The second chance

AN: This is it people. I have made a little thinking and decided to write a fic, where Near has a change of heart and saves Matty and Mello. It contains gore, violence and romance,too. Further MxMxN threesome and a lemon along with some limes on the way. Don't like, don't read. No flamers allowed! Now, enjoy reading :D

Near stared at the monitor blankly. Someone (and he had an idea who) was currently chased by Takada's men. They were close to the SPK. Near stood up. "Lindner, Gevanni. I'm counting on you." "Leave it to us." They left. The albino teen put a bullet-proof vest on and hid it behind his oversized white shirt. "Rester, let's go as well." The man only nodded. They went to the top floor of the building and there was a helicopter waiting for them. Rester sat on the pilot seat and Near right behind him. He started the engine and they flew. Near twirled his hair. He had a plan and it must succeed, or else… Then Lindner called him. "Sir, we are ready. Give us the signal whenever you want."

"Okay." Near looked down and found what they were looking for. "Rester, over there." He pointed at a big car bloccade and a single red car in the centre. Near opened the door on the helicopter. A red-headed man just now got out from the car. He held his hands up. "Hey,gimme a break. Since when do Japanese carry around such big guns? You're right. I'm a part of this whole kidnapping. So, that means you'll have a lot of questions to ask. You won't – "

"NOW!" Near yelled in the microphone. Suddenly a smoke exposed the whole scene. Rester descended the heli to the ground. Near jumped down and went straight to Matt. "Matt! Come on! This isn't the right time to standing around here!" Matt looked at the shadowy figure in front of him. It couldn't be? Near took his hand and dragged him to the heli. The smoke was wearing off. "Who did that! I can't see anything!" Said a bodyguard. "Someone came to his rescue! Quick! The ones who are running! It must be them! SHOOT!" Said their leader. When they were almost in, they shooted like crazy. Near, as alarm as ever, pushed Matt inside the helicopter and the bullets hit him. One by one. Because he had the vest on,nothing happened, but Matt didn't know about it." NEAR!" The smoke wore off. Near was standing there and waiting. "Did we get one of them?" Asked one of Takada's men. "No, you haven't. Better luck next time!" And he jumped in and closed the door. Rester immediatelly took off. The bodyguards were so shocked, that they didn't bother to shoot anymore.

"Good job, sir." Rester said proudly. "Thank you, Rester. You, Lindner and Gevanni have done a good job as well." From the microphone came laughts. "Thank you, sir." "It's an honor." Matt was speechles. He only stared at the back of Near, untill he ragained his voice again. "Why did you save me?" Matt asked, nervous. Near turned around and looked into Matt's green eyes. "That is not important right now. Where is Mello?" Matt bit his lower lip. „I can't say that. I reckon if I have told you, he would kill me for sure. Why do you want to know where he is?" Near sighed. "I want to save Mello,too. I know what are Takada and Kira planning." Matt's jawbone dropped. "But, but why? We never were good to you! Mello hates you! I'm his best friend.! So why are you doing all of this?" Near was silent. Matt shook with him. Near hissed a little. Matt's eyes widened. "You're bleeding!" Near hold his left arm. "It's not important right now. Where is Mello?" Matt looked at him, then he sighed.

"Okay, I give up. He's at the old church far away in the Aoba sector." Near played with his hair. "Rester." "Right. I'm on it." He turned southwest. In the heli was complete silence. In five minutes, they were on the place. Rester flew down again. Matt wanted to go, too, but Near stopped him with a hand on his chest. "What? I can't go?" Matt questioned. Near shook his head. "No, I didn't save you just to get killed now. Please wait here, until I return with Mello." Matt only stared at him in disbelief, then he sat, arms crossed. "Fine, do whatever you want. But Mello won't be so easy to trust you like me." Near took a gun from a bag next to him. "I'm aware of that, but I still have to try." And he got out and ran to the abandoned building. "Tssk, who does he think he is?" Matt spitted out. Rester answered after a while. "A good, caring person." Matt looked at Near's back. When did he change so much?

|| Inside the church||

The albino teen looked around. Such a vast place. It was perfect for kidnapping. As much as Near knew the blonde( and he knew him too well), he would be holding her prisoner in the furthest room possible. Near ran through the hallway, gun ready. He reached the last room and heard voiced. One belonged to Takada and of course, Mello. "Now, give me your clothes." Said Mello. Near heard a small whimper. "Couls you give me blanket over there, when I put down my lat things?" Takada sounded shaken in fear. Near heard enough. He angrily opened the door. The room revealed a shocked Mello and paralyzed Takada. Mello's jawbone dropped, just like Matt's.

"NEAR?" What-!" Near cut him off by pointing his gun at Takada. "Mello, don't give her the blanket. In her bra,she has a piece of Death Note and a needle. She is just waiting for a oppoturnity." Takada's eyes widened. How did he know? She measured her chances. It is for sure that one of them will shoot her, soon after she begins to write, but she had no other option now, did she? She had to kill Mello under any costs. Takada laughed. "Ohh, what makes you so sure of it? But, you know, you should have… KILLED ME WHEN YOU COULD!" She pulled out the needle, the piece of the note and wrote like crazy. Near shot her in the chest. She fell to the ground, dead. Mello was frozen in shock. Near, that same Near from Wammy's just killed someone. The albino stepped closer to Takada's body and took the piece of paper from her hand. Mello simply looked at him, unable to say nor do something. Near gave it to the blonde. "Here it is." Mello stared at it. Mihael Kee. Only two more letters and he would be dead by now. Near twirled his hair, like always.

"You, Near, YOU just saved me." Mello said. "Yes." Near replied. "But don't think that I owe you anything! I'm not-" Near put his gun away and approached the blonde. He took Mello's gun away , back in blonde's pocket. "You are not in my debt. I did it, because I wanted to." Mello clenched his hands in anger. "But, but why? I hate you! You're my rival!" Near looked into his blue eyes. "I don't hate you. And you're not my rival."Mello had enough. He shook with him, just like Matt. Near hissed again in pain. Mello's eyes scanned his left arm. "You're bleeding!" Near smiled. WAIT, Near SMILED? Are we talking about the same guy? "It does't hurt that much. I got it, when I saved Matt." Mello's eyes widened a bit. "Wait, you saved Matt as well? But why?" Near didn't respond. "God dammit, answer me!" Near turned to leave. "Matt and Rester are waiting. Let's go." Mello groned in anger. "Still thinking of commanding me." He said under his nose. Near couldn't help, but to smile.

|| Outside the building||

A very worried Matt hugged them, when they got out from that creepy old church. "Guys! I'm so happy that you're okay!" Mello and Near smiled at him. "I'm fine, but Near isn't." Matt let go of them and observed the albino's wounded arm. "Oh, no! It's gotten worse! I must threat it. That's the least I can do for saving me and Mello." Near twirled his hair. "If you insist. I have first aid in the helicopter." The three of them got in. Rester greeted Near happily.

"Welcome back, Near." Near sat on the seat, Mello and Matt did the same. "Thank you." Near took the microphone. "Lindner, Gevanni. The mission was a to the headquarters." They sighed in sheer relief."Yes, sir." "We'll be waiting. We wish you godspeed." Rester took off and headed straight back to SPK. Mello and Matt looked at him. Matt came back to reality. "Okay, now show me your left arm." Near pulled off his white shirt along with the bullet-proof vest. Both Mello and Matt blushed a little. Near gave to Matt the med kit and stared at them. Matt regained his mind back and slowly touched the place near the wound. Near whimpered softly."Hmm. You're lucky. The bullet only scretched your arm. Mello, I'll need your help." Mello glared at him. "With what?" "You'll have to hold Near's arm while I desinficate it. Near, this will hurt. Are you ready?" "Yes." Near replied. Mello moved closer to Near,like Matt. The albino closed his eyes. Mello gently hold his arm. Matt took out a bottle filled with alcohol and some bandages. Near waited. Rester's eyes were focused on the strange scene reflecting in the mirror. The red headed man put some alcohol on a piece of cloth from med kit and pressed it slowly on the wound. The pain caused Near to open his eyes again. He looked at Matt, then at Mello and then at both of them. The intensity of his gaze caused them to blush again. HOWEVER, this time, Near SAW their blushed. Mello quickly out the window and Matt rathet looked at what he's doing. He finished desinfication in no time. Then he wrapped the bandage around Near's arm. He did the knit and Mello released him.

The albino looked at his bandaged arm. His lips formed a smile. "Thank you, both." Matt and Mello smiled back. "You're welcome." The blonde noticed his extreme closeness to both of them and pulled away a little. Sure, he knew that he had feelings for Matt, but for Near, too? The said albino put his shirt on. Since when? "We're back." Rester said with one eyebrow raised. Mello used his chance and got out as first. Matt came after him , then that guy Rester and as last Near. Matt and Mello stood there. Near avoided their gazes this time. "Please, stay here in SPK headquarters. It's dangerous to go out, they're looking for you all over the place." Mello walked closer to the albino. "I'm grateful for saving me, but you can't command me like I'm someone from your team. I don't intend to join forces with you. Matt, it's time to go."

The blonde turned away and walked a bit. The red head looked at Near, then at Mello. He hesitated to go with Mello for a moment. Then he walked over to the blonde. They were only one step from the exit, when Near surprised them, again. "Please, stay with me. I don't want to see you get killed." They turned around.,confused looks on their faces. WHAT THE FUCK? Is Near really BEGGING them to stay? "Then, say. Why did you save us?" Matt questioned. Near looked at the ground. "I, I don't know yet. That's why I want you two to stay." Mello sighed. "Okay. I'll stay. What about you, Matt?" He turned his head to red head. "Sure, why not? Besides, this place is so cool!" Matt giggled. Mello patted him on the shoulder and laughed.

But wait, what made him so happy? Maybe Near's change. Rester coughed. "Well, now that everything is settled, let me guide you to your rooms." They simply nodded and walked to the stairs. On the fisrt stair, Mello turned around, Matt too." You're not going in?" Near smiled at them. "Yes, but I want to stay here for a while. I'll go in later. Just go on ahead." Matt put his hands in the pockets. "Okay. See ya." And they went on. Near looked to the sky. Thank you, L. He thought with a wide smile on his face.

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