Title: Kiss and Make out, err, up – The Omake!

Summary: While the good news is that his Guardians had made up (and out), Tsuna has to deal with a sort-of upset Vongola Primo next.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! belongs to Akira Amano

Pairings: G27 (nothing romantic, though suggestive); Hints of 1869 (Basically referencing to original fic)

Warning: OoC-ness; language; CRACK

Dedicated to: differentclouds, once again – who loved the entire of the previous chapter and requested an omake when I said I had an idea for it.

Kiss and Make out, err, up

The Omake

Reborn snickered as he heard the story from Tsuna.

" I am really changing every single piece of that furniture in that meeting room." Tsuna groaned. " …Though I can't say I not considering the complete ban of that room as well…"

" That just a waste of good space, Tsuna." Reborn chided.

" Reborn, please spare me. I just had the honor of knowing that two of my Guardians – who in their ten years of knowing each other had never gotten along – had sex on my chair in the second meeting room." Tsuna said, sighing.

" On the bright side, they're getting along." Reborn replied.

Tsuna sighed again. ' At times like this… I really wonder how my sanity survived all these time…'

" Well. I hope your sanity is ready for another ride." Reborn smirked.

" Huh…?" Tsuna blinked.

The Vongola Sky Ring was glowing. With a familiar soft orange glow, at that. Tsuna groaned.

' Great. First my Guardians, and now…'

" Good afternoon to you, Primo." Reborn greeted.

" Is there anything you wish to discuss, Primo?" Tsuna asked.

Giotto di Vongola, Vongola Primo, stood with a frown on his face. The signature Dying Will Flame burned brightly on his forehead, as the cloak fluttered around him and metal gloves sat comfortably on his hands. Amber eyes observed his descendent carefully. He pursed his lips and soon began to talk.

" I observed what you did earlier."

" With all due respect, I did lots of things earlier. I stopped my Guardians from destroying this wonderful mansion, grounded them, and found out they had sex in the same room I ground them in." Tsuna replied smoothly.

Giotto sighed. " I refer to the stopping of your Guardians, Decimo."

" Hmm, that clears things up a little more. What about it?" Tsuna asked.

Giotto frowned. …Or rather, the frown deepened a little more.

" ...I love you very much, my great, great, great grandfather… But I don't speak face language." Tsuna said, annoyed. " But if I had to make a guess… It was about the Zero Point Breakthrough, wasn't it?"

" I am very sure the Zero Point Breakthrough is not meant to be used that way." Giotto said, sighing.

' …He… appeared here just to tell me that?' Tsuna thought.

" Don't be disrespectful, Tsuna." Reborn 'tsk'-ed.

" How about you stop reading my mind first." Tsuna glared. " I apologize for abusing the Zero Point Breakthrough, great, great, gre–"

" Decimo. Either address me by name or title. Stop calling me your great, great, great grandfather." Giotto snapped.

" …Right. I mean, Primo." Tsuna laughed nervously. An angry Primo is really worse than a Decimo in a rare, bad mood. " But… just for curiosity's sake… Can I ask you something, Primo?"

Giotto had a bad feeling about it, but nodded anyway.

" According to Reborn, our Famiglia are rather… similar. So, I'm really curious…" Tsuna grinned playfully. " How exactly was the relationship between your Cloud Guardian and Mist Guardian?"

Giotto really wanted to up and disappear – Well, strictly speaking he could, back into the ring. But he got a feeling that his wonderfully curious descendent would be willing to sink his will into the Ring to find out. And so, he sighed in defeat and talked.

" Alaude and Daemon didn't get along very well. Though they rarely do fight the moment they see each other. And yes, Decimo, to the question you're dying to ask. I did, at times, use the Zero Point Breakthrough to stop them."

Tsuna grin could match that of a Cheshire cat. Reborn hid his eyes within the shadow of his fedora, but Tsuna could still see the little shakes of the adult hitman's body, indicating his will to keep his laughter hidden – or at least, silenced.

Tsuna coughed a few times before he spoke again. " But… they did… err, you know…" Tsuna blushed lightly.

" I told you, a boss needs to articulate himself properly." Reborn warned, raising his black, shiny gun in Tsuna's direction.

" Right…" Tsuna raised his arms in defeat. " To be really blunt… did any of your Guardians screw each other?"

" Fortunately, not. At least, not to my knowledge." Giotto smiled proudly.

" …Lucky me." Tsuna groaned. He mentally debated if it was worth it to bang his head against the nice looking wall.

" In any case… about the Zero Point Breakthrough…"

The door burst open.

" Hayato-kun, Takeshi-kun, Onii-san, Lambo. What is important that you have to threaten the door?" Tsuna asked, eyes twitching in annoyance.

" But, Tsuna-nii, it's an emergency!" Lambo whined.

" The four of you looked like you just saw a ghost." Reborn stated.

" We… might as well have." Ryohei stuttered.

" Hibari and Mukuro are, er…" Yamamoto actually blushed.

Tsuna re-opened the earlier mental debate.

" Well… screwing each other in the second meeting room. The more important part is that the door was kinda open, Jyuudaime." Gokudera said.

" I just received a report from the Medic team… A number of Mafiosos are admitted for trauma." Ryohei said.

" By the way..." Reborn said. All heads in the room turned to the smirking hitman. " Just who was on top?"

The four - rather traumatized - Guardians all blushed. Tsuna raised an eyebrow, while Giotto looked extremely amused.

" It..." Lambo stuttered.

" ...was..." Ryohei swallowed.

" Ahahaha..." Yamamoto laughed nervously.

" ...Hibari." Gokudera said.

" Reborn…?" Tsuna called.

" What is it, Tsuna?"

" Do me a favor and shoot me now." Tsuna groaned.

" …That would be wasting a good bullet, so no. Deal with it. They're your Guardians." Reborn scolded.

" …Primo?" Tsuna called next.

" Yes, what is it, Decimo?"

" Are you really sure I can't abuse the Zero Point Breakthrough? I feel like installing two new ice statues in the mansion." Tsuna said.

" I suppose… that would be aesthetically appealing." Giotto smirked. " Go ahead, Decimo. Go ahead."

Tsuna smirked and pulled on his gloves.

A/N: To be honest, I'm a little unsure about this omake. This is the first time I've ever written an omake, and I'm not sure whether it's relevant or not. Anyways, as you requested, differentclouds, I included 1869 in this supposedly to be G27 omake. Hope you loved it - and dare I say, me? Thanks for reading~