*Klutch's story*

Klutch sat in his office, pouring over the day's reports. He sighed. Every new acquisition had to be logged. Physical attributes had to be recorded, verification of guilt before he could do anything with 'it'. He looked down at the form on datapad before him, and remembered back to when a winged Decepticon had nearly taken the life of the family of one of his best repaircrew/technicians.. Now, he had one of those seekers in custody. The blue mech turned his hand over, tracing one particularly noticeable scar across the palm of his right hand. He smiled slightly as he remembered how he had though it wouldn't scar up so bad. But it had left a light little line. "A constant reminder of what the decepticons are capable of, I suppose." he said to himself. He looked across the office to the top of the bookshelf where a framed picture of his creator and himself sat. Both of them were covered with splatters of mud and both wearing wide, silly grins. The yellow minispy, his creator, had a ball of mud in one hand. Klutch chuckled and felt a stab of hurt at the memory. His creator had chucked it at the back of his head as soon as the picture was snapped. It hurt him to think of how the Decepticons had brutally beaten and shot his creator, ripping of his armor plating and handfuls of wiring, then just leaving him there on that little island in the middle of that lake to die.

Klutch looked back down at the papers. No, the seekers had to die. And this one, it was time, he decided, for both himself and for his technicians to finally do something, to get rid of the Decepticons, and for his revenge, and anyone else in the center who wanted revenge on the Decepticons. He was pretty sure there were more people than just one who wanted a peice of the cons. The Decepticons had ruined the lives of many humans. And the American Autobots never did anything. Oh, sure. chase them away from a power plant, shoot at them so they leave the engineering facility or whatever it was they were attacking. Did they ever try to stop shooting at the Decepticons long enough to rescue the humans trapped in the building the Decepticons had demolished to obtain their energy? no. Did they ever capture or emprison Decepticons? no. All they did was chase the decepticons away, time after time. Stand there watching the building fall down, go up in flames, and just stand around afterward, apologising to people. "They never do any real work to get rid of the threat." Klutch thought. "They think that chasing the Decepticons around in circles all day and all bloody evening is good enough. Well, it isn't."

Klutch typed in the final bit of information, and dropped the datapad onto his desk. There. It was done. It had his signature on it, the Decepticon was his to do with as he wanted, now. All he had to do was file the report with the general, and it woul all be over. Or just beginning. A small smirk formed around his lip-components. Those evil Decepticons had this one coming. And even the humans had agreed that something more needed to be done rather than just chase the Decepticons away every time they attacked. One less Decepticon to attack the humans was one less Decepticon that would kill humans, and that would equal lives saved.

Klutch was a little bit thankful the government had found a human who agreed with his point of view on the subject. The human government had put a human in charge of the Lansington Research and Technology center, so it would be easier to explain the facility to other humans. Nobody liked the idea of a giant alien robot running amock doing taboo (to human) experimentation on other Cybertronians. But if humans were doing it? why of course. It would be in the name of science, technology, and advancement. Why, humans had been doing it ever since old what's-his-name electrocuted an elephant to prove the existence of electricity, and the ability to transfer it through wires. Heck, humans even electrocuted their own kind, if they had committed a heinous enough crime. And murder was certainly not beyond Cybertronians, either. The Decepticons were murderers and crimnals of the worst calliper. Why shouldn't they be subject to the laws of the planet they reside on?"

Klutch nodded to himself and picked up the datapad, walkig out of his office. He was sure General McKentrey would be happy to see one less Decepticon on this planet tomorrow. Yes.
And maybe, just maybe, they might learn a little something new about the Decepticons. At least klutch hoped so. Any help they could get nowadays was much welcomed. And any weapons with which to fight (and hopefully eliminate) the bastards that killed his creator would be much appreciated.