Chapter 13: Good Times return…

They returned and when they landed, they saw a woman standing there, smiling bright at them. They all gasped at the woman.

All: Keira?

Keira: One and only.

They ran and hugged her, not actually believing she was back from the dead.

Jr.: My daughter…I've missed you…

Jim: Mom… how?

Keira: When you changed fate, you brought me back. It is SOO good to be back. Ya'll have made me proud.

Kit gathered everyone from all corners to see Keira again, and to give Keira her place.

Keira: I can't take it.

All: *gasp*

Kit: Why not?

Keira: You earned it.

Keira placed the seal of Kinover-Mar on her necklace loop, the crown on her head. The citizens cheered and roared. This is… the end.