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Kairi: aRiKa-chan doesn't own Shugo Chara. If she did, Amu-chan and Ikuto-san would be married and have kids right now.

Amu: WHAT?

~~cHaPtEr 8: Outing part 3~~


"Wanna go spy on the girls?" Ikuto said with a smirk.

The four nodded.

*Recap end*

~After a few minutes~

The boys went down to the beach to see the girls giggling and they're in their swimsuits.

Amu was wearing a baby pink bikini. The top was with a strawberry keychain hanging on the middle of the chest area, and the bottom was with a thin powder pink skirt with a slit on the right side that was tied in a ribbon at the side, which stop above her knees. The butterfly necklace was hanging on her neck.

Rima was wearing a two piece bikini. The top was orange and backless. The bottom was black and was loosely tied. It looks like it was going to fall if wasn't for the orange with black stripes liner on her hips.

Utau was wearing a purple bikini. The top's straps were crossed on her back, it was connected to the bottom half by a spider web-like net that crosses from her waist to near her booty. The bottom was light purple that was covered by a black net like skirt.

Chiu was wearing polkadotted bathing suit. The top was a peach tankini while her bottom was shorts that stop at halfway through her thigh. Woah! Talk about short.

Lulu was wearing a red violet bathing suit. The top was strapless with crisscrossing strings securing the top. The bottom was red with a bat shadow printed on the booty and it has a bat keychain swinging from her left.

Max was wearing a one piece. It was peach pink with a bear printed on the chest.

Arika was wearing a pink one piece with a powder pink tutu.

Eri was wearing the same but it was blue and the tutu was baby blue.

Nana was wearing a black one piece with a skull print on the chest.

Mikasa was wearing a rainbow colored bathing suit with white polka dots.

Aya was wearing a shimmer pink sundress. She's not a big fan of swimming after all. She was reading a book about the red string that connects a person to his/her soulmate.

Yaya was wearing a yellow bathing suit with the word "CUTE BABY" printed on the chest.

Misaki was nowhere in sight, since she was sleeping in her room.

Tsukasa was wearing a gray bathing suit with the words "TOUGH GIRL ON THE LOOSE" written on the chest.

Nadeshiko was wearing a pinkish white bathing suit with flowers printed all over the front.

"Ah I can't take it." Kazuki said

"Let's go." Tadase said.

"..before they even notice we're here." Kukai said

"What will happen?" Kazuki said

"Err…let's just say we'll be beaten to a pulp." Kukai said

Nagi shivered "I know what you mean."

"Well, let's go. Hey Ikuto-san, c'mon." Kazuki said

Ikuto was sleeping on the beach.

"Hey, Ikuto nya~ Let's go." Yoru said

"A few more minutes…" Ikuto said

"No, chara change!" Yoru said as a blue tail and cat ears appeared on Ikuto.

"Let's go to the room." Yoru said

"Hai." Ikuto drowsily said

The boys left.

~At one side of the beach~

"Hey guys, what do you think of Kazuki-kun?" Lulu said

"Kazuki-nii?" Chiu asked

"Yes." Lulu said

"Well, he's smart, sweet, protective and helpful in every way. Sometimes, he can be a little irritating but it's his way of having fun, other than that, he's all good." Chiu explained.

"Really? Arigato gozaimasu, Chiu-san." Lulu said

"No need to be formal, Chiu is just fine." Chiu said

"Ok, Chiu." Lulu said

Chiu smiled. The two went to where the others were.

~At a fifteen seater table at the drink store~

"Takeshi." Rima called

"Nani, Rima-sama?" Takeshi, a waiter, said

"Hey guys, what would you like?" Rima said

"Err…we're underage." Amu said

"Does it matter? We're the only people here, other than staff, that is." Rima said

"Ok then, I'll have a strawberry margherita please." Amu said

"I'll have campari curacao." Rima said

"Applejack calvados, please?" Tsukasa said.

"Amaretto crème de noyaux for me." Max said

"Frangelico for me." Utau said

"Minttu with lemons." Chiu said

"Krupnik for me." Aya said

"Crème de cacao, please." Lulu said

"How about you?" Amu said to those who didn't order. (Nadeshiko, Nana, Mikasa, Yaya, Arika, Eri, and Misa.)

"Mikasa, Nana, Arika, Eri and Yaya are too young to drink. They'll get drunk easily." Chiu said

"How about Nadeshiko and Misa?" Utau said

"Sorry, but I tried drinking once and it caused me a week of headaches. I'm so sorry." Misa said.

"I don't drink." Nadeshiko said

"Whatever you say, that's all. Put it on my tab" Rima said

"Right away." Takeshi said

~After a few minutes…~

Their orders arrived.

"Arigato." Amu said

"Ne, what do you think the boys will say if they knew we're drinking?" Chiu said, sipping on her minttu.

"They'll do nothing, they know the consequences if they did." Rima said.

~After a few more rounds~

Amu was tipsy.

Rima has her eyes halfway closed.

Utau was muttering "He's so stupid.". Probably talking about Kukai

Chiu was singing.

Aya was about to remove her top if it wasn't for her sis.

Lulu was saying "Kazuki, please do anything to me.". Nana's eyes widened after hearing this.

Max was on the floor knocked out.

Tsukasa was still drinking.

"Hmm…Mikasa, let's do it." Nana said

Mikasa agreed.

They touched their older sisters' necklaces and the two transformed into animals. Chiu turned into a white shi tsu while Aya turned into a black cat.

"Nadeshiko-chan, please don't tell." Misa said

"Sure." Nadeshiko said

Uh-oh, they're into a bad night.

aRiKa: that was chapter 8.

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gEnEvIeVe: uh-oh, this is not good.

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Ikuto: no, really?

yAn-yAn: just read the next chappie.

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Ikuto: *smirks*

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