Jasper wraps his arms around me. He nuzzles my neck. "Let's go upstairs." He whispers to me. I smile, he knew we couldn't go upstairs. Edward wanted us to be there with Bella. He was on a hunting trip with Carlisle and Esme and he wanted us to entertain her until he comes back.

Rose and Emmett are here, but I don't think Edward would ever ask Rose to entertain her, not since he knows how jealous she is of Bella.

I lean into him. "You know we can't do that Jasper." I whisper back.

Bella was watching something on TV, but I wasn't sure what it is, Jasper is kind of distracting. It's amazing that after all this time, his touch still excites me, his breath on me still sends a shock of happiness throughout my body, and his lips touching me still make me so blissful that I could spin around and squeal like a little girl.

Bella turns and looks at me. "You guys don't have to babysit me." She says to me and Jasper.

"See…" Jasper whispers into my neck. I smile and push him off a little.

"We are staying until Edward comes back," I say more to Jasper than to Bella. Jasper slumps back into the couch obviously not enjoying my answer. I smile in amusement.

Bella nods and turns back to the TV.

I hear the door open and obviously so does Jasper, he sits up straight and smiles to me. He stands up and pulls me to stand with him. I sigh and give in.

Jasper pulls me, leading to the stairs. I turn and smile to Bella. "See you later." I smile and she smiles back to me. Jasper rushes to get me upstairs. When we get to our room he carefully closes it behind us. I raise an eyebrow to him.

"Jasper, what's the rush?" I smile. He pulls me close against his chest and his lips crash onto mine. Here comes the blissfulness. His hand trails underneath my shirt and up my back. His hands trail and come to my stomach and then back to my back. He starts leading me back throughout the kiss. He's trying to lay me on the bed. I smile through the kiss. I take the ends of his shirt and I pull it over his head quickly. He does the same with my shirt. He trails his kiss all the way to my chest and his tongue grazes over my chest and then the kisses trail back to my lips. I spin us around so that I can be the one to push him on the bed. He gives in and allows me to push him on the bed. Some nights, he'd fight me taking control, but not tonight.

When he gracefully falls on the bed, I jump onto him and straddle his hips. I lean down and kiss each of his scars on his chest. I trail them back up again. My lips meet his again and his tongue invades my mouth and he gently traces the inside of my mouth. The thing most people don't see is Jasper is gentle and kind. His hands gracefully trace over my back. My hands go into his hair. I pull away from his lips and meet his smoldering amber eyes. I lean my forehead against his and I bring one of my hands to trace the scars along his jaw. He winces a little at first; sometimes he was still insecure about them. I smile sweetly to him.

"You are so beautiful," I whisper to him and I kiss each scar along his jaw. When I finish I look back up to him.

"Alice…" He mutters.

I smile sweetly to him. "Happy anniversary," I whisper to him and he smirks. "You didn't think I forgot did you?" I raise an eyebrow to him and smirk.

He shakes his head a little. "Happy anniversary darling," Jasper whispers back and one of his hands grab neck and our lips meet again. I smile through the kisses unable to hide the pure blissfulness I am in right now.

After a little bit he pulls away, he pushes himself up and he spins us so he is on top of me pinning me between him and the mattress. He smirks to me and then his lips crash against mine once more.