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NoDrogs created the twins, whose origin I modified.

This story presumes a knowledge of The Quick and the Dead, where Hana discovered her origin. And you might want to check out Ninjas in the House as well if you've not read it. Ninjas, set about nineteen years earlier than this story, was the last time Ron spoke with Yori - when she turned down his proposal of marriage because her family wanted her to marry Hiro.

Fixing to Die

The symptoms began soon after Hana Stoppable's twentieth birthday. Given the wonderful health she usually enjoyed her parents were concerned. As the weakness and dizzy spells grew stronger her parents urged her to move home, but she insisted on finishing the semester. Her parents would always feel guilty for granting her wish.

Anne Possible ordered every test available for Hana at the Middleton Hospital. Twice. While the diagnostic equipment could monitor the symptoms, it failed utterly at identifying any origin of the problems.

"I need to go to Yamanouchi," she told her parents.

"Stay here. The Middleton hospital is world class, they can find whatever is wrong with you."

"They have examined me, and can not find what is hurting me. I fear that whatever is wrong is beyond the ability of Middleton science."

"You really think that boy can help you?"

"Ronin? I do not know if anyone can help me," Hana answered. "I don't understand what is happening to me. But he understands things which others can't. If my problems are related to the magic which gave me life he has a better chance of figuring it out."

"Will you take Sheki with you?"

Hana hesitated. As weak as she was she probably needed help. "No. She has enjoyed the last three summers at Yamanouchi, but I fear I will be poor company this time. And Ronin will be too focused on me to spend time with her."

Those in Middleton heard nothing for the week after Hana left for Japan. The silence was normal, but the circumstances made it difficult to bear.

An email to Rachel Stoppable gave information in regard to Hana's return flight, and requested that Ron be in Middleton. There was not a word in regard to Hana's health. Rachel wanted to believe that whoever had sent the information had simply not thought to include the report. Her husband held the opinion that nothing had been said because there had been nothing good to say.

Sheki waited with the Stoppables as the arrivals from Japan deplaned.

Hana came off last. Her condition had worsened even in the time she was gone and a young man pushed her to them in a wheelchair. The young man bowed to the Stoppables, who immediately asked Hana how she felt. When they looked up the young man was gone.

"Was that Ronin?" her mother asked.

"It was not little brother," Hana told her.

"You know, he's starting to resent that name," Sheki reminded her.

"He will always be little brother to me."

"They couldn't figure out what was wrong?" Ron asked impatiently.

"He discovered what is wrong," Hana answered.

"Well, can they fix you up?" her father demanded.

"No. There is no cure. I came home only to die." There was a moment of silence at Hana's words. "I could have died in Japan. I considered if it might have been easier on you than watching me die here. But I feared you might not believe the news of my passing, so I returned to Middleton."

"Please stop talking about dying. You're not going to die. We're taking you to the hospital right now. They'll find a way to cure you. Ron, find her bag."

"I did not bring my bag," Hana told her. "I will soon have no need for anything."

"I said, stop talking like that."

Hana rode in the back seat between Sheki and Ron on the way to the hospital.

"So, uh, how were things at Yamanouchi?" Sheki whispered.

"Do you mean how are things at Yamanouchi, or how are things with Ronin?"

"Both, I guess… Hey, what did you mean by that?"

"You write him all the time. That is very unusual in this-"

"And if Yamanouchi put in email and joined the rest of the world I could stay in touch like I do with any normal person."

"He has the hugest crush on you, you know."

"I don't try to lead him on. He's a nice kid, but-"

"You reminded me that he does not like the title 'little brother'. I do not believe he cares for the term 'kid' either."

"I just asked how things were at Yamanouchi. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition."

Hana sighed, "So much has happened since last year. I fear I was too weak to see everyone and hear all the stories. Perhaps he will tell you. He and Sensei are both coming here, for the ceremony when I die."

"What?" Ron interrupted. "Hiro is coming here?"

"Yes, Brother."

Ron fell silent. He wondered what it would be like to see Hiro after so many years. Would it be as difficult for Yamanouchi's new Sensei as it was for him? He was happily married to Bonnie. He loved his two children. Weeks passed without the memory of Yori even coming to mind. But every few months she would appear in a dream, and in the morning he would wonder what might have been. It would probably be even more difficult for Hirotaka.

As Ron helped Hana from the car she leaned over and whispered, "Please, I need to speak with you alone for a minute before you leave."

Anne Possible met them at the Admissions desk. She'd already filled out most of the necessary forms for them from the information on file.

Kim arrived as Hana settled into the hospital bed.

"Now, what is this about them discovering why you're ill, but there's nothing that can be done about it?" Dr. Possible asked.

"It is the nature of the malady. Toshimiru cast a spell centuries ago, which enables his spirit to enter someone and serve as a weapon to defend Yamanouchi-"

"The spell which gave you life," Sheki interrupted.

"Yes, the spell which gave me life. It was never intended that Toshimiru's spirit continue on earth. He has been in me too long. His spirit must return to his place of rest in the Lotus Blade."

"But, how does that affect you? Can't his spirit just go back wherever it came from and leave you alone," her father objected.

"Doesn't work that way," Sheki explained. "When Toshi's spirit pulls out all of Hana's life force goes with it."

"I don't believe in magic," Anne told Hana firmly. "We will find a way to save you."

Hana gave a wan smile, "I do not believe that my fate depends upon your beliefs of what is, or is not acceptable. Sensei will be coming from Japan with the Lotus Blade." She turned to her parents, "It is necessary to plan my funeral."

Rachel Stoppable began to cry, and her husband escorted her from the hospital room. Anne Possible gently squeezed Hana's hand. "We will find a way to help you," she promised and left to look at the records in her office and try and find some new test that might save Hana.

"Anything I can do for you?" Sheki asked.

"I fear not. Go home with your mother. I will not die until the Lotus Blade is here."

Kim put her arm around her daughter's shoulder, "Come home, Kid. Grandma will do everything humanly possible."

"Not going to be enough," Sheki muttered.

Kim looked at Ron, "You staying with us or your folks?"

Normally Ron stayed at the big house, but his mother seemed understandably distraught, "Think I'll stay with mom and dad. I'll be over tomorrow if I need anything."

After Kim and Sheki left Ron waited. After a couple minutes of silence he asked, "Hana?"


"You said you wanted to talk with me."

"I am not certain that is true… That is, I am not certain I should talk to you, I know that in a moment of weakness I asked to talk with you."

"I don't understand."

"There is a very small chance, so small that I would not say it in front of mother and father to raise false hopes-"

"A chance you could live?" he asked excitedly.

"And the way you respond is the reason I did not wish to say anything in front of them. And I fear that if I… that if it does not work you might in some way blame yourself for my death."

"You're really confusing me."

"No one has ever survived the spirit of Toshimiru returning to the Lotus Blade after he visits this plane. Ronin, the one I call little brother, has great knowledge. He thinks he might have found a means to keep me alive."

"That's great!"

"No, it is not great. First, he does not know that it will work. It has never been done before. Second, it will require your Monkey Power if it could work."

Fear replaced the ray of hope Ron had felt. "But I haven't… I'm… It's been years since I worked with the power."

"I know. And that is why I hesitated to tell you anything, Brother. I don't know if you can call on the power. Even if you can call on the power it is not certain it could save me. I want you to know that, even if you are not able to call on the power, there is never any guarantee it would save. I worry that you might blame yourself in some way. I would rather you returned to California than to have you think that not having control of the Monkey Power had anything to do with my death."

He took her hand. "I can do it, Kid. I will do it. What kind of window do I have to get back in monkey shape?"

"The next new moon. Less than two weeks. Sensei and Ronin will bring the Lotus Blade. They must be here… Ron?"


"Promise me, whatever happens, you will not blame yourself if I die."