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"W T Fuck are you doing?" Pietro doubled over with laughter, clutching his sides.

"Shut up and help me!" Lance yelled, struggling vainly to pull his hands from his head.

Pietro wrinkled his nose at his friend and, more exactly, his grimy, slimy state. "Hmm." He stood a few feet away at a safe distance, surveying the scene. "What'll you give me for it?"

"A black eye if you don't get over here," Avalanche offered in irritation as he tugged once again and winced at the pain.

"Domestic violence is generally frowned upon, and wouldn't you need a free hand to do that?" Pietro snickered.

"C'mon, just help me!" the brunette begged, brown eyes pleading and Pietro knew his resistance was done for. Stifling a sigh, but not a humongous roll of his eyes, he stepped in and cautiously touched one slender finger to the mess that was his friend's head.

"What the hell did you do?" he asked in part wonder and part exasperation.

"I was changing the oil in the jeep."

Pietro scoffed, "That doesn't explain why your hands are stuck to your head with…what the hell is this?" He sniffed the orange goo plastered to the back of Lance's head and almost recoiled at the harsh, chemical smell.

"My hair fell in the drip pain. Five thousand miles of used oil. Tried to get it out," Lance growled as Pietro tugged experimentally, pulling a few of his friend's fingers free and a tuft of hair with it.

"With what? Super glue?" Just when he thought he'd seen everything.

Lance turned and, with the elbow of his left arm that was tangled in his long hair, pointed it in the direction of a jar sitting on the workbench.

Pietro examined it and hissed, "Automotive degreaser? Are you brain damaged?" He looked at the mess on Lance's head. "Never mind. Exhibit A."

"Just help me, damnit!" Lance shouted.

"I will, but my god Lance, don't you know even the basics of hair care?" Pietro snarled as he untangled another two of his friend's fingers, finally releasing one of his hands from the unholy mess.

Lance's now free hand closed around Pietro's arm in a vice grip. "You can lecture me later, get me loose or I swear-," he with in a dangerous tone.

"Ok, ok, calm down. I won't leave you stuck like this," Pietro soothed. "Just unclench your fist, stupid. Now move your thumb…ok just a few more, there we go," he announced victoriously. A moment later, "Um…whoops?"

"You did NOT just say whoops. What whoops?" Lance brought his newly freed hand to his face and yelped at the huge clump of hair stuck to his fingers. "OH SHIT!"

"Well, you've needed a trim for a while," Pietro teased. Wrong thing to do, as his shirt was suddenly fisted in two nasty, hairy, goo covered fists.

"This…is…not…funny," Lance ground out between clenched teeth.

At the murderous look on his friend's face, Pietro swallowed the urge for further jokes. "Ok, ok, look, we can fix this!" He patted Lance's grody, furry fists in a placating gesture, and successfully stifled the urge to wince at the nastiness in such close proximity to his face.

"How do you plan to do that?" Lance growled.

"Well, we'll just wash it, properly this time, see what the damage is, then snip snip, and you'll be good as new!" Pietro babbled at speed, the furious look on Lance's face making him jittery.

"SNIP SNIP? YOU WANT TO CUT OFF MY HAIR?" the earth-shaker roared.

Pietro own temper flared, "Hey, I didn't do this to you, dumbass, so quit screaming at me!" He twisted angrily in his friend's vice-like grip on his shirt. "It's either I cut it and fix this clusterfuck or-" He reached up to take a lock of mangled hair and easily broke it off with a twist of his finger.

Lance's eyes widened comically at the sight of another piece of his precious mane parting company with his head. "Oh god," he moaned in horror.

"There, there, you big baby," Pietro tutted with only a trace of sarcasm as he pulled Lance's fists free of his now disgusting shirt. "C'mon, we'll get this sorted out." He lead the now almost catatonic with shock mutant out of the garage and plopped him on the stoop of the back porch. He was back in a flash with a kitchen chair and an armload of supplies.

"Sit." He ordered, pushing Lance into the chair he placed on the grass. "Head back." He tipped his friend's head back so his neck hung over the back of the chair. "Close your eyes." Lance's eyes slid shut obediently, but at the worry lines creasing his tan face Pietro patted his cheek. "Breathe, Lance, I'm just to going wash this shit out right now." Lance nodded, the tension in his face not leaving until he gasped in surprise.

"Fuck, that's cold!" he howled as Pietro turned the water hose on over his scalp.

"Well, you can't use the shower. All the hair falling out would clog the drain and then we'd be screwed," Pietro stated.

"Falling out!" Lance bolted upright, cold water splashing down his back.

"Oh my freaking god, you are worse than any girl," Pietro huffed as he clamped a hard hand on his friend's forehead and forcefully bent his neck back over the chair. "It's not falling out at the scalp, just the ends, so calm down!" he barked.

Lance slumped in defeat in the chair, eyes clenched shut in barely coiled panic. Pietro softened a bit at his distress. "Hey, Rockstar," he soothed, "I wouldn't let my boyfriend go around with a bad haircut, now would I?"

Lance opened one eye and, miraculously, gave a half-smirk. "Boyfriend, huh?" he questioned sarcastically.

Unfazed, Pietro shrugged as he ran the cold water under the back of Lance's neck, gently massaging the abused strands. "Would you prefer loverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?" he purred. Lance snorted his opinion at that one. "Of course, I could introduce you as That Guy Who Sneaks In My Room At Night And Makes Me Suck His-"

"Boyfriend is fine," Lance interrupted, practically choking. "And who would you introduce to me to anyways?" He shot a curious look up at Pietro as the other boy leaned over him, working shampoo into his hair.

"My father," the speed demon said nonchalantly. Lance really did choke that time and got a splash from the hose in his face in response. "I'm kidding, asshole." Pietro grinned as Lance dashed the water from his eyes.

"Having him kill me would be an efficient way to break up," Lance retorted as he leaned his head back once more into Pietro's ministering hands as he rubbed the suds in nice little circles.

Pietro continued massaging his head, talented fingers swirling along Lance's temples. Despite the mess, the speedster enjoyed tracing down Lance's hairline behind his ears to do something pretty fun things to the back of his neck and the base of the skull. As he worked Pietro educated Lance of the various points his hair resuscitation. Two scrubs with clarifying shampoo to strip out the oil and gunk, followed by a moisturizing shampoo to restore chemical balance, then a deep conditioning treatment for 10 minutes to hopefully seal the shaft of whatever hair wasn't damaged beyond repair.

Pietro informed a relieved Lance that only the last 4-5 inches of his hair had fallen in the oil and taken the brunt of the damage from the degreaser, i.e. he wouldn't need a crew cut.

As he finger combed the conditioner through the brunette's hair over and over again, rubbing it into the shattered ends, Pietro hummed "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon. Lance shifted lower in the chair as he relaxed into his newly christened boyfriend's touch, the sensual slide of fingers over his scalp, lightly scratching as the silver speedster worked the conditioner in deeply. The pads of the silver haired teen's fingers worked at the base of his skull, up and down and back again, tugging gently on his hair as he hummed some distantly familiar song.

"Hmmm, feels good, 'Tro," Lance sighed with pleasure, shifting slightly as goose bumps ran down his arms.

Pietro raised an eyebrow at that interesting murmur and considered giving him a quick mouthful of tongue but found an unannounced cold dash of water over Lance's head much more satisfying.

"You are such a dick!" Lance yelped as cold water streamed down his back when he sat up in shock for the second time.

"Yup," Pietro agreed absently. He grinned to himself as Lance fell for his trap and stripped off his now soaked shirt with an annoyed grunt, giving the speed demon a dirty look before he closed his eyes and leaned back once more to let him finish. Pietro took more time that strictly necessary rinsing the conditioner out in order to feast his eyes on Lance's body. His eyes traced hungrily over the tan chest and abs he'd spent the better part of the other night outlining with his tongue.

Down boy. Pietro glared at his crotch as it stirred. There was work to do and Lance's hair and self-esteem to save. Christ, the earthshaker acted like he was Samson and losing a few inches of hair would take away his mutant powers. Pfft.

Pietro was determined to send that damned mullet back to the '80s where it belonged but still keep enough length that he could tug on hard they way he did the other day. When he did Lance had made this freaking sweet noise and…c'mon, down boy!

Pietro shifted to relieve the pressure on his zipper as he stood behind his teammate and toweled his hair dry. He did not need a boner distracting him from the critical business of hairstyling. He draped the damp towel around Lance's shoulders, grabbed a comb and ran it through the dark strands until he was satisfied it was untangled enough for the real work to begin.

As he lifted the scissors, Pietro brought them around so Lance could see them. "Take a deep breath, this won't hurt a bit," he teased. "And one joke about gay hairdressers and WILL stab you in the eye."

The audible click on Lance closing his mouth made Pietro smirk. Right before he made the first cut, Lance shifted then coughed, then shifted to the other side. "What?" Peitro barked.

"Uh, you sure you know what're doing, Pietro?" Lance tilted his head back until he was looking at his teammate upside down.

The silver haired teen sighed and clenched the bridge of his nose with his fingers in the universal Lord-give-me-strength gesture. "Lance, I do my own hair. I wouldn't trust these fabulous lock to some hack." He patted back one sleek silver wing and grinned at the dubious look the other mutant gave him. "Don't worry, this look is a Maximoff one of a kind. You couldn't handle it, no style. Something that will soon be remedied!" He patted his teammate on the top of the head a little too hard then positioned it forward again.

"Ok, just don't take off more than is absolutely necessary."

"I know, Lance."

"I don't want it too short."

"I KNOW, Lance."

"Nothing emo either."

"Remember what I said about eye stabbing?" That made him shut up.

Pietro ran his fingers through the dark hair down andm holding up a lock perpendicular to his scalp, he cut off several damaged inches with a flourish then dropped them in Lance lap. The whimpering almost made him laugh.

"Trust me, you'll be fabulous," Pietro announced, which made other teen half-rise from his chair. The speedster clamped a hard hand on his shoulder and bodily forced him back down. "In an incredibly masculine and not gay at all way," he snarled. "Sit!" He rapped the other mutant sharply on the head with his knuckles. "First cut's the hardest."

With a noticeable lack of speed, Pietro carefully combed, snipped, smoothed, and cut again, deftly removing the destroyed remains of the horrible mullet.

"Never heard you be so quiet," Lance said with an amused tone in his voice.

"You should know that hair serious business…or was that someone else crying over split ends in the garage?" Pietro quipped, snipping carefully but steadily as he pulled each lock up then smoothed it back down to check how it looked.

"I was NOT crying," the dark mutant grumbled.

"Of course not," Pietro said sleekly, "It was just one of your normal everyday hissy fits."

"I don't have hissy fits either." Lance arms crossed defensively over his chest.

"Hmm, if you say so," Pietro noted airily. "Soooo, what's new?"

"What's new? We live in the same house, stupid, if there was anything new you'd know," Lance rumbled, confused at the abrupt change of topic.

"It's called small talk, Rockhead. It's what you do when you get a haircut. Jeez, you'd think you'd never had one before." Pietro huffed as he pulled a large lock of hair up on top of Lance's head and secured it with a clip so he could layer the underneath.

"I dunno, I usually just grab the kitchen shears and-"

"Kitchen shears?" Pietro gasped in horror. "You such a caveman. You probably make fire by rubbing two sticks together, too."

"Me man, cook meat on fire!" Lance grunted loudly and thumped his chest.

"Very cute," the silver teen huffed sarcastically. "Sooooo what's new?" he tried again.

The other mutant shrugged, "I dunno, got detention for sleeping in class again, skipped that and got double detention."

"Well, that sure taught them, didn't it?" Pietro sniggered as he worked his way around the other side, pinning up more hair. He was sorely tempted to whip out his camera phone and steal a photo but knew Lance's freakout would ruin any potential pleasure at immortalizing his ridiculous appearance.

"No juicy gossip?" Pietro teased. "You seeing anyone special?"

"No one special," Lance said with a hint of humor. Scissors made an appearance bit too close to his left eyeball. "Uh, yeh, well there is someone."

He left Lance's hair still a little long in the back so it brushed his shoulders. Pietro ran his fingers up from the base of his neck to the top of his head to fashionably muss it then brushed his knuckles across his friend's neck to shoo away loose cutting that stuck to his skin.

"Oh, do tell! Is he hot?" Pietro grinned as he combed and cut and parted.

"Um, he's pretty cool, I guess…but kinda mouthy." A sharp rap of knuckles on his head once more and he added, "Ow, ok, jeez! He's got a nice ass."

Moving as he worked, Pietro bent his knees at his friend's side and leaned in to carefully works the sharp blades near his ear, then flicked some loose strands from his skin.

"Nice asses are nice," the speed demon noted blandly, although inwardly he preened at the compliment. Of course, his ass was nice; all that running was great for the glutes.

Two stubborn hairs stuck to Lance's tanned skin just wouldn't get lost so Pietro blew them off with a quick puff of air, smirking at the goosebumps his gesture raised.

"What else?" he fished; he loved compliments.

Pietro continued to lift and comb and carefully snip at thin Lance's wonderfully thick hair so it fell in a nice "hey I didn't do anything to it" way that was the key to awesome hair. He leaned down closer to his friend's face, holding a couple of strands on each side of his cheeks to make sure they were even.

Lance leaned in suddenly and kissed him. In surprise, Pietro almost did stab him in the eye with the scissors but forgot it a moment later when Lance's tongue stroked his in that delicious way that made him a little weak in the knees. Just as Pietro was getting into it, the other teen pulled back and smirked. "He's a pretty good kisser. Kinda slutty too."

"Fucking flirt," Pietro snickered as stepped back and eyes his teammate critically, before leaning over once more to give a final last tweak with a wee bit of styling product to the ends. "Viola! You're done," he pronounced as he whipped the towel from Lance's shoulders.

"How's it look?" His teammate's formerly relaxed stance immediately disappeared as he ran one hand gingerly over his head. He stifled a grimace as he felt how much shorter it was in the back.

Pietro walked around him in a circle, hand on his chin as he squinted, hmmmmed, walked back the other way, squinted some more. When it looked like Lance was going to yell at him he finally said, with no small amount of pride, "Very Sawyer."

"Who the hell is that?"

"The hood from Lost."

"Let me see," Lance said, anxiety coloring his voice, as he jumped up and practically ran up the stairs to Pietro's room to look at himself in the only mirror in the house not broken. Pietro took his time putting away his accoutrements and sweeping nasty clumps of ruined hair under the porch.

While he was confident in his fashion sense and hair styling abilities, Pietro wasn't as sure of Lance's reaction. The guy's mullet was like his teddy bear or some kind of stupid security blanket. Losing it might result in Lance throwing one of his epic tantrums and rocking the house off its foundation.

And people called Pietro a drama queen.

No angry shouts or the sound of things breaking was heard, so Pietro's gave in to his curiosity and tip-toed upstairs. He held his breath as he gingerly peered around the door and into his room, only to choke when he saw Lance posing in front of the mirror. When the other teen turned around to throw a wink over his shoulder at his own reflection Pietro laughed out loud.

"I take it you like it?" the pale speedster asked with satisfaction as he leaned his shoulder against the doorjamb, admiring his work. Hot damn. He'd thought Lance was hella fine before, but the shorter 'do really stepped up his game, and he was a SERIOUS hottie now. Pietro decided that anyone who tried to touch him would pull back only a bloody stump.

"Fucking-A dude, I look like awesome, like I should be in a band or something," Lance grinned the struck another unashamed pose in front of the mirror, flexing his bicep, as he peered through the fringe that fell artfully over one eye.

In a flash, Pietro was behind him, running fingers over said bicep, with a mischievous look in his eye. "Soooo…how're you gonna tip your stylist?" He punctuated his query with a slow lick up the side of Lance's neck, locking eyes with him in the mirror.

The dark teen's response was spectacular. He spun around, grabbed Pietro hard by the hips, and yanked him flush against his own hard body. Heat flared in dark eyes as his happy grin morphed into a dark smirk. Pietro's breath caught at that look as the earthshaker pushed him backwards across the room to shove him roughly up against the wall before slamming their lips together hard enough to make teeth click.

Pietro fisted hard hands into Lance's hair and pulled ferociously to yank the other teen's head back to expose his neck to attack. His efforts were rewarded with roughened hands scratching at his back through his messy shirt. His previously slow lick up Lance's neck was only a precursor to the trails of pleasurably painful bites and sucks he darted across dark skin that made the bigger boy groan throatily. The speed demon only paused to allow his teammate to yank his shirt over his head before he latched himself once again to tan flesh he couldn't seem to get enough of.

"Fuck, 'Tro," Lance muttered as one of his hands slid to Pietro's jeans to rip open the fly as the other clutched against his back, leaving bruises and marks that would need soothing later. Lance pushed hungrily against the speedster's frantic lips and pinned him against the wall with ever greater force, and he bit down on Pietro's lush lower lip.

Pietro tried to push back, to give himself room to maneuver Lance across the room and to the bed that beckoned like a siren's song, but found himself unable to fight the strong, searing pressure holding him in place.

"Lance," he panted, "let me…ugh…move."

"Not a chance, 'Tro," Lance drawled against his ear before sneaking his tongue in to tease the sensitive hollow in a way that almost made the silver haired boy give up his efforts to move. "Or don't you want your tip?" he said salaciously before giving his own hard bite the pale column of neck before him.

"Shit, love it when you talk dirty," Pietro gasped at the prickling feel of teeth against his flesh. "But you're all talk," he hissed in challenge. He knew that would move things along; Lance just couldn't resist a dare, especially in situations like this.

His jibe was met with a dark laugh that travelled lower until one pale pink nipple was captured between strong white teeth and tortured. "Oh god," he moaned at the sensation, and one of the hands that had been fisted in Lance's hair turned gentle and slid down to the back of his neck to pull the other teen ever closer, urging the tongue and touch that was slowly frying his synapses.

"Like, I said," Lance taunted as he slid experienced lips across Pietro's chest to worry his other nipple with a wide lick of his flat tongue, the heated texture of it wringing another curse from the speed demon, "kinda slutty."

Pietro started a smart remark that caught in his throat when Lance's other hand gripped his cock almost painfully through his quickly tightening jeans. "Oooo-kaayy," he moaned instead, more than ready to agree with anything as long as Lance made him squirm.

He needed more, more of these incredible sparks that danced along his nerves every spot that the earthshaker stroked and touched with nimble pets and strokes. That amazing tongue outlined his navel with wet swipes that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up at the same time calloused fingertips rippled along his ribs to sneak down the back of his jeans.

He couldn't take it anymore and pushed hard on dark shoulders. "Down, for Christ's sake!" he grunted, "You're killing me with this teasing shit."

The tanned teen raised his head to flash white teeth at the flustered boy pinned between him and the wall. "Always in a hurry, 'Tro," he said with an amused shake of his head. "You gotta learn to slow down," he whispered, dipping his head back down to dart his tongue into the indention of Pietro's hip, making the other boy buck hard against the strong hands pinning him in pace.

When his jeans came undone and puddle at his feet Pietro had no idea, and frankly didn't give a crap as long as Lance kept up his mind-blowing and sensual torture. Pietro was just on the verge of grabbing Lance by the head and forcing himself between his lips when he was unexpectedly spun around and pressed against the wall chest first.

"Wha-" he gasped from where his cheek was smashed against gritty dry wall.

"Just shut up and enjoy the ride," Lance muttered in his hair as he caressed Pietro's back in a long, lingering caress that made the other teen rise up on his toes unconsciously. Strong hands covered his, pressing them ever more firmly into the wall, a clear command to keep them there. Pietro shuddered with anticipation and nodded his agreement. God, when Lance got all bossy the best shit happened. An approving dark murmur slid down the back of his neck with Lance's strong lips.

Several fingers made an achingly long, teasing slide down to trace one firm cheek, then the other, pausing to dip in between in a way that made the silver teen shudder and hiss with rapture. Lance glided achingly across Pietro's back, marking his path with open mouthed presses that made the silver teen's skin prickle as each heated breath ghosted over it. He bucked when a lazy swipe of tongue mapped the small of his back at the same time Lance's other hand unexpectedly reached around to grab his aching shaft.

"Nnnhhhh!" Pietro grated through clenched teeth. The combined feel of Lance's tongue and fingers exploring him from behind and that wonderfully sure hand stroking him in front reduced the usually quick tongued mutant to half-formed groans and incoherent noises that might have been encouragement. Or slowly manifesting brain damage as his brain liquefied at the conflicting thrills battering his senses.

Brain damage definitely became the front-runner when one Lance's fingers pressed against a spot that had not yet been tested by the two teens. Pietro stiffened in surprise for a second, then relaxed and canted his hips back as he smirked into the drywall under his cheek. "About damn time," he sighed.

"Gonna shut that smart mouth, 'Tro," Lance threatened, even as a flash of white teeth showed he was smiling. True to his word, he pressed again at the same moment his tongue made an unexpected slide dooooown.


"That's what I thought," Lance said smugly before he returned his attention to shattering Pietro's self-control with sensory overload from fore and aft. His tongue and fingers traced previously forbidden unexplored flesh as his other hand stroked and squeezed in that measured, steady pulse he knew drove the silver speedster bonkers.

Riding battering waves of pleasure from in front and behind, Pietro grunted and pushed into Lance's excruciating grip, withering under the delicious slide of calloused fingertips against pulsing veins that ridged the underside of his cock. He pulled back, drawing the dark teen's touch to the sensitive tip, then moaned in bliss as one thick finger pressed into him.

"Shit, ah ah ah!" he moaned in counterpoint to each movement.

"Good, yeh?" Lance murmured as he licked and soothed the frantically squirming mutant with soft kisses to one firm, pale cheek.

"F-f-f-fuck!" Pietro stuttered as he was assaulted from every angle. Oh god, this was it, Lance was going to kill him with pleasure, melt his freaking brain, and he didn't want it to stop ever ever ever. He bucked back again into the hand that was killing him with mouth-watering thrusts. "Mmmmmm! MMMMM!"

Lance bit down hard on one irresistible muscular buttock and pushed again, earning him a delicious shudder from the silver teen arched in front of him. He grinned and moved his other hand up and down, rubbing his thumb again and again under the leaking head of Pietro's cock, teasing the incredibly sensitive dip in bottom of it. When Pietro lunged into his touch once again Lance followed that ass he couldn't get enough off and pressed inside again, twirling his finger in circles until it brushed against a little lump.

"AHH! AAAHH! STOP STOP!" Pietro shouted, his back stiffening suddenly as he rose onto his toes and flattened himself against the wall.

"Shit, you okay?" Lance withdrew and stood, turning the shivering speedster to face him. "'Tro, god I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hu-" The rest of his apology was drowned in a fierce kiss that almost sent him to his knees once more.

"Wasn't g-going to l-l-last," Pietro stuttered against his lips. A delectable shiver raced through his body as he rubbed against Lance needily. "Didn't-didn't want to c-c-come yet!"

Lance laughed once before he slanted his lips over his boyfriend's again, tongue caressing quivering lips before plunging in to taste the sharp taste that was all 'Tro for a few moments. "Now you got the idea," he murmured before once against sliding down the slender, but impossibly strong, body he physically ached for, the abs he spent several slow minutes memorizing with his lips and tongue.

As he worked his way down inch by painfully arousing inch, Lance patiently worked to keep Pietro on the knife's edge of ecstasy with firm, steady strokes on his gorgeous dripping cock, without pushing him over. Pietro's breath quickened as Lance slid lower and lower until he was almost hyperventilating. When the dark teen finally slid luscious lips over his shaft, the speed cried out harshly and bit hit lip to keep from thrusting hard into the fiery heat.

Wanted this to last, needed this to last, had to…had to…had to…

One hand fisted in his own hair in attempt to ground him as the other gripped Lance's shoulder almost painfully, fingering flexing each time the dark head bobbed down to lick and suck and ohhhhh god…

"Ah, ah, hnn, god, so good, Lance, fuck," he huffed as his chest heaved. Although his eyes were squeezed tight as he focused just on the wet, hot pulse of Lance's tongue and lips against his flesh, when the dark teen hummed Pietro's eyes shot open. He looked down to lock eyes with the earthshaker, whose dark eyes boiled like black coffee. One of Lance's hands was jerking his own cock with hard, almost painful looking strokes.

"So hot…on your…knees," Pietro hissed as his hips worked into the drawing pull of Lance's mouth. "Dirty fucking…hnnnn…boy," he moaned. The hand on the other boy's shoulder scurried up to wind in his hair as Lance plunged down once more and hummed hard against his base, cutting off Pietro stream of babble.

Lance would make the smart mouthed mutant shut up if it was the last thing he did, although he did enjoy the dirty talk something fierce. But Pietro running his mouth meant he didn't have his FULL attention, something he rectified when he slid his free hand under the silver teens ball's and pressed into him once more.

Pietro's teeth clicked together and he bit his tongue at the lava hot wave of bliss that flooded through him from Lance's combined efforts. He banged his head back against the wall hard, unconscious of everything but the pressure threatening to boil over in him. His muscles tightened spastically, forcing his back into an improbable arch, when Lance's questing fingers hit him right therrrrrre.

Pietro lost complete control of his reactions when Lance pushed into him HARD at the same moment he sucked powerfully at the silver demon's tip. He surged into Lance's mouth and his knees buckled at his orgasm. The earthshaker moaned audibly as Pietro grabbed his head and ground into his face, pulsing in rapid fire bursts on his tongue and into the back of his throat. Lance's finger slipped out and wrapped his arms around the speedster's waist, holding him up and even close as he swallowed again and again around the throbbing, heavy shaft in his mouth. The contractions of his throat forced several harsh cries from Pietro's throat as the pale teen finally spent himself and slumped.

Lance gave him one last long slow suck that made the speedster groan weakly in over-sensitized pleasure, before he slid up his body to press him once more against the wall. The dark teen slanted his lips forcefully over Pietro's, muffling his weak protestations, as he stroked himself hard and fast, grinding his hips against his boyfriend's in desperation.

Pietro's initial protest died as he tasted himself on Lance's tongue, salty and hot, and he threw his arms around his neck, wanting only to bury himself in that their combined taste. Spicy smoke and sweat and everything that was Lance. So strong, powerful, reckless, and demanding. God, why'd he ever wanted anything else?

Pietro moaned into his mouth, a low wanton noise, as he snaked his own hand down to aid the other teen's, lacing his pale fingers between Lance's own and squeezing hard. Lance's thrust amazingly, painfully, forcefully into their combined grip for a few more second before he yanked his head back and moaned, "'Tro…'Tro…'Tro."

Pietro feasted his eyes greedily on Lance's face as the powerful mutant came undone, eyes rolling back and his teeth bared in fierce grimace. Pietro darted down to bite his chest hard and Lance snapped with a wild sound, almost animal as he came in sizzling hot spurts on their stomachs.

"Unn…unnn…GNNHHH!" he panted with each jerk, until he too slumped, going momentarily boneless and dragging the sliver speedster down with him to the floor.

Pietro lay in an insensate mess, halfway propped against the wall and the rest of him sprawled across Lance's sweaty torso. It took several long minutes for both of them to regain the power of speech and fine motor control.

"Y'know, Rockstar," Pietro sighed, still fuzzy with all the crazy tingles that kept darting across his skin unexpectedly. "You have to get a trim at least once a month to keep this cut tidy," He couldn't keep the stupid smile off his face as one dark hand lazily traced his sticky abs while he stroked his boyfriend's now hopelessly messy hair.

"Mmmmm, I can live with that," came the muffled voice from somewhere around his shoulder where a tongue was still licking sweat from his pale flesh. "Hmmmm…next time you won't have to use the garden hose, right?"

The idea had merit to Pietro but not in the way Lance was probably thinking. "Nah, next time you can just take shower beforehand." He slid the rest of the way down the wall to melt into one satisfied puddle of Pietro. "If you're nice, I might join you," he murmured.

"What if I'm really bad?" the dark mutant asked, lifting his head to slide his lips slowly across the speedster's, licking once, twice at the corner of his mouth, the gesture full of heated promise. Goosebumps broke across Pietro's skin once again and he shivered as Lance's lips parted to let his nimble tongue dance and twine with Pietro's own once more. When a tan, calloused hand slid up the inside of his thigh the speed demon grabbed it to stop its upward movement.

"Then we're taking a shower right fucking now!" he hissed. In a moment the bedroom was empty and the only noise heard was the hiss of the water and laughter.