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Chapter Fifteen

Vickie dashed into the room behind Carly, quickly shutting the door after them. They leaned on the door for a quick second, trying control their breathing.

Noticing a crib in the corner of the room, Vickie ran to it and pushed it against the door with Carly's help. They made sure it was in place and both fell to the floor in shock when a knife came through the wax door.

Carly screamed as they watched the knife go through the crib, and through the two baby's heads.

Vickie stood up, slipping as she did so, and pulled Carly up as well.

They backed up, coming to a stop at the bottom of the bed. Vickie moved in front of Carly, holding up the baseball bat in her hands.

They watched, horrified, as Vincent tore his way through the door.

He stood in front of them, holding a knife threateningly.

Vickie tightened her grip on the bat and was about to raise her arm to hit him when Carly put her hand on her arm and leaned around her to talk to Vincent.

"No! Listen to me." Carly insisted, putting her hand up. "Listen to me! I heard you talking. You don't need to do this. You didn't have to listen to your brother. I saw Bo's scars... and the highchairs."

Vickie noticed Vincent move a little and pushed Carly onto the bed, following closely behind. "No!" Carly screamed. The got to the end of the bed and Carly once again put her hand up and continued to talk to him. Vickie glanced at her, not sure if it was working.

"You're not a freak! He was! You don't need to do this. Please. You're an artist! Bo was lying to you. He used you. Do you really think that your mother would have wanted you to do this?" Carly pleaded with him.

She looked over at the door and saw him move towards her again. "Please don't kill us!" She shouted.

Vickie grabbed her arm and pushed her to the door. "Carly, run!" She shouted. She followed behind her and slammed into the wall outside the door. Carly slipped and fell down the hallway.

Vickie turned just in time to see Nick throw himself at Vincent. "Mother fucker!" They landed on the bed and were wrestling for the knife in Vincent's hand.

"Nick!" She shouted, not wanting him to get hurt. She saw Vincent flip them over and hold the knife above Nick's face.

She skidded over to the bed, just in time to see Nick rip off Vincent's mask.

"Oh, shit." Nick said, looking up at his face. His eyes widened when he saw Vickie jump onto Vincent's back, holding the baseball bat tightly against his neck. Nick felt the knife slacken a bit and kept pushing against him.

"Carly!" Nick shouted, hoping she could help them.

Vickie tried to pull back with the bat on Vincent's throat, but he pushed against it, choking himself more, but putting more power on the knife.

"I'm here!" Carly called, slipping into the room. She ran over to them and noticed the knife in Nick's leg. She quickly pulled it out, ignoring Nick's shout in pain.

Vincent saw Carly with the knife and quickly turned on her. He slammed his elbow deeply into Vickie's side, throwing her off of him and making her fall beside Nick. At the same time he slashed at Carly, but he was stopped by Nick's arm.

"Carly, do it! Do it now!" Nick shouted, keeping Vincent's knife from stabbing him again.

Carly shouted out and thrusted the knife straight into his stomach, sinking it in deep.

Vincent's body went weak and Nick took the opportunity to kick him away from them. His body crashed onto the floor, falling through and into the room below.

In response, the rest of the room started to fall away. Carly fell where she was standing, while Nick and Vickie fell with the bed. They landed with a hard thump onto the soft wax.

Vickie groaned and felt Carly grab her arm, urging her to get up. "C'mon, Vickie, get up! We need to get Nick out of here."

Vickie held onto her severely bruised side and struggled to stand up. She grabbed onto one of Nick's arms and started tugging him up. "Baby, come on, stand up!" She said, gritting her teeth. She wrapped one of his arms around her shoulders and helped walk him across the now melting wax.

"How do we get out?" Nick shouted as they came to the dead end wall.

They backed up as the floor beneath them started melting and falling away.

"Look! The wall!" Carly shouted. Nick and Vickie turned to see Carly clawing away at the wall, taking off chunks.

They too started pulling at the wall, clumps of wax sticking to their fingers. "Dig!" Carly urged.

Feeling their fingers go through the other side, they started digging faster. "Faster, faster!"

Vickie looked behind them and gasped when she saw the floor beneath them getting shorter. "Oh, shit." She turned back around and pulled as much of the wall as she could. "Dig, dig!"

They got through to the other side and Vickie encouraged Carly to go through the wall first. Vickie squeezed in next, followed closely by Nick. They pushed the wax out of their way, and waited for the house to sink.

When it finally did start to melt and sink to the ground, Nick held Vickie close to himself.

They gasped in pain once they reached the bottom and pulled themselves out from under the hard wax. They stumbled up and away from the melting house, holding their hands up when it went up in flames.

Nick took Vickie's hand and started limping away from the house, Carly following.

"That's it…" Vickie mumbled, her breathing returning to normal. "It's over."

They all seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as they watched the 'House of Wax' go up in flames.

Vickie winced as a paramedic guy pushed his fingers against her side, checking for injuries. "Well, your ribs aren't broken, just bruised."

"Oh, well theres a plus side to things." She said softly, but sarcastically. She pulled down her top again and lightly rubbed her side.

"Don't worry; we'll get you and your friends to a hospital." The guy said before heading through the front of the ambulance and getting out..

She sighed and turned to the front. Carly was sitting in front of her, getting her finger wrapped by another paramedic, and Nick was leaning out of the end of the ambulance.

"Hey! That's my friend's camera." Nick shouted, spotting Dalton's camera. The guy holding the camera ignored him and kept walking. "Hey, that's my friend's camera!" He shook his head when the guy continued to ignore him.

Vickie bit her lip, wishing they had the camera. It would be something to remember Dalton, Wade, Paige and Blake by.

"Sorry, son. That's evidence." A Sheriff said, walking over. "You guys okay?"

Nick and Carly just stared at him, while Vickie scoffed and shook her head.

The Sheriff nodded, looking at each of them. "Well, don't worry. We'll get you to the hospital."

"How could no one have known about all of this?" Carly asked as the paramedic continued to tape up her finger.

"Truth is, this town's hard as hell to get to. It's been abandoned ten years, ever since that sugar mill shut down. Hell, it ain't even on the map anymore. We found all those cars in that old factory. Those Sinclair boys pulled people off the interstate for years. If it wasn't for all the smoke from the fire, we wouldn't have even known." The Sheriff said, looking around at the wreckage.

Another officer walked up to him and told him he was needed.

The Sheriff nodded and touched Nick's shoulder. "Excuse me." He said, and walked away.

After that they were left on their own for a while, and even got to wander outside a little. Soon though they were ushered back into the ambulance so that they could be delivered to the hospital.

Vickie, Carly and Nick all sat looking out at the remainders of the town, until the paramedic that patched up Vickie closed the ambulances door and drove them away.

Nick sighed as Vickie leaned her head on his shoulder, looking for some comfort.

Carly sat quietly beside Vickie, looking out of the windows of the ambulance.

"Maybe there's some good memories on this." Nick said softly, as he pulled the evidence bag that contained Dalton's camera out of his jacket.

Vickie frowned as she looked down at Dalton's camera. Surely they would notice that it was missing.

"You took it?" Carly asked, looking at Nick weakly.

Nick looked down at the camera then back up at Carly. "It just felt wrong leaving it behind. You know?"

Vickie sat up a bit more and looked at both of them, smiling a little.

"You okay?" Carly asked, looking first at Vickie, then at Nick.

Nick looked at Vickie who looked at him. He nodded. "We're okay."

Carly nodded and then frowned as she looked outside again. Vickie noticed and looked out the window too.

The creepy guy who had given Carly and Wade a ride up to the town was sitting at the back of his truck waving at them.

Vickie frowned and turned her head, sharing a look with Carly. They both silently agreed to ignore it.

Forgetting about the creepy guy, Vickie looked back up at Nick when he softly nudged her.

Vickie smiled weakly again and cuddled back up to Nick, who started stroking her hair. She turned her head to smile at Carly when she tiredly leaned her head on her shoulder. Vickie gently took Carly's hand, squeezing it softly. She smiled when she felt her squeeze her hand back.

"It's alright... we're safe now." Nick said, continuing to stroke her hair.

Vickie nodded, closing her eyes. "Yeah… we're safe." She agreed softly, holding his free hand.


"Sheriff?" Came a voice through the Sheriff's walkie talkie.

The Sheriff stopped walking and picked it up. "Yeah, Dave?"

"Ran the Sinclair family through CDIC. Trudy and the doctor didn't have two sons." The guy said, pausing a little.

"They had three."