This chapter took me about a week and a half to write. Sorry I took so long to update. I am really trying to be more descriptive. Enjoy. Chapter Dedicated to Larken aka Jen. Love you sis.

The song : How To Save A Life By The Fray, really portrays this entire chapter. The lyrics really explains a lot of the actions that take place and most of all, the emotion from Garnet, Noctis and Sora's point of view. Listen to the song and look and read the chapter. Then you can grasp the emotion quite well.

{Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend. Somewhere along in the bitterness. }


Like an icy wind, the sight of Noctis sends shivers to my body. He turns to look my way and I immediately turn away. Instead, I bend down to help Sora back on his feet. His already plump bruises shows the pain he had endured, the damage he had taken from the soldier's blows. I try to not look at him with sympathy for, his expression shows that he feels defeated and greatly disappointed in himself. That shameful feeling is the rage within his eyes. Burning like a swordsman's fury.

Sora gently removes my hands off of him and fixes his posture. His respectful stance reminds me that we are soldiers standing before our superior. I turn to Noctis and stare. Though I know I need to, my body refuses to salute him. It feels awkward to treat him like he is above me when I never have.

His red eyes; the color of a massacre, the deepness of a never ending sea of darkness, casts a certain uneasiness within myself. A feeling that is unexplainable.

Noctis walks up to me. Though,I am afraid; not of him, but, this moment, I remain calm and show him that he does not intimidate me.

" I want to see you in my quarters." He demands with a different tone. Noctis turns and walks out of the cafeteria. The resonance of people's voices slowly creeps upon my ears like the piercing sound of a bullet shot in the shadows of the night. I face the floor, lost in my trace of thought of what awaits me in my encounter with him. From the corner of my eye, I see Sora move. I look at him and touch his arm.

"Are you...alright?"

"I'll be fine." A few soldiers walk by and pat Sora on the back with a smile. They murmur comments that I cannot make out. But, judging from their facial expressions, it must be a compliment. Sora doesn't seem to feel the same way. He looks back at me and says,

"Don't you have to go talk to the Prince?" I know I have to, but, I want to stall as much as I can. I look to the floor, trying to hide my expression from him.

"Are you afraid?" Why does he seem to always know how I feel? I slowly lift my head back at him, my eyes revealing the truth. Sora gives off a large sigh, for me and himself. I turn and look down to my folded hands. While several thoughts rush through my head, I realize that I am playing with my fingers. I am even more nervous than I thought. Before I knew it, Sora is in front of me, resting his hand on my hands. I meet with his smiling, beat up face.

"How can you be nervous?" Sora asks jokingly. Is that a trick question?

"The almighty Garnet who joins the army, rushes into battle with very little experience and then, pushes herself to the real deal on the frontier, is nervous to talk to someone?" He exclaims. A smile stretches across my face, despite how I feel deep down.

"C'mon! I'll walk you there." He extends his arm, leading the way like a gentlemen holding the door for a woman. I nod my head and walk forward. We walk throughout camp together. A lot of men were training like we were back at book camp. I didn't know they still had to run drills. Some were sparring while others sat down pouring their hearts on a piece of paper.

"You're quiet." Sora mentions, awakening me from my daze. I look to him and he remains looking forward.


"What's on your mind Garnet?" The problem is, there is too much on my mind.

"I'm sorry you got into that fight..." My throat is so dry. Sora looks at me, his face full of shock.

"Is that why you're bothered?" Partially. A smirk comes over his face and he looks ahead again.

" Don't let such a thing upset you. It's basically what we signed up for, right?" Funny thing is, he is right.

" But you fought that man over something stupid and it could have been avoided..."

"Uh...Yeah... Same thing goes for all wars. We fight for nothing and it could always be avoided."


"With you working at a bar, one would think you would have gotten use to seeing people fight."

I love how he talks like he knows everything. I remain quiet till we reach Noctis' tent. I pause and turn to Sora.

"Thank you." He shakes his head and the bunch of brown layers go over his beautiful sea blue eyes.

"Don't thank me. I'm going to get some ice for my arms!" Sora says as he walks backwards, "Tell me how it goes!" He turns and runs off. I take a deep breath and turn. My stomach burns and my heart is jumping with anxiety. How can they use butterflies as a metaphor for this burning sensation? Butterflies are gentle and this burning is torture.

My foot lifts to take a step. But it draws back in place it once was. I can't do this. Someone needs to shove me through to get my butt in there. How can I talk to him? I -

"Come in, Garnet." the voice shakes me out of my thoughts. I look at the tent's entrance. Noctis is the one who spoke. I guess him inviting me in makes it easier, right? I take small steps forward and push the tent's curtain away from my face. Noctis is sitting on a chair next to a desk with a lit candle and papers. He is resting his face on his hand which props up on the desk.

I stop a bit away from him. His eyes focuses on me. I can't stare back so I look around the tent, moving only my eyes. I'm playing with my fingers again! He must know I am nervous. After that moment of silence and staring, he finally sits up and arranges his paper into a tidy stack.

" I was surprised you attempted to join the army." I cannot find my voice. I clear my throat and stutter,

"Is...Is that so?" I clear my throat again.

"Yeah. I never would have thought that you of all woman would join the battlefield." His comment seems a bit...insulting.

"But then again," He turns completely around and says, "You have a crystal which grants you some power." I feel like I'm just about to die. I feel his true words coming; the harsh truth.

"Which is why you believe, you can handle the battlefield. Am I right?"

"No." I calmly reply.

"Then why is it that you joined?"

" Be...because... I didn't want to just stand around and wait for the better or worse. I wanted to do something to make a change, to protect the ones I care for! By helping in the victory of this war." My eyes immediately look him back in the eyes. I want to show him my strong belief in my words.

He stares at me for a moment and it seems like we are battling each other to see who would look away first. He looks down and snickers. I take a deep breath and quickly exhale. My heart beat is calming down. Noctis stands up and puts his hands in his pocket.

"That's the reply I expected from you." His expression didn't seem welcoming. Again, I did not know if it was a compliment or an insult.

" But, listen to my theory." Your theory?

"I think you joined to compensate for your guilt." My eyes widen and I feel a sharp pain pierce me on the inside.

" I believe, you do understand that this war is started because of the crystal; Your crystal!" His words stabs me like a knife. My beliefs shatters and I question if he is right or not...

" The enemy started this war because they lost their crystal." Noctis takes small steps towards me.

" The very crystal around your neck." I'm shaking inside. His red eyes seem angry. Out of reaction, my feet takes small steps back. Trembling, I shake my head.

" Since they lost their crystal, they feel that no one else should have them since it would mean we are a great threat to them!" I stop in place,ball my hands into fists and shout,

" And...You believe that?" Completely ignored he grabs me by my wrist and pulls me forward, knocking me off balance. I catch myself and stand up straight, looking straight into his devilish eyes.

" Tell me where you got your crystal!" He screams at me. He slightly squeezes my wrists, but, I feel his hand quivering through his tight grasp. I stare at his hand.

"I demand an answer!" My eyes focus on Noctis' eyes. He isn't who I thought he was. My judgement failed me.

" I lost my kingdom, my father and my mother..." My eyes widen. I overlooked the fact that he lost both of his parents. He had to find his mother's slain body after saving me.

" And I will destroy anyone who is responsible." Is he...threatening me?

"How did your family obtain their crystal? " He begins to shake me.

" I...I don't know!" I reply fearfully.

" You do know! You're the one who said Nigel stole it from your parents!"

"Because they did!" I shout. " Stop shaking me!" I put my arm out to push him but he grabs it and pulls me closer, clutching both of my hands.

" Why did your parents take it from them?" I look to his face. His eyes are full of rage and pain.

My heart wants to reach out to him. He must feel so hurt and alone. The responsibility of saving his people is weighing a heavy burden over his shoulders. He needs an explanation, any excuse for what is happening and why it is, just to carry on.

" If they didn't...who knows what would have happened." I bravely reply.

" Excuse me?" He asks even though he heard me correctly.

"If they didn't take it... Scartus would have used it sooner or later to conquer. Either way," My eyebrows comes close together and I feel the skin on my forehead crease. His eyes widen. I know he can see the fury on my face. " This war would have been inevitable."

He looks down and loosens his shoulders. I can feel all hope leaving him. I don't blame him for trying to find a better reason for his parent's death other than the selfishness of someone.

"I'm sorry...Noctis..." He doesn't budge. I try to shake his hands off of my wrist. As I did, he grips my wrists once again, but this time a lot harder.

" How do I know you are not lying to me?" He looks back up at me.

"What do you mean?" I scream

"You probably were a spy for them! All that shouting back at Nigel, could have been all an act!"

"You're insane!"

"No, no I'm not! I know how it all goes. Plans for war isn't just simply planned. It takes a lot of strategy and time. They could have planned this 5 or 6 years ago!" I can't believe he is acting this way.

" You came into Sacria, no papers of your existence, without parents or a home. Just a straggler who just happened to come into our city, loathing off of other people." How did he...find out?

"Ye...Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?" I stutter.

"It could mean very little or a lot." He replies

"They tried executing me! You saw it and you're the one who..." I look down. " The one who saved me..."

"That could have also been part of your plan. Or maybe, they didn't need your assistance anymore. Which is why you are here with that despicable soldier." I look up at him and protest,

"Sora didn't do anything wrong. He never killed a civilian which is why he could not kill me when ordered! Because of his insolence, they were going to execute him alongside me!"

"Yeah, and I saved that worthless vermin." He directly says to me with eyes so insincere.

"How could you..." I murmur. "How could you say such a thing?" My voice louder than ever. I can tell how surprised he is by my outburst because his eyes widen and his mouth opened.

"The Noctis I knew would never speak in such a way! He gave money to poor children and cared for those living in poverty! I have been so blind, believing you were still the same somewhere deep down!" I try to rip away from his grasp. I pull back, using all of my weight against his powerful hold on me.

"Let me go!" It's useless. He only budged a bit forward. My weight did nothing to him. Then again, I barely weigh anything. A mere 100 pounds against someone as built and healthy as he is, is futile.

"Stop screaming!" He shouts back.

"I said, LET ME GO!" Suddenly, I hear someone enter the tent. I turn my head and see Sora standing there. He looks at me then at Noctis.

"Sora." I softly say. I can see the anger filling within his eyes.

"She asked you to let her go." His says, struggling to stay calm. I turn to look at Noctis who, is staring at Sora with challenging eyes.

"Let her go!" Sora takes a step forward and shouts. Sora is losing his temper again. Noctis did loosen his grip, but, did not let go. I face Noctis once more and say,

"Please, just release me." He looks down at me. Something is different about his eyes now. Before I can really figure it out, I hear Sora scream. I turn and as I did, Noctis lets me go. Sora rushes to strike Noctis. But Noctis dodges it by moving to the side then knees him in the gut.

"Ugh!" Sora groans in pain and falls to the floor. Sora lifts his feet to kick and balances himself on his hands. Noctis hits his feet away and Sora catches himself by rolling on the floor and getting back on his feet.

Sora keeps trying to attack Noctis but he dodges all of his attempts and strikes him over and over again.

My heart feels like it is melting from a fire as hot as burning coal. Would...Noctis kill him? He spoke of Sora as a vermin from the enemy kingdom.

Noctis fell back. I didn't see it, but, Sora was finally able to lay a hand on Noctis. Sora continues to rush towards Noctis. In a blink of an eye, Sora is pin to the floor with his arm in a twist by Noctis. Sora squirms and tries to break free. After several attempts, he gives up and tries to catch his breath.

I put my hand to my mouth. Noctis puts pressure on his arm and Sora screams in pain.

"Stop!" They both look at me. I wait a moment and then run to Sora. Noctis removes his knee off of Sora's back and releasing his arm. He takes a step back and I lift Sora up.

"Are you...okay?" Sora did not reply and continues to breath hard. I look back at Noctis. His eyes the same as before. They are not angry, empty or evil. I cannot describe it for I do not know how I feel about them. He stares at me for a brief time period and then turns away. I lift Sora and put his arm over my shoulder. I slowly walk out of the tent, leaving with an arching pain in my heart.

After I put Sora in the infirmary, his second visit in one day, I left to find some solitude. I follow the mountain path, walk into a cave entrance. After going through a maze of caves inside the mountain, I reach the top. I step out from the exit of the cave and feel a fresh breeze hit against my face. Right before my eyes, a grassy field full of beautiful, colorful flowers stretches across the flat mountain top. I walk forward and feel the grass flatten beneath my boots. It smells like fresh spring water up here. I also have front row seats to the enormous setting sun.

The wind blows my long hair that is pinned at the end. I adjust my eyes to the brightness of the sun.

I feel so much pain in my chest. I cannot deny the selfish fact that... I feared to see Noctis get hurt more than Sora. I put my fist to my left breast.

This pain will not ease. I tried to reject my feelings and conceal it with lies this entire time. I look down. It was so easy to lie to myself this whole time because..., he was not in front of me to look me in the eyes.

He was never there to remind me of the good memories we shared and how I felt around him. He was not there to catch me in my lies. Now, since the encounter, lying is futile. My heart aches. Aches for what was; for him...


I sit back on my chair and sulk. I still can feel a slight pain on the area of my face where that boy hit me. I rub my face and sigh. Garnet's pleading face torments my mind and diminishes any peace I try to find. I turn in my chair and place my elbows on my desk. I fold my hands and bury my forehead into them.

Why do I feel this way? This emptiness is different from the pain I've felt when I thought about my deceased parents. I give a large sigh. This isn't the time or place to feel this way. We are at war. I shouldn't care about anything else besides winning this war and restoring peace to my kingdom.


I slam my fists into the desk and turn over on my chair. I grip my chin with my fingers and stare at the bare tent cloth.


I walk out of the infirmary and see Garnet leaning on a tree that is a little within the deep forest.

It's night time now and the crickets is all I hear. Most of the soldiers are asleep or eating. It is a bit quieter on this side of camp. I walk up to her and smile. She slowly looks up at me, her face full of despair.

"What's wrong?" I ask. She gives me a confuse face.

"Nothing is wrong. Why do you ask?"

"Your face tells me different." I protest. She shakes her head and struggles to smile.

"No, no. I'm just tired."

"You sure...?"

"Yeah." I put my hands in my pockets. She looks around and back at the floor. Something is making her uneasy. I am starting to feel awkward. I look directly at her and say,

"I'm sorry...for earlier." She doesn't budge or look my way.

" Ah...! Two fights in one day. You probably thing I'm some animal now!" I joke, rubbing the back of my head. Although, deep down, I am being serious.

" I don't think that of you..." I put my arm down and focus on her. She lifts her head up at me.

"You were protecting me..." She seems like she is on the verge of breaking.

"Uh..Ye...Yeah!" I stutter, going along with her idea. She looks down again and starts kicking her boot at the ground.

"When you...feel like you want to protect someone, someone that is not of your blood, doesn't that mean you develop a sort of special feeling for them...?" Is she referring to me...?"


I look up at Sora.

" A feeling deep enough where, you would care for them no matter the circumstances?" Sora's eyes begin to wander from left to right.

" Or, can that feeling just disappear as if it were nothing...?" I look back down with my hands in a fold. Sora places his right hand on the tree, his arm over my shoulder. I look back up at him and he says,

" If you're willing to protect someone from harm, that means they have a special place in your heart. That feeling is hard to diminish too. If that heart is broken, then maybe it can fade away. Even a heart broken by betrayal takes time to forget to care for that person they've cared so much for in the past."

My eyes widen. Does Noctis feel like I betrayed him? Is his heart shattered beyond repair?

" Then...Why is it you protect me? I've done nothing to earn your kindness." He puts his left hand on the tree.

"You've showed me kindness. You led me down the right path. Made me really think about my life.

You have touched me with your ways, your strength to move forward even when the world doubted you and you doubted yourself." He must have seen a different person. I am nothing compared to this touching person.

"But most of all, it's because I wanted to..." His eyes is so glossy blue. His expression seems different. I see compassion within his eyes and in his gentle, angel face.

"Sora...?" I question as he moves his face closer to mine. He bends his elbows and tilts his head and moves his lips slowly to mine. I close my eyes, ready to accept his embrace. I feel a mist of warm air hit upon my small, pink lips and my eyes open.

"Sora!" I shove him away and rush to the left. He stands there with a face of confusion. I put my fingers to my lips, look down and then back at him.

"I'm...I'm..." I've hurt two kind people. Betrayed, and broke their hearts. I can't believe I almost believed in Sora's generous compliments. I'm not that great person.

"I'm sorry!" I slightly raise my voice as I bow. I stand and stare at him. I feel tears on my eyes, but they are not enough to fall. I turn and rapidly, walk away.

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