Dana Stow looked down at the bed that had once held her mother, the now empty bed. She ran her hand across the empty sheets; a single tear fell down her face and onto the hard white cloth. This was the end of her mother's life, where she had spent her last day. And standing in this room, she had never felt more alone in her life. Even though her and her mother weren't close, over the past few weeks, she had felt like something had grown there, something that she hadn't felt with her mother in a while. And now that had all been taken away, the simple hold that she had just held on her family life had now been ripped away.

She felt two arms wrap around her waist, and a small kiss pressed to her head. For a second, she had forgotten he was with her. She leaned back into his touch, now needing his healing hand more than ever. She turned around in his arms, and let the tears fall that she had been holding back for so long. He rubbed his hands up and down her back, trying to offer as much comfort as he knew how.

"She's gone Nick, she's actually gone,"

"I know," and again he wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him, he wanted her to know that no matter what, he would always be there for her; she might have just lost the biggest part of her family that she had, but that didn't mean that she had lost him.

She hugged him close, because she knew that even though her mother was gone, and she had little contact with her father, she held in her arms the most important thing that had happened in her life. She held the one man that would never let her down, that would never leave her, and that would love her until and after the day she died.

They both knew that though their mothers and fathers would soon leave them both, but that their love for one another would keep them together through hurt, loss, and everything in-between that life had to throw at them.