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Chasing. Searching. Tracking.
That was all his life was about. Finding people for Aro, searching for them and destroying them for crimes they probably didn't even know they had committed. His life was about death and pain, a continuous cycle that was destined to go on for eternity. Aro said that he was something of an employee, free to leave when he chose and lead his own life. But he knew. They all knew that Aro wouldn't let them leave; he would insist that they stay and dote upon them until they finally gave in. No matter what Aro said, the old bastard would be furious if his precious tracker left his guard.
Usually, he didn't mind the killing. He'd centuries ago gotten over the fact that he had to kill to survive. It was natural, the way of life. But killing others of his kind? Newborns, just like he'd been once and vampires who might have accidentally caused a stir among the humans. Sure, if anyone was stupid enough to purposely try to expose his race, he would gladly kill them for their stupidity. But some didn't deserve the fate that Aro would so cheerfully bestowed upon them.

Sometimes, he was sick of the people he was surrounded by all day, too. Jane, that little bitch who would be happy to use her power on him. The stare she gave that sent people crumbling to their knees in pure agony. Her brother, Alec, who has playfully- yeah, right- knocked him out or completely stripped him of his senses too many times to count (well, he could count, but just chose not to). The sexy bait, Heidi, who was continuously trying to seduce him, while he knew for a fact that she was sleeping Felix. Aro, Marcus and Caius. Those old, papery dickheads who had decided that they, and only they, would rule their race.

Sometimes, Demitri wanted out.