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Also I do not own any of the characters, they belong to Bisco Haori, I do however claim rights to the pervy things I make the characters do in my story ;)

Onward with the Boy Love!

Chapter One: Solitary Pleasures

"Okaa-san!" Tamaki whined, "Tell our little girl to cover up! She's revealing too far much skin for the lascivious eyes of men walking around here with less than honorable intentions."

"You mean like you your Highness?" Hikaru chimed in, elbowing the blushing blonde, as he admired Haruhi's rather modest white one-piece bathing suit.

Haruhi rolled her eyes before pointing a thumb in the ocean behind her where a girl was running toward them in a bright red string bikini." Sempai, what about Renge-chan's swimsuit?"

Tamaki glanced at the French otaku and noted appreciatively how the thin material hugged the girl's curves before clearing his throat into his fist. "Renge-san is not my daughter. How she dresses is her own father's responsibility. Meanwhile you are my little girl and I cannot allow anyone to think such vile, impure thoughts about you!" he declared with a flourish, tears sparkling in his violet eyes.

"Ano I'm not really your-"

"Sempai if anyone is thinking impure thoughts right now, it's you. I bet you want to tie Haruhi up again. That's why you suggested we go to the beach during thunderstorm season." Hikaru snickered devilishly watching the Host King flush a bright scarlet as he proceeded to explode.

"Why you…" a string of French curses slipped through Tamaki's lips as he chased the arrogant Hitachiin down the white shoreline.

Meanwhile said 'Okaa-san' watched the scene unfurl in front of him with a sigh as he pressed his glasses higher onto the bridge of his nose. A tangy breeze tousled his raven locks as a mandarin sun slipped deeper into the rosy horizon. Kyouya stretched out on the blanket the group had laid out earlier, clad only in a pair of navy board shorts, slung low on his hips.

"Ne Kyou-chan, it's strange to not see you scribbling in that black notebook of yours with a calculating a grin on your face. In fact without it, you seem…"

"Seem what Kaoru?" Kyouya groaned in frustration as he turned to the younger Hitachiin brother sipping a soda beside him.

Kaoru paused for a minute to think, "Human." He finally decided with a grin.

"Teme," The third Ootori son muttered under his breath, "I'm not a soulless machine."

"Au contraire mon ami," Kaoru winked teasingly.

A shiver slid down the ebony-haired boy's spine as those familiar French words used to address him glided into his ears. Words that belonged only from the lips of a certain oblivious blonde boy.

"If I were you, I would save the sweet talk for Hikaru. Your brotherly love special has been losing its touch. We're losing customers." Kyouya glared at his redheaded kouhai.

To the boy's surprise, Kaoru did not return his comment with a snide remark. Instead his amber eyes turned to where his twin was splashing a laughing Haruhi as Tamaki argued with Renge, his face softening into a sad smile. "Hikaru's heart isn't in it anymore. He has somebody else into whose ear he would rather whisper sweet nothings. The time has finally come where I'm no longer his whole world." Kaoru lowered his face so that his auburn bangs concealed his eyes before adding. "Sometimes I don't even think I'm a part of his world at all anymore. I've been replaced."

Instead of answering him, Kyouya watched as Haruhi placed her hand on Tamaki's arm. She smiled at the blonde and whatever she said to him appeared to dispel the argument between him and Renge.

'You're not the only one who has been replaced' The Shadow King thought. But surely this was to be expected. He and Tamaki had been best friends for four years now, it was only time before one of them fell in love with a girl. Except Kyouya hadn't been planning on falling for the moron who thought everyone in Japan always ate at a kotatsu. But then wasn't he the bigger fool for loving such an idiot?

"Kyou-ya! Mon ami!" Kyouya snapped out of his reverie to see the object of his affections running towards him. He couldn't but flush at the sight of blonde hair dripping with rivulets of water that trickled suggestively down the King's tan chest towards the waistline of his cerulean board shorts with a white floral patten. The Shadow King only had a moment to catch his breath before he was enclosed into a tight embrace as Tamaki rubbed his cheek against his. "Bravo Kyou-ya! Only you could find us a quiet place for a vacation at the last second! Bra-vo! Mon ami!"

"Baka you could show your appreciation without choking me to death." Kyouya struggled to calmly remove the other boy without giving away the fact that having Tamaki's warm, bare chest pressed against his was on the verge of giving him a raging hard-on.

"Hai, hai gomen ne Okaa-san" Tamaki released his best friend with a sunny grin. He threw Kyouya a wink before running back towards the ocean.

Kyouya stared after him, trying not be seduced by the slight sway of the blonde's slender hips and pert backside only to fail miserably.

"You've got it bad."

"I beg your pardon?" Kyouya stiffened as he challenged the younger Hitachiin brother with an icy glare.

Kaoru arched his eyebrow, "Sunburn, your face is turning a bright pink. You better slather on some sunscreen unless you want to become a lobster and Haruhi decides you would make a tasty meal."

"I'm not burning I just-"


"Forget it I'm heading back to the house to take a shower and change." Kyouya snapped, collecting his towel and shoes before storming towards the beachfront mansion his family owned.

Kaoru managed to wait until Kyouya had stormed out of earshot before he burst out laughing. "Who does the Shadow King think he's fooling? It's so obvious he has the hots for our dense blonde Frenchman." The Hitachiin boy ran his fingers through his hair as he mused over his newfound realization. "Ah well as much as I would like to help Kyou-kun, Tamaki's infatuation with Haruhi is the only thing holding Hikaru back. I don't know if I'm ready to let him go just yet." Kaoru laid back and closed his eyes trying to chase the vision of Hikaru wrapping his pale arms around him as their lips met out of his head.

"Oi Kaoru. What happened to Kyouya?" The redhead opened an eye to see Tamaki drying his hair with a towel.

"He went back to the house a few minutes ago."

"Oh, all right. I wanted to ask him about dinner. Ah I'll just go up too then to talk to him." Tamaki answered as he grabbed his sunglasses and shirt.

"Ano Sempai, I think he's in the shower."

"So? We're both guys it's not like there's anything weird between us. Maybe I'll surprise him. Yeah that's what I'll do. There's nothing I love more than getting a rise out of the epitome of Mr. Cool and Collected."

Kaoru snorted, "Trust me Tamaki nobody gets a rise out of Kyouya like you do." Tamaki just blinked, a confused expression on his face before shrugging and strolling back towards the mansion. "Ah well this should be interesting." Kaoru muttered to himself.

"What should be interesting?" Kaoru glanced up to see his twin plop down beside him.

"Nothing. Where are the girls?"

"Oh they decided to go for a walk. Something about having 'private girl time alone.' Whatever that means." Hikaru grumbled, obviously peeved to have not been included.

Kaoru chuckled, "you know Hikaru, you're really cute when you're feeling jealous."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but pass me a soda would you?"

"Hai, hai." Kaoru reached into the cooler before handing his older brother a coke, relishing that moment that their fingers met. The skin contact set a string of sparks traveling through the boy's veins, but Hikaru appeared to notice nothing as he stared longingly after the two girls walking into the sunset.

'If only he would look at me like that.'

************* Meanwhile, back at the Ootori beach residence****************

"I can't take this anymore" Kyouya grumbled to himself as he passed by the maids and butler without a second glance towards the room he would be sharing with Tamaki. As per agreement, he and Tamaki would share a room, the twins another room, and the final room had been reserved for the girls since only three rooms had been available at the last minute. His father was paying to have the other rooms receive their annual fresh coat of paint and series of redecorating.

He passed by the bed he would be sharing with Tamaki that night and felt a rush of blood head south to his groin as a string of unwanted images passed through his mind. He quickly headed into the bathroom and turned on the shower

"Kami, how am I going to be able to bear being around him at this rate?" Kyouya groaned as he yanked off his bathing suit, scowling at his already leaking erection.

As he stepped into the shower, steam billowed around him in a moist embrace. Images of water dripping down the V of Tamaki's hipbones towards his crotch assaulted the raven-haired boy's mind leading him to unconsciously reach down and squeeze his swollen length.

"Ohh" a soft moan escaped Kyouya's lips. He had to have more. He had shut the door to the bathroom right? He had locked it right? Another jolt of pleasure shot through the usually refined boy's groin as he moaned again. In that moment he didn't care if his father's entire police force walked in on him, Kyouya Ootori was horny as hell and needed to come – now!

He closed his eyes to see Tamaki standing there in the shower with him, gorgeously naked:

"Ne Kyou-ya that's quite a big problem you have there. Would you like me to take of it for you?" Tamaki closed the distance between them pressing his body flush against the dark-haired boy so that Kyouya could feel the other boy's erection against his abdomen.

"Would you like me to suck your cock dry?"

"Tamaki, don't…Ahh" The blonde smirked as he curled his fingers around the other boy's length, warm water streaming down both of their lithe frames." Don't be shy now. You know you love when I whisper naughty things to you Kyouya, you pervert. And you know I'm willing to do anything for you. You only have to do one thing for me" Tamaki whispered into his lover's ear before trailing kisses down his neck.

"Iie, I-I won't." Kyouya stammered through a haze of lust.

"Oh au contraire mon cheri, I think you will." Tamaki murmured sensuously as his hand slid up and down the other boy's shaft, gradually increasing pressure and tempo but never enough to let his stubborn lover experience relief.

"Kuso Suou…Ahh s-stop teasing m-me!" Kyouya threw back his head and gasped, his entire body aflame with unsatisfied desire.

"Now mon cheri, you know what I want." Tamaki said as he nibbled the other's ear while gyrating his hips against the other boy. "Beg me to suck you."

"Ahh…Damnit it all…"

"Hmm?" Tamaki teased, staring into his lover's eyes with mischievous violet wells of passion.

"Ohh…Onegai…Onegai Tamaki!"

"Very well…as you wish my love" Tamaki kneeled down before Kyouya

As Tamaki entered the Ootori residence, he asked a passing maid if she had seen Kyouya.

"Ah Master Kyouya went up to the room you two are sharing. It's on the third floor, fourth door to the right."

"Arigatou hime." Tamaki smiled as he kissed her hand, before taking off up the stairs, as the woman blushed, red hearts throbbing in her eyes.

As he drew closer to the room he heard the sound of water running.

'Perfect! Now's my chance to play a prank on Kyou-kun!'

Tamaki crept silently towards the bathroom. He snuck through the half-open bathroom door. Smiling at the faint dark shadow of his friend in the shower, he was about to reach toward the curtain, pull it aside and demand "Okaa-san why are you showering without me?" when a faint sound stopped him. He froze, unsure if his ears were deceiving him when he heard another muffled moan coupled with labored breathing.

'Is he? No he couldn't be…this is Kyouya, the epitome of self-control and self-discipline. There is no way he would be jacking off with the door open in the early evening and people all over the house.'

A particularly sensual moan confirmed that indeed Kyouya Ootori was jacking off with the door open in the early evening and people all over the house. Tamaki blushed as the dark figure in the shower changed his position so that the blonde could see a blurred hand moving up and down while the owner of that hand and those delicious moans threw his head back in passion. It was without a doubt the most erotic thing Tamaki had ever seen and he felt his body responding to his own embarrassment.

'I should leave…I shouldn't be standing here getting all hot and bothered because my best friend needs to…relieve some tension.'

At that moment Tamaki heard Kyouya say something he never thought he'd hear him say:

"Ohh…Onegai…Onegai Tamaki!"

A shot of aching desire pulsed through Tamaki at the sound of his name. Never in his most elaborate fantasy had Haruhi or any other girl moaned his name in such a wanton way. And begging him too? What in the world could Kyouya Ootori want him to do?

"Ahh..f-fuck me…Onegai…Tamaki"

Tamaki almost came then and there without even touching himself. In the four years he knew the boy, he had never, ever heard Kyouya Ootori say "Fuck" and he had to admit it was the hottest thing ever especially with the "me" attached. In that moment he didn't he even care whether or not it was right, if Kyouya had asked him he would have gladly fucked him.

'Kuso…I need to leave before he finds me painfully hard all because I caught him masturbating'

At this moment Tamaki was too far gone to even question what Kyouya's calling his name while masturbating meant. He stiffly crept out of the bathroom before dashing into the nearest other room he could find. He locked the door and quickly stuck his hand into bathing suit and wrapped it around his throbbing length. After a few hard tugs, Tamaki moaned as streams of cum stained his bathing suit. A few minutes later when he regained his senses, a feeling of horror sunk in.

'Kami did I really just get off to my best friend who was getting off while moaning my name? What the hell does that mean?'

mw: Ohohoho why yes Tama-chan you just did!

Kyouya: Keh why did you make me out to be such a perv? And me beg him to screw me? Everyone knows I'm seme.

mw:Ah well you're so uptight, I think the idea of watching you come completely undone is very sexy. Tama-chan don't you agree?

Tamaki: I can't believe that happened...0_0

Kyouya: he's still rendered speechless by your story. Oh and how come Kaoru gets to be all cool and angsty and I have to get all hot and...

mw: Yes Kyou-chan?

Kyouya: Never mind *sweat drop*

mw: Well actually you and Tamaki are supposed to be the main couple in my story, but if any readers are interested in some Hitachiincest then by all means I won't hold back.

Tamaki: Have you no shame? Oh the horror!

mw: Eh not really. So readers what did you think? have I lost my touch in writing fics? Oh I guess I should mention this is the first slash I've actually written. Well except my friend was writing a Yugioh fanfic and I wrote the lemon for her final chapter since she couldn't bear to write any smut xD That and I've only written one other lemon. Nevertheless I've read enough over the years to know what I find hot. Hopefully you will too. Clicky the pretty purple button if you think I should write more! Also let me know if the french or japanese bits confuse you. I love how Tamaki calls Kyouya "Mon ami" in the anime (My friend) and sooo I added "Mon cheri" (My darling) 3