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Chapter 1 - Revelations

"John these are excellent!" Sherlock puffed as he ran purposefully across the busy road as if there were no cars there at all.

We ran into the entrance of 221B Baker Street.

"New clues!" He shouted in exultation as he put the box of the recently attained personal affects ontop of a pile of splayed documents.

"Sherlock?" I leaned against the doorway watching him peer into the cardboard box like a monkey would if it was looking for food. He looked intently at each object, putting them inches from his face and discarding the unsatisfactory items to the floor with a flick of the wrist.

"The excitement of objects still full of mystery and puzzles yet to be discovered" he babbled.

'It's a wonder he hasn't given himself an Aneurysm' I thought.

"Sherlock?" I tried to get his attention past his cloud of thoughts. He heard me this time snapping out of his bubble with a blink. He came over to me grabbing me by the shoulders.

"Doesn't it excite you John?" he looked at me like I had come from the box, "It certainly excites me" he grinned.

"Well, that's...quite clear" I paused "But you've missed something"

He raised an eyebrow slightly, cocked his head to the side and took his hands of my shoulders slowly as if I had insulted him. I treasured the expression; you didn't often see Sherlock bewildered at something you had said.

"Do go on John"

"Well..." I started, enjoying the momentary power I had over him, "You're going to need to put those pictures up somewhere aren't you" I asked rhetorically, nodding my head to the walls. They were covered entirely with documents, receipts and pictures.

"I mean, it looks like the Home Office exploded in here" I jested.

"More space..." he trailed off into thought and suddenly ran up the stairs with the documents.

"Sherlock?" I went after him up until his bedroom door, pausing.

"It's ok, you can come in" he shouted from inside.

I pushed the door tentatively. It felt like taboo entering his room, I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable and even nervous as I shut the door behind me. He smiled briefly and looked up at me. A silent beat.

"What?" I asked

"Oh, nothing" he picked up some more documents and began taping them to the wall. I caught myself looking at his slender figure as he kneeled on his double bed and stretched upward, his dark suit jacket revealing slithers of porcelian skin.

'For God's sake John, pull yourself together' my throat clenched, I coughed to relieve it. He looked over.

"Hold these for me would you?" he asked returning to face the wall but holding some sheets out. I took them from him. He shuffled back onto the foot of the the bed looking at the wall intently. I got onto the bed in front of him and knelt, leaning up with the sheets. Suddenly he was kneeling behind me his hand on mine.

"No, no, no, here" He said moving it a few millimetres to the left. The touch caused me to flinch slightly. I hoped he wouldn't notice. Unlikely, but I could still hope. I felt his breath on the nape of my neck.

"Keep them there" He knelt back retrieving the tape, he stretched himself over me, his chin nearly touching my cheek. He tore the tape with his teeth and finally taped the pictures to the wall. I was relieved and quickly got off of the bed. He lay down, head at the foot of the bed and flicked his eyes across the wall the opposite end, he clapsed his hands beneath his chin and closed his eyes as if in prayer. I stood there feeling like an idiot, an intruder.

"John!" his urgent and irritated voice breaking the silence making me jump.

"What? What is it?".

His face reflected his tone.


"I wasn't-" I whispered

"You were breathing too loud" Sherlock hissed at me. Silence followed for a few seconds. His eyes snapped open. He looked quickly at the wall of photos.

"John" He got up like a shot. "I'm really sorry". Suddenly he threw me onto the bed, straddled me, kissed me and moved his hand underneath my trousers. I was, to put it mildly, shocked.

"Sherlo-" I shouted between kisses.

The door opened and I heard Mrs. Hudson start to speak, immediately stop and shut the door in a hurry. As soon as she was gone he got off of me.

"What the hell was that?" I was furious.

Sherlock stood as if nothing had happened.

"There's sensitive information on this wall John, we can't have Mrs. Hudson seeing it, you know she's a terrible gossip"

"Oh right, right, of course, so the only way to stop that was for you t-to-" I gestured wildly not knowing what to say.

"Yes actually, well, it was that or I punch you, but I'd have to have punched you several times before Mrs. Hudson had seen. Anyway she would have tried to intervene, whereas the other idea only confirmed her suspicions, so even though she is shocked enough to be distracted from the wall her immediate thought is to leave." He paused for breath. "Anyway" he smiled cheekily "I thought you might like it"

"Wh-What An-And that explains why I'm angry does it?"

"You're angry because you have been fighting your feelings for me, and I've just destroyed that"

"How...do you-?"

"Well, firstly you shut the door"

"The door?"

"Yes, you subconsciously didn't want anyone else being in the room, and you didn't want an easy way to escape"

"You said firstly?'

"Well, then there's your cough, it was a catching cough, you're not ill so something else was causing your throat to tighten, most likely strong emotions, typically nerves or the concealment of them. You verbally tried to stop me but you didn't lift a finger meaning you knew you should deny me but you weren't going to", he paused, "Oh, and the pulse in your hand increased the closer I got to you" He continued looking at me for a while.

"What now?" I snapped, his face remained calm.

"You're also angry at me because you think I didn't mean that kiss"

"...You did?"

"Of course I did. If I hadn't I would have thought of something else, it would have taken me longer granted but I'm sure I would have come up with something"

"So when you said at the café?"

"Oh, every ones got to play a little hard to get sometimes right, anyway it worked" I stared at him in disbelief, I then started laughing, it hadn't been that funny but the relief of the situation was being lifted from my mind.

"I'm guessing you have questions" He sat on the bed facing me.

"Just a few"

"Go on" he looked at me with his mysterious grey eyes, today I noticed there was a tint of blue to them, I liked to think it might be due to me.

"How long have you known?"

"Since we first met"

"Wow, I, er, completely failed at concealing that one didn't I. How did you know?"

"You got slightly too angry every time someone suggested we were together, early on when we walked anywhere you always stood on the left side of me so you limped towards me, you've recently started stuttering and generally the fact that you've put up with me for so long without wanting to leave or kill me. Anything else"

"Yeah, um, can you "deduce" my...preferences". He squinted in a thoughtful manner.

"For what?"


"Only one way to tell" He placed a hand on my chest, pushed me backward, leaned over me and kissed me. I raised my eyebrows in half-surprise at the dexterity of his lips, although I had always suspected he would be an amazing kisser. He stopped abruptly raising his head.

"Interesting. You like being led, I suppose that's something you've gotten used to, but you like a soft touch, a sign of care, something you've been deprived of" He stopped "No ones shown you affection for a good few years now" he reinforced his point by tracing a long, soft finger across my jaw. I then realised I was crying. Sherlock wiped the tears from my cheek.

"Shhh, It's ok now John" he scooped me up into his arms and held me in a warming embrace. I sniffed as I closed my eyes and rested into him, steadying my breathing. As I did so I breathed in his smell, there was the faint, sweet muskiness of nicotine but a clean surgical smell. The fascinating smell soothed me as well as the feel of his long arms wrapped around me completely. I found myself drifting off to sleep.