Okay, so this is my first attempt at a fic, so please tell me if I do something wrong. This is not one of those "Naruto gets raised by Altair things." This is, I think, completely original. So far as the manner in which I crossed these things over. Assassin's Creed and Naruto belong to their respective owners and I do not lay any claim to them whatsoever. However any new plots, new characters, etc. do belong to me. Enjoy.


Kyubi Speech

Memories playing out or are being overlayed

"Thoughts"; "Or speech when in a memory."

Short Prologue:

The vaguaries of the immaterial were not lost on the being contained within its prison. The walls appeared to be meade of stone, water stood in one continuous pool at its feet. The fox was restless. Fur of the deepest red, eyes a blazing orange, its teeth shone as the full moon. Nine elegant tails shifted and flowed behind it as the titan paced the confines of its prison.

The great spirit had awoken in short and muddied intervals since the time of its sealing, and something had changed in the being that it had been bound to in order for that to happen. Roughly one month ago, on the last full moon, the fox had found that it could think clearly for the first time in years. Predictably, it had not been pleased to discover that it was trapped within a human and so began fighting against the confining powers of the seal to no avail, and so fell into slumber again.

This night, when it had awakened, it decided to attempt to discover why it had done so; and what it found was astounding. The spirit and the mortal it was bound to were becoming one. As more of its power had come into contact with the world outside the fox had slowly come back to waking, until the power of these recent full moons had tipped the scales and allowed full thought. And as a prisoner does when confined with nothing to occupy it, it studied its container.

The power of the spirit had begun to change the boy: he was a little tall for his age, a little more heavy. His teeth had sharpened and his bones had become strong. Typical for one who was exposed to such energies.

What was atypical was that the gift of healing, also so common in these gifts of power, had found something in the human's blood that was broken and was trying to heal it. However the Kyubi, long a veteran of curing diseases in mortals as boons, did not recognise the function of this artifact of blood. Never before had it called to be healed in any other human. As the full moon peaked it granted just enough power to the boy's abilities to heal this nameless gift. As the moon began to set, and the fox began to sleep once more, it could feel the new power taking hold.

"This," it thought, "may prove to be most interesting."

In the Village Hidden in the Leaves, also known as Konohagakure No Sato, there were very few things that could truly be said to be odd. This was a village with a good population of ninja, you see; people who through some accident of birth had the ability to harness the excessive amounts of energy that they produced. These Chakra Enabled could gain several abilities: gravity did not impede them, water turned solid under their feet, a landing from forty feet into a layers of dry leaves became both non-lethal and absolutely silent. They could breath fire and alter their appearance with nary more than a thought and a handsign. Sight through walls, superhuman strength and speed, teleportation, even harnessing the power of death itself; these are but a fraction of the existing techniques in this world of ninja.

In a small apartment in the… less than reputable part of town was something that did lay outside of the bounds of "normal" even for ninja. Or should it be said: Someone?

Tossing and turning in his small, threadbare, dirty bed rested one Uzumaki Naruto, pariah of the village. Most adults became hostile at the very mention of the ten-year-old and children, parroting little monkeys that they are, excluded him from games and slung insults any time that they caught sight of him. You see, the adults had a reason (badly misunderstood though it was) to hate and even fear the young whirlpool.

Ten years ago on his birthday, a demon attacked the village. This demon was no ordinary lets-call-a-perverted-priest level demon either. This force of nature, this Entity, was none other than the Kyubi no Kitsune, the Nine-Tailed Fox of legend. So powerful was it that the havens seemed to shake and the earth tremble at it's passing. And this beast, unkillable and untamable, was sealed into the baby Naruto on the day of his birth. Joined at the soul by Death himself, the young lad had access to all of the raw power of a minor god. Fear and misapprehension from the villagers was somewhat understandable.

But this sealing was not the odd thing about the boy, oh to the contrary! Several other people through the ages had contained demons, maybe not as comprehensively but demon sealing was not a new and original idea. No what made this boy odd were the dreams.

Over the past several nights he had been having flashes, memories not his, interrupting his otherwise peaceful slumber. Sometimes they were beyond pleasant and filled him with bliss, other times they were so violent and brutal that he woke screaming and clawing only to forget the vision moments later. But tonight these dreams, visions, memories came to a head.

He was in a room, sparsely furnished, two beds and a side table between them. A few unexplained jerks in his vision centered him. A handsome man looked back at Naruto, he looked to be in his mid-twenties and very well in shape. Tanned, dark eyes, striking features-

He spoke and, in doing so, Naruto discovered that he was the man and that he was looking in a mirror.

"If you are se-see-seeing this th-en-n then we have f-f-faile-dd. We did not manag-e-e to halt the-(chain of the Gods, thread of the Fates)- and the world hasss been remade once again. We discovered that the world would not be the only thing affected on {Fragment Corrupted} but that the entire universe would be changed. Maybe gravity will pull up or humans will be able to walk on walls and ceilings, hell if I know."

Throughout this monologue odd shifts and jerks in movement, as well as periods of muteness filtered through. And seemed to even out, become fixed as time went on.

"We tried our best, but history will tell you that simply trying rarely ggets things done. The world is going to change, and maybe not for the better. But what I can do is focus on this memory, to make it stand out to you: my descendant. There is not much time, but what can be said simply is this: our blood holds our memory; yours, mine, our ancestors. This gift, this curse, will put all of our skill and knowlege in your hands. If it doesn't break you first."

"So," and here the strange man's face grew serious, "you will be receiving sporadic memory transfers-"

He was lying in bed, watching as overlays of a Tuscan Villa flickered over his vision, replacing the white roof of the truck.

"-You will see as we saw,-"

He was scanning the market, the hot sun going unnoticed in his search. He must get this one. Suddenly, his vision changed. Buildings, stalls, even the sky, their colors were muted. The crowd was now a sea of white, and the guards at the entrance and on the roofs a pulsing red. There! His target, glowing gold, walking towards him.

He grinned as he readied his blade…

"-You will gain all of our talents-"

He was running from the Florentine guards. How was he supposed to know that they wouldn't take well to his killing of the corrupt captain? Oh well, time to have some fun! Up a wall, grab a windowsill, turn, jump back, grasp a pipe crawl to the roof, RUN!

He loved the look on the ladies' faces when he did his death-defying thing.

"-You will learn what we knew."

He was sitting in the courtyard of Masyaf, listening to and studying the blacksmith's trade. If he had to repair his own equipment he might as well know how it was crafted.

The Old One said that it was forbidden for one who walked the path to know such things but, in his own words: Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

That's why he carried poison with him at all times as well.

"My name is Desmond Miles-"

My name is Altair Ibn La-Ahad.

My name Is Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

"-And we are Assassins!"

A white glow could be seen emanating from a little apartment that night. A glow that went unnoticed by the boy's ANBU guards, they were used to such minor things around the orange-clad tyke. That glow signified the rebirth of a forgotton code. The Assassins had returned.