Daughters with Deductions

Summary: Sherlock, John Watson and Sherlock's two daughters arrive in Albuquerque where his daughters attend East High as freshman, but soon a few disappearances and Moriarty's games bring them and the East High Gang together for the better...or for the worse.

This is set during High School Musical 3 and after 'The Great Game'. I'm not much of a High School Musical Fan as I was 2 years ago, but I just couldn't get this idea out of my head. I do not own Sherlock, High School Musical or any of their characters but I do own Jessa, Claire and Cayden Quinn (mentioned in the next few chapters). Enjoy! No flame would be appreciated. Constructive criticism is welcome.

The game had ended yesterday but the excitement still buzzed around the school. After the last couple of years East High had won the Championships, all thanks to Troy Bolton. He looked at the gleaming trophy in the glass case surrounded by him and his teammates knowing how proud everyone was of him; his dad, the team the whole school, Gabriella…

"Hi Troy!" His thoughts were interrupted by that all too familiar voice just by his shoulder. Sure enough, he turned around and saw Sharpay Evans grinning at him flirtatiously. He tried to hold back a groan.

"So, when's the big game?" She asked batting her lashes at him.

"Uh…yesterday," was all he could think of. There was a hint of awkwardness in the air for a second. Then Sharpay looked down at her phone frowning at a text.

"Oh well…good luck," she smiled absentmindedly and blew him a kiss as she strode off. Now Chad and Zeke were with him Zeke gazing at her back.

"She's so sweet," he murmured. Troy and Chad looked at him laughing quietly and walked off to the rest of the team.

Sharpay was now at her shocking pink locker staring at herself in the mirror sporting a jewelled tiara. Someday, she thought to herself, everybody here will see me…as a star. She was so concentrated on these thoughts that she only just noticed the figure standing behind her. Her eyes widened and she twirled around.

"What are you?" she demanded, and then quickly corrected herself, "I mean who are you?"

The girl, although her size, looked younger, only about sixteen or so. Her long blonde hair was worn tied back neatly in a sleek ponytail showing the full features of her face. Her round-ended slightly turned-up nose reminded Sharpay as an innocent pixie, but her grey-green eyes pierced through Sharpay as though looking straight through her. She wore some sort of tunic and light blue dress, the type of outfit that reminded Sharpay of an air hostess. The girl smiled.

"Good morning Miss Evans, I'm Tiara Gold. I transferred here today from London. I noticed your note on the board," the girl called 'Tiara' held up a pink (of course) sheet with darker pink italic writing on it, "saying you were needing a personal assistant."

"Well with all these prom finals, graduations," Sharpay started, "I will need somebody to check my appointments, assignments, all that jazz. And most importantly I need someone to run my lines for the Spring Musical with me. 'Run Lines' is a theatre term for-"

"Learning your role', I know," Tiara assured her. Sharpay became quite almost immediately. No one else she knew had interrupted her or known about the terms of theatre. But she just brushed them off as soon as she saw Tiara inspecting her locker, even daring to move her things.

"You should keep Science and Maths books together since they are your first lessons," she took out a few books and placed them onto another shelf.

"How do you know my timetable?" Sharpay asked curiously, her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I took my time to check," Tiara said politely, then pulled out a brown paper bag, "simply so I could be certain I have your non-fat soy latte ready for your free period." Sharpay plucked the bag from her and sniffed the contents.

"One packet of sweeteners," she checked looking at the English girl over the top of the bag.

"Organic, of course." Tiara smiled sweetly. Sharpay smiled too and got down to business.

"I'll give you a list of my wardrobe choices each day so we don't clash outfits." As she was leaving she turned again.

"By the way I like the accent. It's…" Sharpay searched for the right word, "Sweet," and sauntered off.

"And get rid of any orange!" Sharpay called as she went round the corner.

While all this was happening, Principal Matsui sat at his desk sorting through the vast number of papers littering the table top. He was expecting some new arrivals soon and had to organise arrangements for them, which he should've done at the weekend but was caught up by…he didn't need to think about that again. He just had to get the work done. He heard a knock on the door, nearly jumping out of his suit from being surprised like that from his peace.

"Umm, enter," he said trying to sound busy and important.

After a moment the door creaked open. A short man maybe in his thirties with short army-cut blonde-brown hair and a leather jacket stepped in looking quite unsure. After a second, two girls stepped in after him. The first of them was small, only around about 5'3', and had a slight build. She looked like she was between thirteen and fourteen. Her long straight nearly-black hair hung down covering some of her face, but the principal could see she was pale with slanted hazel eyes and quite thin lips. She was wearing a plain green t-shirt under a grey dotted hoodie with black skinny jeans and greying old pumps. The second girl was obviously older, between fourteen and fifteen, and about 5'4' also with a slender frame. Her hair was also long, but in curls and a cross between dark blonde and mouse brown. She was pale too with only a ghost of a blush on her cheeks. Her eyes were green-brown, round and outlined in dark pencil. Her face was less thinner than the first girl with pouted more-coloured lips. She wore a bright red trench coat with a green scarf, blue skinny jeans and black-and-white baseball shoes.

"Good morning," Principal Matsui greeted the three, "I assume you are our new freshman students joining us for the next few months," he turned to the man, "Are you their father?"

"…What? No, no, I'm…well their dad's busy. I'm Dr. John Watson." The two men shook hands before Matsui's eyes turned back to the girls.

"Well then, welcome to East High. I need to check your names and files first," he pulled out two folders from his drawer, inspecting them closely.

"Let's see, Claire Emily Holmes?" He looked up and the brunette girl in the hoodie nodded. He looked back at the folder.

"And Jessa Tanith Quinn-Holmes," he frowned saying her last name and looked up slowly. At first hesitating, the blonde girl in the red trench coat nodded too.

"May I ask Dr. Watson, why can't Mr…Sherlock Holmes join us? After all most parents come with their children on their first day at a new school to see them off, don't they?" the principal sounded concerned.

"I'm not a child," Principal Matsui did not hear Jessa mutter this. Only Claire and John did. John looked at her warningly.

"And Sherlock isn't most parents," the principal also never heard Claire whisper this to Jessa. John gave up, wondering how on earth the principal couldn't hear the girls contradicting him.

"I'm afraid my colleague," John leant in, even though the girls knew it already, "is one of the detectives involved in…you know…the kidnappings…" Principal Matsui understood. Everybody did. Everybody had slept badly ever since the first disappearances had occurred three nights ago. It seemed impossible to find the culprit; he was crafty and left no clues. No normal person could crack this…

"He's a specialist, let's just say," the principal was startled by the now louder voice of Claire, still standing near the door.

"Sorry," he spluttered, alarmed by the confidence in Claire's voice. Most new students were so quiet he had to coax answers out of them. Which may have made him seem somewhat freaky but it got answers.

"Sherlock can solve it, he wouldn't have come here otherwise, all the way from London," Jessa assured him confidently.

"Well…" he decided to go onto other matters, "I'm afraid I could only get you into a senior homeroom, but I'm sure it doesn't matter, I mean, you said you were here for-"

"Until the case is solved," Jessa finished loudly already rising from her seat.

"Which could well be within the month," Claire continued, also getting up from her seat.

"Um…" Principal Matsui mentally slapped himself, pulling himself together, "your homeroom is Miss Darbus's in the Drama Department. Here are your timetables; I think you'll be just fine here according to your previous records."

"Thank you," John spoke for the two girls who were already at the door, "It was nice to meet you."

"Thank you," Jessa said politely, and swept out of the door. Claire hung back after John left too.

"The next time you go off halfway around the world, make sure your wife doesn't discover your affair. I could see it all." Claire smirked and left too, leaving a bemused and shocked Principal Matsui staring after them.

"What the…"