Difference between words like and love

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"It's time." His team looked very serious. Near got in the elevator together with Halle, Rester and Gevanni. He remembered his "quarrel" from yesterday.


Matt, Mello and Near were in Near's room. "Why the hell can't we go with you? " Mello asked while Matt nervously walked around. Near played with his hair and avoided Mello's gaze.

"Dammit! Look at me when I'm speaking with you, Near!" Near sighed. He knew this would come. He lifted his head and looked straight into those sapphires." I would like, if you stopped to use those vulgar words in front of me."

"And I would like you to answer me." Matt stopped and gazed at Near. "The thing is that I don't want you two to see get killed. I already said that. You two are everything to me. My life. Do you get it? "

"Yeah. We're… WHAT!" Matt's eyes extended. Near felt himself turn bright- red. Oh, CRAP. Mello stared at him, his cheeks becoming a little pink. Near. Has. Just. Confessed. To. Them. Well, he didn't say that he loves them, but hey, it's almost the same. Or not?

Near turned around to hide his blush. To no avail. Two pairs of hands embraced him. He felt Matt's red silky hair and Mello's blonde soft hair on his cheeks. The kisses followed. On his delicate smooth neck. Matt bit him teasingly. "Oooh! M- Matt!" Near groaned. Mello wanted to leave a mark on his body, too. The blonde bit him, but from the opposite side. "Aaah! Mello!" Near bit his lips and escaped from their reach, panting. He pointed at them. "Matt. Mello. What I said is true. BUT, you're only trying to convince me to change my mind. I WON'T DO IT under those conditions."

Matt's deep green eyes sparkled, when he and Mello stepped so close to Near, that the albino blushed again. That's not good. Every time he looks at them, he is lost. Mello licked his cheek and Matt licked his ear. "WHO said it's because of Kira?" Mello questioned. Matt shook his head." Yeah. YOU triggered it. YOUR delicate skin, YOUR thin waist, YOUR cuteness, not to mention YOUR orgasmic voice." Near's eyes widened in shock. However he quickly regained himself. He looked at them.

"So, you say that I have fine skin, thin waist, that I'm cute and I have or-orgasmic voice?" He asked, his voice shaking. Matt took the iniciative. He pulled Near closer and kissed him. "Don't make me repeat myself. It's true. Right, Mello?" Said blonde played with button on red head's jeans. "That's correct. Your voice when you're having an orgasm is very sweet." He smirked- "Hell, even sweeter than my chocolate." Near's face was crimson red.

They're talking about sex like it's a common thing to talk . It's already normal. Now they're his lovers. Lovers… Matt stole his lips once again. Mello kissed down the line between Matt's neck and shoulder. Red head moaned a little in the kiss. Near felt warm hands underneath his oversized shirt. Matt's and Mello's . He felt hot, very like the first time he gave in their tempting eyes. Near got rid of the shirt and they had a better access to his chest now. He closed his eyes for a moment. So…so… He didn't find the words which would describe his sensations, as he felt Matt's skilled( from the gaming?) hands running down his tummy and Mello's skilled( from chocolate?) tongue teasing him on his nipples. It was too much for poor albino to handle. "Nnnngh! Please Matt! You too, Mello! Stop teasing me! I, I can't take it anymore!" Matt sucked on his own bite mark from earlier. Near moaned quietly.

"So, tell do you want?"Matt licked his earlobe. Near shivered in anticipation. "I want…" Red head bit him one more time on the same spot. Near had enough. "Oooooh! I want Matt deep inside me!" Mello laughed and Matt grinned."Why didn't you say so earlier, my sweetheart?" Near ignored the fact that he was called sweetheart and helped Matt to get rid of his clothing. Mello already took care of his clothes and was completely exposed, waiting for them. Now the only one so-dressed was Near. Both Matt and Mello took their sweet time in taking off albino's pants and then his boxers. Then Near remembered something.

He went to his dresser desk and pulled out a little bottle of oil."I stole it from Gevanni's room and kept it hidden in case I'll ever need it." Mello and Matt came to him, their members sticking highly up. Near felt himself blush as he stared at their erections and his own member was already sticking with pre-cum. Near slowly bent down and poured some oil on Matt's member. His hands were shaking. Matt patted him softly on his head.

"It's okay, Near. I'm gonna make you feel sooo good." Near only nodded and added some extra oil. When he was done Matt took the bottle from him and poured some of it on his hands. He wanted to stretch him out. As if Near read his mind, he put his arms around Matt's neck." You don't have to. I want to feel you as you fill me." Matt smiled." Okay. But what about my hands?" Mello touched Matt's bare chest."Matt." Red head looked in his blue eyes and understood. He bent down and worked his fingers up and down blonde's member. Near was begginning to feel impatient. He kissed Matt's collar bone and touched his cock.

Matt hissed and finished his preparing. He laughed wryly."Whoa. Someone's here very horny." Near was sexually frustrated. "M-Matt!" He only smiled and stood up."Okay. I'm on it." Near looked at him, then at Mello. "I trust you both with my body and soul." Mello gave him a smirk. "Right." Matt gently turned albino around and Mello stood behind the red head. Matt put his hands around Near's waist and slowly shoved inside that hot, tight hole, which was Near's ass. "Ouch." Albino winced in pain. Red head kissed him apologetically. "I'm sorry. Just endure it and then-!" Matt closed his eyes, when Mello entered him. He was somewhere between pain and pleasure. "You okay, Matt?" The blonde asked in a seductive voice.

"Uh-huh." Mello began to thrust in a slow moaned. This time from entirely pleasure. Then Near hissed in agony. " Wait! Mello! Near is still adjusting!" Said albino turned his head to Matt. He managed to conjure a weak smile, holding tears back." I'm fine now. Could you please move?" Matt raised his eyebrow in worry." Are you sure?" Near slightly nodded. Matt however didn't move an inch. Mello felt that he needed to take charge. He fastened his pace and thus resulted in Matt thrusting in and out of albino. Red head began to pump Near's member in time of thrusting.

Now the only sounds in room were loud moans and the sound of flesh bouncing against flesh. As first came Matt, due to his pleasuring Near and his own pleasure as Mello pounded in his sweet spot. "Oh, God…" He released his semen in Near's entrance. However he thrusted further so that Near could come,too. Albino came a minute later, his orgasm splashing on his and Matt's chest. Mello felt his end. With the final thrust he released his seed inside Matt's ass. The blonde slipped out of Matt and he got out of Near. Matt looked at his hands drenched in Near's semen. Then Near gently took his hands and licked it all up.( He really likes to use his tongue, right?) After he was done, he looked up at them. "Thank you. I really feel sooo much better." Mello smirked and picked him up from the floor in bridal style.

"Who said it's already over? We're far from done. This is just the beginning." Matt only laughed as Mello put Near on the bed and kissed him. Matt joined them after he laughed his ass out. This is going to be a long day…


After their "conversation" , Matt and Mello agreed to stay in the SPK headquarters. But only under one condition. If even a slighest hint of possible danger would appear, Near MUST shoot that bastard, Kira. Mello gave him hi s beloved gun in order to do so, if it's needed.

|| 1 hour later, in an old warehouse||

Near stared emotionlessly at the man, which he hated the most. He killed L, his mentor, his idol. He almost killed Matt and Mello. His lovers. He can't never forgive him. Light Yagami. Kira.

Near was sitting on the cold floor, surrounded by his team and that bastard by the task force. They all waited. For Mikami to appear. Seconds ran, when finally Near heard a pen writing behind the door. His moment has come. He clenched Mello's gun in his pocket.

"Teru Mikami, did you write down the names?" Kira asked.

"Yes, I have." Came after a while the reply. Near looked at the door. "If that is true, then you have nothing to fear. You can join us here then." Near stated.

"Yes, there is no more danger for you. Come inside." Kira said, laughter holding back. The door quickly opened and revealed a tall man with dark hair and he was holding the Death Note.

"How many seconds has it been since you wrote down the fistr name?" Kira questioned. Mikami maniacally looked at his watch.

"35,36,37,38,39…" Kira turned his head to Near.

"Well, Near. It looks like I win." "40!" Mikami yelled.

Matsuda form the task force and everyone else except Kira nad Near closed their eyes and waited for the end. Seconds ran and ran forth. Nothing happened. Everyone opened their eyes in confusion. Matsuda stared at his hands.

"A minute has passed and we're still alive."

"Of course. I already told you it won't work. I exchanged the notebook. The real one is here in my possesion." Near pulled out from his shirt the killer notebook, Death Note. Kira's face was shocked, priceless. He was horrified.

Near smiled at Light and played with his hair. "You see Kira. When I and Mello work together, we can surpass L. Thanks to Mello I was able to get the last piece of puzzle in it's place."

Light took a few steps behind. He pointed at Near, his eyes tripple their size. "It's all made up! Yes! He all set it up, so he can abuse me!" Aizawa, another man from task force put his hand on Light's shoulder. "Give it up, Light. We all heard when you said that you have won." Rester and Gevanni stepped closer to Light. When they almost put the handcuffs on his wrists, he snapped totally. He ran away from them. His eyes burning in madness.

"Yes, THAT'S RIGHT. I'M KIRA. But think a little before you arrest me. Thanks to me, crimes all over the world have dropped at the minimum. Over those past six years, I have created a new world. And I'm it's God." Light laughed madly. Near interrupted him.

"You're nothing more than a common murderer. I despise you." Light's eyes sparkled. "Is that SO? Well, then… I will send you to hell!" Kira rapidly used the mechanism on his watch and pulled out a piece of paper and a needle. He cut his finger and wrote Near's name. However, Near knew that Kira wouldn't give up so easily, so untill someone form his team or task force could use their guns, albino pulled out Mello's gun and pointed it at Kira's hand and shot. Light groaned in pain and dropped both the paper and the needle. Light fell on his knees. He glared at Near, his eyes showing hate.

"You! How DARE YOU!" Untill someone could stop him, he forcefully took the handgun from Matsuda and shot Near directly. Crimson liquid immediatelly began to ooze and coloured his shirt in a shady pink. Halle, Gevanni, Rester and even the task force shot all at once at Light. He fell on the ground. Mikami only stared at him, as he was drowning in a lake of his own blood. Mikami has lost all his belief. "You're no god…" With that he stabbed himself in his neck with a pen.

Near was there, laying on the floor, Halle holding his hand. Gevanni and Rester ran to Mikami. Light used his chance and ran away."AFTER HIM!" Aizawa screamed.

Near was beginning to feel dizzy. "Matt. Mello." He whispered. Halle gripped his hands. " Near! Don't you dare to give up without putting up a fight! WE'LL SAVE YOU! RESTER!" She screamed, tears running down her cheeks. Rester called an ambulance. Halle was still holding his hands, talking to him.

Yes. She's right. I cannot die now. I have Matt and Mello. I ca-n't…..die…..

He closed his eyes and lost consciousness.

|| several hours later…||

Halle was walking in front of Near's room in hospital. "What's taking them so long?" Rester sighed. "Calm down, Halle. He's very strong."

Halle squeezed her hands. "I hope you're right." In that moment came the doctor out. He looked at them. He smiled.

"He's out of of the worst. The bullet has missed all internal organs. However, the operation was very long and he's very tired." He looked around.

"Which of you are Mello and Matt?" The said blonde and red head only now came from all the day worrying at the SPK to hospital. "We're here." Doctor nodded. "Good. He refuses to sleep till he sees you. Please go in."

He didn't need to repeat it. They practically ran in. Near was laying in the iron bed, staring at the ceiling. When he saw them, his grey eyes shined and his face formed a huge smile. "Mello! Matt!"

They smiled back at him and carefully sat on the edge of the bed. Matt put his hand on Near's. "How are you feelin' ?"

"I'm just tired. That's all." Mello however wasn's so happy as Matt. Near noticed Mello's behavior.

"Mello, what's wrong?" Blonde clenched his fists. "I'll tell you what!s wrong. You nearly died, that's what!" Matt looked at him. "Mello…"

"DON'T interrupt me now, Matt! I couldn't stand the idea of Near dying. Hell, if something ever happened to any of you, I would probably go crazy and kill myself." Near was touched by it. His other self in the dream commited suicide because of them.

"But it didn't happen, so stop shouting at him. He's after operation." Matt said nervously. Mello laughed.

"Okay, I give up. I cannot win a quarrel with you two joinig forces." Blonde's gaze switched to Near. " But seriously, Near. How long they intend to keep you from us?" From them. Near blushed. "F-for a week. I can have visits everyday, the doc allowed it. At least they won't keep me from Mello and Matt completely. "

Matt smirked a little. "Now that it's settled, what are we going to do?" Near looked at the big hour. "It's lunch time. They'll bring in some food soon. What a pity." Matt raised his eyebrow.

"Why such a pity?" Near sighed. "You see, I can't sit up properly nor use my hands. " Both Matt and Mello exchanged perverted looks (it seemed so to Near) and stared at the albino in the bed. They sat closer to him, giggling like crazy. Near only looked back at them. What the? Matt took one of his hands and Mello the other one. "Heheheheh, it looks like we're going to feed you." Near turned pink.

"W-what? I was just joking, I can use my hands, see?" He waved in fromt of them. "You really don't have to do it, you know?" Matt made a fake sad face. "Aaaaww! And I was SOO much looking forward to it. Near, are you really planning on taking this pleasure away from us?" Near stared at his blanket intensively. He turned even more pinker.

"Well, if you truly want…" Mello leaned closer in. "Ooh, if you only knew HOW MUCH." Albino looked at red head and at the blonde."You two are so annoying and caring at once sometimes." They smiled and hugged him carefully. " We know. That's why you like us." Near pushed them back. His expression was serious.

" I don't like Matt and Mello." Their eyes widened in shock. Near twirled his hair and then he said smiling: "I LOVE Mello and Matt. That's a big difference." They felt relieved and hugged him one more time.

"That's good, because I love you and Matt." Blonde said.

"And I love you and Mello, too." The red head added.

Near remembered why he was in a hospital in the first place."What happened to Kira?" Matt raised his eyebrow. "That bastard was found dead in some old storage. Mikami is dead, too. As for Misa Amane, she fell off a bridge." Mello explained calmly.

Near held his blanket tightly."So… IT'S OVER?" They nodded. Near was relieved. Thanks to L everything is just as it should be –


"Mello." Blonde looked at him. " Yes?"

"Well, after I'm healed, are you going to hate me again?" Mello sighed. "Near. LISTEN UP: . . GOT IT? .IN. LOVE. WITH. YOU. AT. ." Back then I was so arrogant and immature, I mistook my love for you for stupid hatred because of L."

Near's insides burned with renewed hope." So, will you and Matt stay with me and be L together, like former L wanted us to?"


"Of course."


"L wanted us three to become L together? How did you know?" Near felt embarrased. He should have told them sooner. "You do remember the day I saved you two?" They quickly nodded.

"I acted on a dream based onwhat could happen. L showed me that I can change the future so that we can be happy."

A knock sounded. "Come in." Near said. A nurse came with a whole table of food. "Wow. I'm not that hungry." The nurse laughed. "The woman outside your room has instructed me to bring you as many food as possible. It's for you to get stronger and heal up sooner." She went over to him and picked up a spoon. She was stopped by Matt's and Mello's hands.

"Miss, we appreciate your concern, but we'll take over from here." She looked at them. "Who might you be?" Near hurried to answer. "They are my –"

"Lovers." Mello cut him off. Near went brighht red. So as the nurse. "Um, I see. I'll leave now. Take care of him." She mumbled and went out. Near stared at Mello, annoyed. "Mello." Blonde took the spoon and sank it in the soup. Then he moved it to Near's mouth.

"Yes, my darling? Say aaaaaahh for me!" Matt laughed at them. Even more annoyed, Near opened his mouth and swallowed the hot liquid. "My turn!" Matt shouted happily and took the spoon from Mello. Near looked at them. His heart was aching. Not from a heart attack or sadness, but from pure happiness. His happines was these two men feeding him and taking care of him. He found his paradise.

|| Somewhere in Heaven||

L looked at his three successors. They were happy. Very. " I wish you good luck, Near, Matt and Mello- your true life is only beginning." He walked away and dissappeared. Now for some sweets. Do they have a candy store in Heaven, perhaps?

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