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When asked a simple question, one should be able to give a simple answer.

Tony DiNozzo believed that.

When asked who the love of his life was, he would always say Ziva.

When asked what his dream job was, he would always say working at NCIS.

When asked to pay McGee back the forty dollars he owed him, he would always say no.

But those were the simple questions. The not so simple? He could never quite figure it out. Which hadn't really been a problem until now.

"When did you know you loved her?"

Tony looked down to his daughter, Eliza. She was so beautiful, and only seven. She had her mother's hair and beautiful olive skin, and her brilliant green eyes, she had inherited from him. She only had one front tooth and always had scabs on her little knees, but Tony knew she was the most wonderful daughter in the whole world.

But he couldn't give her an answer.

He could say when he first laid eyes on her, but back then she had been the enemy. Yes, she had been striking and beautiful, but she was Ari's control officer and, he would later find out, half-sister.

He could say when they went undercover together but that story was hardly appropriate for a seven-year-old. Besides, even when she was old enough to hear it, she probably wouldn't want to.

Maybe when the team were split up, and they didn't see each other for months. After a while, she was all he could talk about. One of his friends, Marcus, got an earful almost every night. He remembered feeling a smile light up his face when he saw her.

When she was gone, he was a wreck. He missed her so much, and to make matters worse, she hated him enough that she didn't even trust him anymore. And in Somalia, in that dirty little cell when they laid eyes on each other, he knew that they were going to make it out. They had to.

He could have said Paris, the edited version of course. Most of his stories about him and Ziva were edited. They had been to hell and back. More than once. Eliza didn't need to know about that.

Those were all big moments, the biggest, but that time and every other time Eliza asked to hear the story, something always made him go back to the dress.

That scarlet red dress.

He had discovered a whole new side of her, and boy, it felt good to know just that little bit more about her. And the way that dress fit her, it was like it had been moulded just to compliment her body. His desire had spun out of control every time she wore it.

The memories they had created together, he knew, would last a lifetime. Every so often they would take Eliza bowling, and always sneak a peek at the snack bar and catch each other's eye. When Ziva taught Eliza a little piano, and she would play, they shared a grin, knowing she certainly hadn't inherited that from Tony. Last Halloween Abby had taken Eliza trick-or-treating and Ziva had been all too happy to grant him three wishes in her genie outfit.

There was still heat between them, passion, fire, but there was also friendship and trust. And of course, love. They tried to keep it professional, but love was love.

Their story was a great one, and he knew that every time he told it, he would start with the scarlet red dress.

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