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All that helps us live

Chapter one

At Hogwarts

Albus Dumbledore felt he had done the correct thing when he had left young Harry Potter on the doorstep of the Dursley's house, the boy's hardships would only make him stronger is what he told himself to reassure that he was doing the correct thing. After all, what good was a disobedient weapon… it was all for the greater good.

The Dursley's – 1st November 1981

When Petunia Dursley woke that morning she was prepared for a normal, perfect day with her perfectly normal husband, son, and daughter.

But her hopes crashed as she opened the door to collect the mail that morning, there on her doorstep was her… Sister's devil spawn child… Harry James Potter.

Before the neighbours could notice anything strange going on she took the child and brought him into the house, looking at him disdainfully. She took the letter and read it, scoffing as she read what had happened to her sister, she had always known that her sister would get herself blown up from the second Lily had married that Potter boy.

As she was wondering what to do with the child, her oldest child Maria walked into the room, at three the child was rather mature for her age and helped her around the house sometimes. Though Petunia was resentful towards the child, as she had inherited the Evans silky red hair and green eyes, reminding her of the sister she lost to a bunch of freaks wielding magic sticks.

Then an idea popped into her head, she wouldn't have to look after the potter child… what if… her daughter could look after him, after all Maria did look like Lily and the boy would probably go to Maria instead of her, it was a brilliant idea. Petunia looked at the sleepy young girl who was gazing at the boy still asleep wrapped up in blue blankets with weird patterns on them, and made her decision. The boy was no longer her problem, and if Vernon wanted nothing to do with the freak boy they could just drop him at an orphanage; and damn the consequences. Maria could take care of the boy from now on.

She handed the boy to Maria and the girl fell in love with the adorable boy straight away, holding him tightly and not letting anyone else near him. She fed him, changed him, and looked after him throughout the hours of the day. Petunia was quite satisfied with her solution, and when she saw Vernon arrive back from his business trip she wondered what he would decide. She set out dinner and waited for him to be finished before she told him about what had happened that morning and she showed him the letter.

He sat for a few minutes in thought before he started to speak.

"I think he should go to an orphanage, unless you actually want to keep your sister's devil child?" He said, when she shook her head he continued.

"Good, I'll drop him at an orphanage in London tonight, that's far away enough for no one to know it was us that dropped him there." He said to her.

"Vernon, there's one more thing… Maria likes the boy, when Dudley saw him he hated him on sight, but Maria actually likes him. All the weird things that happen around the girl, you don't suppose she's like them do you?" Petunia said in a quiet voice, as if she was afraid someone else would hear her. Vernon looked sad at this but determined.

"If she refuses to leave the boy, she can leave too. I won't have any freaks in this house, even if they have my blood." He said and Petunia didn't refuse his decision, she didn't want any freaks in the house either.

Sure enough when Vernon Dursley picked up the boy hero roughly and shoved him into the car, Maria ran after him worrying about the young boy who had green eyes, when she saw the car door still open she clambered in and held the crying boy to her chest and soothed him.

Vernon and Petunia swore from that day that they would never have anything to do with freaks like them again, they would forget their freak daughter, that spawn of their sister/sister-in-law and the rest of the magic freaks. And so the newly named Maria Evans and Harry Evans were left at an orphanage in London with a note only saying their names and dates of birth.

That was the first mistake made by the world, soon there would be more. And it all started that night…

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