"So, do you plan on staying the night?" Arthur asked his boyfriend as he attempted to cook dinner.

"Yeah, sure. I certainly wouldn't want to miss your fabulous dinner," Alfred said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

Arthur made a face and replied with, "Well, if you need to borrow pajamas, you can find a shirt in the top drawer, and pants in the one beneath that." Alfred kissed the side of his forehead with a grin before walking into to the bedroom.

Alfred walked over to the ornate dresser sitting across from Arthur's bed. He grinned when he saw the miniature unicorn sitting on the corner. No matter how many times Alfred came over, he would never stop finding Arthur's fascination with mythical creatures amusing.

He opened the drawer, reaching towards the back for a shirt when his hand came across something that was definitely not clothing. With his curiosity spiked, he pulled it out, but only after casting a quick glance towards the door to ensure Arthur wasn't coming.

What he pulled out was a picture of him. He was lying in Arthur's bed, pillow hugged tightly to his chest, a little bit of drool coming from his mouth that was slightly open, and hair going in every single direction.

"When did he take this?" Alfred said to himself.

"When did who take what?" He whirled around to see Arthur standing there, drying his hands on a towel. He froze when he noticed the picture in Alfred's hand.

"W-where did you find that?" Arthur spluttered as he blushed furiously and tried to snatch it out of Alfred's hands. But Alfred, being the taller man, easily kept it out of his reach.

"In the back of the drawer," Alfred replied with a smirk.

"Well, give it back you bloody git!" Arthur tried to sound mad, but all he could do when he looked into Alfred's eyes was smile.

"Nope," Alfred said with a wink while popping the 'p'.

When Arthur lunged for the picture again, Alfred swiftly moved to the side, setting the picture on the dresser and pinning the Englishman against the dresser, preventing him from moving. He swiftly kissed his cheek, making Arthur blush even more, if that was even possible.

"Why'd you try and hide it?" Alfred restrained himself from laughing at Arthur's expression- but just barely. It was truly a Kodak moment with his eyes wide and face a nice shade of red. In response, Arthur just mumbled a bunch of nonsense.

"What's that? I didn't quite catch that," Alfred said in a teasing tone. Arthur made a face at him.

"You know, you like to try and act all manly, but you're just a big softie," Alfred said lovingly.

"Sod off," Arthur muttered, his face still that same deep shade of red, while pushing on Alfred's chest.

"Not a chance." Alfred swooped down and kissed the unexpecting Arthur.