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The small cubes of ice rotate around A customer's small glass of vodka as she gently shakes the cup. She studies the movement of the drink and the ice, her face showing how much she drowned herself in. Such a pity. It's a normal slow day at my bar, "Sophie's Remedy," A hotspot in the urban city of Nalia which is the main city of the kingdom of Sacria. Despite the slums and the ghettos, Nalia is the center of the kingdom's wealth which houses tons of nobles and most importantly, the family of Royalty.

"One minute!" My co-worker Garnet yells with her soft, warming voice. Her beauty is favored by most of the daily customers and attracted even more people into the bar since she started here.

The bar's popularity for it's very classy look and welcoming atmosphere began to bring in people from the higher classes. Which for some reason, aggravates Garnet more than the blasphemous customers.

"I'm so exhausted!" I hear Garnet groan as she wipes the tables. The bar is empty and some of the other employees already left. I grab my purse and yell from behind the counter,

"You almost done over there?"

"Yes...All done!" Garnet replies. She runs toward the sink, puts the rag down and washes her hands.

"You're so slow!" I joke as she run towards me.

"Haha. I'm sorry." Garnet says cheerfully. I turn off the lights and lock the doors. We both walk down the stone road to get home. The night air and gentle breeze is very pleasant and always seems to bring out a much more relaxed Garnet. As always on nights like these, she begins to hum a foreign melody and skip around the empty streets which is always packed during the day.

The street lights lit our path home like it's directing us. The gleaming lights creates a memorable, beautiful scenery during the night as if every night is a holiday. I shout at Garnet as she continues to skip.

"What about these nights make you so at peace Garnet?" At that exact moment Garnet pauses. I slow down my pace and wonder why she bows her head, facing the floor.

"Garnet...?" Concern in my voice. After a few moments, she turns with a bright smile on her face and says,

" It's a relief to smell something so pure and stray away from a long day of smelling nothing but beer and alcohol!" Garnet giggles and stares directly into my eyes. I could tell by how hard she is trying to look me in the eyes that she isn't telling the truth. I snicker and continue to walk.

"Since the smell nauseates you so much, I could relieve you from work!" I tease her.

"Hey! My job shouldn't be in jeopardy because of my opinion about the odor the drinks give off!"

Despite the ten year difference, I don't find it awkward to hang out with her, a teenager, unlike most people my age. Actually, I have enjoyed her company since I took her in three years ago.


The sun's rays irritates my tired eyes as I attempt to open them. I sit up and stretch yawning. The cold floor bothers my bare feet. I walk around the house to see that Sophie had already left to work.

"Why did she leave without me?" I scream in an empty house. After quickly eating and brushing my teeth, I rush upstairs to put my uniform on. How much I dread the uniform in which Sophie designed.

The waiter's uniform consists of a gray skirt that has thin black lines running a pattern on it however, I always wear shorts underneath it. Also, we have to wear a white collared button up shirt with black stockings and leather boots. After putting on the black suspenders from the skirt over my shoulders I grab my bag and run downstairs. Before heading out the door, I grab some apples and shove them in my bag.

After locking the door, I run downstairs and enter the busy streets. As I rush down the street to get to work, a bunch of small children starts running alongside me. I stop running and say happily as I pat one of the boys on his head,

"Hey you guys!" Two boys and their sister surrounds me with the biggest smiles on their faces. If someone couldn't tell by their dirty faces and poorly nourished bodies that they come from a poor family then their torn, worn out clothing and shoes sure would.

"I have something for you guys!" I say with much excitement as I reach into my bag. Their eyes glimmer as I pulled out 3 shiny red apples. They gasp and grab the apples out of my hands. My heart warms at the sight of their happiness. They look at each other with the same smiles.

"You guys be good and no fighting okay?" They all look back at me and yell,

"Okay big sis!" All three of them rush into my arms and wrapped their tiny arms around me. I smile at hug them back. Their smiling faces always eases me. I look at them giggling and patting their heads.

"I need to go to work now okay?"

"Okay. Bye bye Garnie!" I flash a smile and they disperse, biting away at their apples. I rush rapidy down the street to get to work. Everyone smiles and greets me as I pass them. How kind everyone is towards each other.

Finally, I reach the bar and take my coat off. As I hang up my coat, I see everyone scrambling around as Sophie barks out orders which is very odd. I walk up to my fellow employee, Alexia, and ask her,

"What's the big commotion?"

"What? You mean, Sophie didn't tell you?" she exclaims full of shock. My eyes wander her face out of confusion. She's completely lost me now.

"The family of royalty is visiting us!"

"What?" I shout.

"That's what we said!" She turns to get back to her duties until I ask,

"Wait! Who exactly is coming here?"

"The King and Queen themselves! " She has to be kidding right now.

"Oh!" Alexia quickly turns and burts out stopping me from turning away.

"Almost forgot! Their son is coming too!"

"Um...okay..." I tilt my head dazzle on why the presence of the prince is something to be even more excited about.

" What do you mean? "Um...Okay...?" Do you know how gorgeous he is?" I walk over to Sophie still staring at Alexia and reply

"Not really..." I turn my head and walk behind the counter. Not really of my concern is more like it. I watch as Sophie dries the cups with a small towel.

"Since when did the king and his family decide to come?" I whisper only so Sophie could hear me.

"Why do you think I didn't wake you up this morning?" Sophie replies, completely shutting my question away.

" That isn't the point..."

"You know as well as I do that you hate it when people from our government come here." Sophie says with a motherly tone like she knew me like the back of her hand. It was quite sweet.

"No I don't?" I slightly giggle trying to hide my real feelings through my voice. Sophie puts the towel down and looks at me with her hand on her hip.

"Now you're going to lie to me. Your attitude completely changes once some hot shot who works under the government comes in here."

"Despite all that, this is still my job. I deserve to at least know just as much as everyone else..." I protest

"Well I thought it would be better for your sake if you didn't work when the family of royalty came here this afternoon." I remain silent, trying to figure out what to say next,

" Why are they coming...?"

"I guess the king heard about this place from one of his men and since he loves to drink, he decided to come here. He sent me a letter a few days ago" Sophie rolls her eyes and says "warning me of his arrival this afternoon." She looks back at me with a smile.

" This is your most important day since you began this bar..." I softly said looking down. Sophie's smile fades. My head quickly jerks up and I say,

" And I wasn't going to be a part of it...or even at least know about it at all." It is true. This is her most valuable customer and she wasn't even going to let me share her happiest moment with her. I can tell my words struck her because she is speechless with her jaw open. I turn and walk away to help my co-workers. Leaving Sophie to dry the rest of the cups.

The rest of the day went by normally except, Sophie and I hardly spoke. As the customers came in, we flashed a few smiles to welcome them. But as time ticked by, Sophie started becoming nervous and chewed at her nails, pacing back and forth.

Now, the last of our regular customers took their leave since the King ordered for the bar to be empty for his presence. How normally arrogant that sounds. A used cups catches my attention and I walk behind the counter to clean them. As I wash them, Sophie approaches me.

"Garnet..." She softly says looking towards the floor.

"Yes Sophie?" My voice very cheerful. I am not the one to hold a grudge, especially for someone I care for. I look at her with a smile on my face, but it quickly fades as I see her distress. My hand reaches for the faucet and I turn it off with my eyes remaining on Sophie. I feel guilty for making her feel this way. I say,

"Sophie...I -"

"No, Garnet! This time I was wrong...I'm sorry.." Sophie looks up and interrupts me. This is quite shocking.

"I didn't think about how you would feel about my rash decision. I apologize. She bravely stares into my gray eyes. I close my eyes and snicker.

"You were only looking out for me...Like a best friend should right?" I reopen my eyes and kindly say to her. Sophie blinks and looks like I spoke some language she couldn't understand. Her dumbfounded expression makes me laugh.

"We've been best friends for a few years now! This shouldn't be a surprise!" Maybe she knows we are best friends...but is rather dazzled at the fact that I forgave her so easily. Her ignorance is to blame. We've never argued before. So of course she didn't know. Sophie smiles back at me and says,

"Come here you!" Sophie embraces me. This is something also out of the ordinary. Never has she actually hugged me with both of her arms, let alone let her body crash into mine like this. It seems so, not like her age. But still, it made me feel warm inside. I cherish the moment and hug her back.

"Now," Sophie says pushing herself off of me.

"Lets show this king how great of a bar this really is!" She shouts looking at me then at all the other workers. They all cheer and clap loudly, preparing themselves for one of their hardest days. At this very moment, I can careless if the family of royalty is coming. I am so fortunate to have such optimistic people in my life who always lift my spirits up. It's a great change...from what I had before...

A lot of people outside were yelling and cheering. Signalling the King and his family's arrival. Everything is ready and we are all prepare. Large black cars approach the bar. As the 4 cars pull up, everyone in the streets fill the sidewalks. Either screaming the king and queen's names and the usual insults, or screaming for money. Some of the nasty comments, I could agree with. It actually put a smile to my face for a split second.

We all wait inside the bar, anxiously. Out of the first two cars, are the gaurds who then opens the doors. Out of the first car, the King and Queen stepped out. Now that they are already out, I focus my eyes on the second car.

A young man around my age steps out. He looks down the street towards the houses and people on the sidewalk who are being held back by gaurds. Unlike his parents, he has a strong, pleasant but quiet appearance. The girls in the bar gasp and scream in my ears over his beauty. He has a tall,thin, and muscular figure. Very broad in the upper part of his body. To top that off he is in a classy suit. His hair is thin, black and spiky with layers.

He is a girl's ideal image of a guy I suppose.

"Oh my god he looks like such a god!" Alexia screams loud enough to deafen me.

I can always just deny it but, I'm not going to lie, his looks are quite mesmerizing. Still, he is one of them. Which makes him rotten and corrupted. He's the son of the king, heir to the throne of Sacria, Prince Noctis.

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