised something was very, very wrong here. That wasn't any Autobot she knew! The voice had a distinctly british lilt to it. "Oh crud." The jet mumbled. "Well, it's not very often we get a Decepticon to crash land in ouh laps around heah." the voice sounded amused. Jade cursed more vehemently mentally. Just who was this guy? And she didn't know there were Autobots in... wait, how did she get all the way to England? The femmeseeker quickly backtracked her thoughts through the previous night. Escape, ocean, land... oh crud. "Ugh." was all she could manage. She was too tired for this. She just wanted to go back to sleep and wake up at home, in the nice, warm, *friendly* ark. And that was saying something, considering she included Cliffjumper's foul mouth in that bunch.

Helicopters sounded in the distance, the sound gradually loudening as they got closer. Jade sighed and just hoped they would figure out who she was and call her friends in the states. Right now... sleep was beckoning, and she gladly gave in to it.

Personal logfile, July 23rd, 1986 (one hour after being taken...wherever I am.)

I keep telling myself that I have to wake up, not give up hope. I can tell there are humans nearby. I can hear them milling about. I don't know what's wrong with my optic that I can't see. The beating I must've taken at the hands of the Decepticons must have done more damaghe than I though. I wish I could speak, but it would seem something is wrong with my vocoder, as well. I try to speak, but all that comes out is a strange clicking noise. If only I could tell them I was under cover, and that I'm really an Autobot. Hm.
I tried moving my limbs, and though I'm upright, I can't seem to move. Hopefully the Decepticons didn't manage to get their hands on me. That would suck royally. No, I could have sworn the last thing I saw was a ble mech wearing the Autobot symbol. hmm.


Endnotes: this directly follows a fic I wrote very early into my fanhood, that will more than likely be included/flashed back to later. Just as soon as I figure out where it fits into the timeline. It's post 3rd War Series, but pre-RP Series, if that makes any sense at all. Scythe's team left, I suppose? I dunno.

More soon.