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Sometimes life is easy. Other times it can be hard. Then there are moments where it is completely disastrous.

"We really need to get you to the hospital. How's the hand?" Hotch said breaking the silence in the room; no one had dared to speak before that. They had all just shared momentary glances; looking from one person to the next.

"Bad." Reid answered in a pitiful voice. The way his thin frame slumped against the basin made Morgan think of a small child.

"How's the stomach?" Hotch inquired as he bent down next to the youngest agent.

"Worse." He moaned as he brought one of his long arms to lay gently across his stomach. He couldn't remember a time when he had felt this awful. There was a knock on the door and all three heads snapped to look at it.

"Hey Reid, it's JJ, I was just wondering if you had gotten breakfast yet. I'm about to go down myself and I thought you might want company." Reid began to panic. He didn't want JJ to see him this desperate and pathetic looking.

Morgan opened his mouth to say something but Reid grumbled and mouthed 'no.' Maybe she would leave after a little bit if he didn't answer. For all she knew he was already at breakfast or in the lobby waiting for the team. She knocked one more time.

"This is ridiculous man." Morgan grumbled, "We are taking you the second she leaves."

"Spence?" She called from the other side of the door. Reid put his hand in the air and waited for Morgan to help him up. Unfortunately on the way up his sock slipped on the tile causing him to stumble. He quickly grasped for the counter, forgetting he was injured. The pain shot up his arm and he couldn't contain the yelp that escaped his mouth. To top everything off one of the hotel's glass cups tumbled to the ground in a crashing finale.

"Reid!" JJ's voice was panicked and she banged loudly on the door.

"Hold on." He said trying to hold back tears and cradling his hurt appendage. Morgan had one arm on his elbow and was gently guiding him towards the door.

"Hey JJ." Reid faked a smile as he opened the large door.

"Oh, Spence." She sighed sympathetically as she took in his entire appearance, "Has anyone offered to take you to the doctors yet?"

"I actually feel fine but thanks for the concern. Have you seen Emily, she was looking for you earlier? Alright, well I'll see you later JJ." He began to close the door but she inserted her foot before it completely shut.

"Like hell. You need help Spence." She looked from Morgan to Hotch, who had just joined them from the other room, and waited for them to say something. When they didn't she continued talking, "Tell me what's wrong." It wasn't a question, it was a demand.

"I'm nauseous, dizzy and my head is killing me." He leaned against the wall for support. "I also just threw up blood."

"Are you serious?" her voice was stern and concerned, "Why didn't you take him to the hospital yet?"

"We were about to leave when you got here." Morgan sounded slightly defensive.

"Well someone needs to take him now. I can if you want me to, Henry was sick just the other day and…oh…" her voice trailed off quickly.

"What is it?" Hotch asked in his typical stern voice.

"Henry was sick." She repeated herself.

"Right, and…what does that have to do with this?"

"I must be a carrier and passed it onto Reid." She looked over at the boy who had now crawled into bed. He groaned and pulled the covers over his head.

"Of course. The rotavirus."

"Alright. Are you two speaking English or do I need to call Garcia to translate?"

"It's a disease that every child comes into contact with. Almost everyone has built up some kind of immunity to it by the age of five. I didn't socialize much as an infant and didn't really get it until I was older. I guess I never built up that defense. When was Henry sick?"

"Two days ago."

"That's how long it takes for someone to get infected." Reid said confirming their diagnoses. It was all making sense.

"I'm so sorry Spence."

"It's fine JJ." She didn't look convinced, "Really. This isn't your fault I mean a carrier's hand has ten trillion infectious particles and only ten of those had to come in contact with my body in order for me to get sick." For the first time in a long time Reid felt comfortable being around people while he was sick. There was something comforting about knowing there was someone who would always be there for you no matter how bad you felt.

"Is there an upside to this at all?" Asked Morgan hopefully.

"Let's see…nausea, dizziness, other intestinal problems, fever, runny nose…and all for six to eight days…I would say no." The four team members shared a knowing glance: it was going to be a long week.

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