Writing a New Book

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Chapter 1

Quinn loved getting up early.

Before she had Beth, waking up early had been a massive chore, but somehow the pregnancy had completely messed up her body clock and she now accepted that waking up to bird song as the normal.

But she grew to love getting up at these unsociable hours.

If you went outside, it was refreshingly cool as the strong summer sun had not yet warmed the air. It was also eerily still and quiet and she felt like the only one in the whole world; completely free from worry and stress.

Though this tranquillity and peace was made slightly less idyllic by the fact that she was jogging.

Quinn hated jogging.

It was dull and she got all hot and really it wasn't an ideal exercise for retoning her body as she wasn't using her arms for much at all. In an attempt to bring a little variety into this mundane task, she took a different route round the park, heading away from the track she usually took.

Maybe jogging would be more enjoyable if she had someone to jog with. The only problem was, most of her friends were either on holiday, or had jobs...

Her mother had insisted that she didn't try and find a job, saying this summer vacation would be the perfect time for them to have some quality 'mother daughter bonding time'.

She had then promptly left to go on a cruise with her sister.

Quinn had just thought this was typical.

But she still had things to do. She had decided to leave behind this chapter of her life, that had been ended with giving birth to Beth. In fact, she was going to start writing a whole new book.

The path was becoming very steep and so she slowed to a walk.

She had never been here before.

She was walking alongside a towering wall, and soon came to a wrought iron gate.

It was a private school of some sort, all closed up for the summer at first appearances.

Further along the wall was another gate, but this one was ajar.

Intrigued, Quinn pressed her face to the bars. Surrounded by a brick wall there was an enticingly blue and still swimming pool, a medium sized pool.

And there was a beautiful man holding onto the left hand side, water running in little rivulets down the hard curves of his back muscles. He shook his head to clear the water from his ears and Quinn actually gasped as all the muscles that she could see on his back bunched and he pulled himself out onto the side of the pool. And his back and shoulders were just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, the rest of his body was equally as defined. Modestly defined.

If Quinn had to design a man's body, it would be just like that.

And then he walked slowly along the side of the pool out of the shade and she realised that she had been staring heatedly at Mr Schuester. And she was still staring at him.

And she couldn't actually force her eyes to leave his body despite the fact that he had now noticed her standing there, and was regarding her curiously.

Quinn found herself pushing through the gate, barely noticing the squeak as it swung on its hinges.

"Quinn?" he lowered himself to sit down on the side of the pool, adjusting his swimming shorts.

"Hey Mr Schue".

He smiled.

"Good morning".

She tore her eyes away from him for a second to glance longingly at the glistening water.

She suddenly felt overdressed in her sweat pants and tank top.

"You going for a run?"


There was a pause, and just the calming sound of his legs swirling the water.

"Is this your pool, Mr Schue?"

"No. Well, no it isn't, but I'm borrowing it. My cousin works at this school, and I offered me to use the pool during the kids' vacation."

She nodded.

"You can call me Will", he added, hesitatingly. "it is the holidays, after all".

"Will", she said slowly, as though she was testing how this sounded on her tongue. She decided she liked how it sounded.

He smiled encouragingly.

"Will, do you think it would be possible for me to also use this pool?"

He was surprised.

"Of course. But you'd have to accompany me, I'm kinda responsible for it and everything."

She gulped. Mr... Will half naked and all wet.

She wasn't sure if the whole teacher student boundaries would hold out, especially if she called him Will.

She was still extremely glad she had strayed off the beaten track.

"I'm kinda surprised that anyone found this pool", he continued, "there's a huge signs all around this school and grounds saying private property do not enter- though don't worry, I'm glad you came, it's getting a bit lonely..."

She had definitely not noticed any signs.

He was wearing an expression that was like he had thought he had said too much. "Sorry", he said quietly.

Quinn rolled up her sweat pants and slipped her trainers off to dangle her legs in the water, sitting on the side directly opposite him.

"Why are you sorry?"

The cool water was deliciously refreshing against her warm skin.

"I didn't really think about what I said before it came out", he grinned shyly.

Quinn hadn't seen this shy and emotional side of Will before. But it scared her again that it made him seem less like the inspirational teacher figure, and more like a guy who just needed a friend.

"Do you not have any friends?" she asked and her face was shocked that she had just said that.

He laughed.

"Now I'm sorry." Quinn said, looking down at her feet, distortedly huge looking due to the effect of the rippling water.

"It's okay", he assured her. "And the sad fact is, I don't really have any friends."

"All my friends are away on holiday, or have jobs, or boyfriends and stuff..." Quinn said glumly.

"Mine's worse", Will argued, "the only real friend I had was Emma and she's now practically married to her dentist!"

"Mine's worse!" Quinn maintained, grinning, "my mums gone on a cruise and none of my friends are ever around."

Will laughed. "Let's call it a draw", he said.


He slipped into the water and Quinn couldn't help but notice his stomach muscles twitch as the skin came into contact with the cool liquid.

Would they twitch if she ran her fingers along them?

No! No! She couldn't think of him like that.

But why? She wasn't doing anything illegal just by thinking of touching him. Thinking was not illegal.

Quinn pulled her feet out of the pool and hugged her legs to her chest.

"It'll be fun to do some swimming". She thought out loud, "with you".

He dunked his head under the water and up again, smiling.

"Yeah it will. We can be loner losers together".

She laughed.

"Not that I think your a loser", he added hastily.

She just laughed again.

"You wait 'til you see me attempt to swim", she joked.

She pulled on her socks and trainers, her feet already dry. She rubbed her eyes then, because she'd suddenly had a horrible thought that he was just a mirage or something, and the heat was making her see things.

But he was still there when she opened her eyes again, just treading water.

"I better go", Quinn said at last, not wanting to outstay her welcome, seeing as she had just barged into his private swimming session, and had invited herself to future swimming sessions. Was that a bit rude? The pros outweighed the cons though. The pros being the fact that swimming was exercise which used all muscles and was a lot more enjoyable than jogging. And that Will was there to talk to... And look at and think about.

"See you tomorrow", Will said.

And she watched him duck dive down to the bottom before she left.

The rest of her summer suddenly seemed to have a lot more reason to look forward to.

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