"We have names you know."

The boy jerked out of his thoughts, turning to see one of the contortionists standing near him. Idly she moved, bending backwards in a manner that made the Innocent's back ache in protest. The girl smiled at him from between her legs, looking completely comfortable. "Y-you do? I mean, uh, of course you all have names, why wouldn't you have names?" the boy babbled nervously. The girl grinned and unfolded back into a more natural looking pose, propping her hands on slim, nonexistent hips.

"What's your name?" she asked, cocking her head to the side in curiosity.

"Cyrus," he mumbled, flushing.

"That's a nice name. Mine's Cita," she chirruped, flipping backwards in physical demonstration, twisting into several different shapes that made Cyrus want to cringe. She finished with another smile.

"D-does everyone have a name? Even the Trickster?" Cyrus asked, his own curiosity making him feel bolder.

Cita nodded, her smile faltering a bit. "Yes. No one uses it a lot except for Azar. The trapeze artist," she added seeing Cyrus's confusion. She shifted to one foot, looking uncomfortable. She knew that the Trickster was good, that he really looked out for everyone in Kooza but he was still a Trickster, someone predisposed for games of varying maliciousness.

"What is it?" Cyrus asked, the brief feeling of boldness slipping away at Cita's obvious discomfort.

"It's-" she started to say, only to stop and stiffen as they both felt a ripple of power wash over them, a good indicator that the subject of their discussion was close by. Cita tried to stifle a gasp and failed as Cyrus felt fingers wrap around his shoulders, gold glinting out of the corner of his eye. He shivered slightly as he heard the Trickster's smug chuckle somewhere above his head.

"Sarkan, young one." The Trickster purred in Cyrus's ear as he leaned down. "My nameā€¦is Sarkan."

AN: My first Kooza fic, one of many to follow. I decided that if I'm going to be writing more stories about the Trickster and Kooza I needed to give the characters within actual names. There was only so many times I can write out "The Trickster said" or "The Innocent did" before I started to go insane. For those curious, I put the names and their meanings below as well that the character that they belong to on my profile, along with a bucketful of information that will make more sense as I post more of my stories.