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Time flies by so soon and it does not take long till Baby Bennett-Salvatore is born.

They name her Domenica, an Italian name meaning 'God-given'. Damon thinks the name is a bit uncanny (not to mention the Christian roots) for such a wee person, but he knows why Bonnie chose it. It was to present gratitude to the Supreme Being that had gifted them such a wonderful child. They were thankful to be given this new sign of hope. From what other people would see in the surface –the infant being conceived by two unlikely supernatural creatures, they have been given this newborn that signified everything good and pure, and they knew they wouldn't have been granted this without a go-signal from the heavens.

And she looked like an angel anyway, glowing in her light-bronze skin, her bright blue eyes curious to look upon the new world around her. Anyone who saw her would instantly have the constant feeling that it was Damon and Bonnie's baby. Also, without Bonnie's polite threats of eternal damnation, everyone who meets Domenica instantly forgives Damon for everything he's done in the past.

Just as it was easy to be enamored of the new little person in town, Damon was even more in love with the resident witch. He didn't think she'd push through with it –leaving, but she does. Like now, it's such a frustrating thing to know that she –being the witch that she was, could control time and space, because she managed to pack all her things up from the house in less than an hour.

Damon hesitates to put Domenica back down on the bed, but he had to. Beside him, he turns to the young mother and forces her to face him as she finally zips up the baby bag. He glares into her eyes, hates her for deciding that being apart was the best thing to be.

If it was hard for her to leave, then why force it? This was tormenting, and he felt like he was about to explode. Why did she think she had to go?

"Damon," Bonnie says his name, just once, almost in a plea. Like a hotline to his heart, his gaze softens instantly, and as he gets lost in her eyes that reminded him of springtime, it was then that he sees it for real.

Damon kept on staring at her and he almost pitied her. She looked plainly exhausted, the fierceness in her emerald eyes dying. Life was clearly getting to her. She sat on his bed looking like a little lost girl, a huge contrast to the dormant goddess within her being.

For a second, Damon wants nothing more for her to call him 'Dumb-dumb', because really, he felt so stupid. Did he really fool himself into thinking that she had lost her spirit all those months ago when she came to him claiming that she had been cursed immortality? Because the familiarity of her eyes were here all along, the feisty little witch who always seemed to get the worst from him (but now he can confidently say that he had finally managed to give her his best as well), had been present all this time. This strong woman had been gone only once, yes, but only on that particular day when she went to the boarding house to give him her ultimatum about this arrangement.

Witch, Damon thinks, when he recalls her 'giving up', baring to him what he thought was what she needed –someone to be stronger in her time of weakness. It was in that moment of truth that she had managed to come up with such a brilliant lie: "…Let's just pretend that we're together and we're in love. Let go. I want to be happy for these nine months that I'll be carrying our baby. Being happy means having lots of sex. And I want to feel loved."

And now as they locked gazes, blue hard against the green, piercing and piercing, that he accepts what he's been denying all along, why she wanted to leave, why she couldn't stay. It was because he believed her lie, had chosen to play into it, when all along, they were dancing around the bush that shed nothing but heaps and heaps of leaves that only managed to reveal the truth that despite this charade, their contract, that she really, truly, genuinely loved him.

"You weren't pretending, were you?"


She never really did, he knew, and truthfully, neither did he.

Bonnie lets him cuddle Domenica one last time, and he kisses the top of Baby's head. Domenica kicks him automatically in the inside of her bundle, but now also reaches out to touch his face, and he kisses her chubby fingers. He wants to kiss Bonnie as well, but she refuses to look him in the eye anymore, and he knew it was because they both knew she had given away too much.

All this time, Damon does not beg her to stay, and he let the feeling sink in, burn into his memory, the image of his witch and child walking away from him, leaving him –it was such a stake to the heart. It was killing him and he knew, with all his heart, that they were worth dying for. Without the reality of his family, it only confirmed and explained the nothingness that he was. Only with them, he felt, he had finally become who he truly is. A vampire, a father, but above all else, a man to his woman. Really, that's all there is to it. And so much love.

So he let's her go, let's her think that he had remained the coward that he was, that she had won. Because he knows everything about her, and Domenica was his, theirs –it was going to be easy to just stop playing this game and just live. It was such a comfort to see something wrong happening in front of him and he was so confident that he would had the power to make things right again.

Damon smirks. Instead of bitterness, he is filled with joy.

Let her think she's got the upper hand for a little while, he thinks, because honestly, it does not take long for Damon Salvatore to pack.

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