this is my first Digimon story, I've decided to use the English dub names. sorry

Digimon is not mine or the holiday Valentines day

it was febuary 12th a nice evening at Odaiba japan. in a home inside of a apartment building a young girl is in the kitchen, she has a cookbook on a specific page, suddenly the book is snagged from her sight

"oohhhh, your making chocolates" a teenage boy said looking at the page, the girl, tried to get the book back

" Cut it out" she said reaching for the book, the boy ran out of the kitchen his sister chasing after him

" Tai give it back" she yelled, the boy Tai didn't listen, a white cat creature was sleeping on the couch woke up, she did like her cat naps to be disturb, she got up and snatched the book out of Tai's hands

" if you don't mind I like my naps to be quiet" she jumped down to the floor and handed the book back to the girl

" Thank's Gatomon" the girl told the cat digimon

" sure thing Kari" Gatomon walked back to the couch and curled back to sleep, Tai glared down at the Digimon, ever since MaloMyotismon was defeated and the digidestined got to have there digimon live with them, Gatomon has been polite to the Kamiya's, and has irritated Tai

" little miss perfect Furball" Tai grumbled, then Tai' and Kari's mother returned from the store, she walked into the kitchen

"oh I see you making Chocolates" she said " just clean up when your done ok" there mom was cut off by a bad stench in the house, Tai and Kari smelled it too, they looked in the only direction that it came from, The bathroom!

" Tai were you the last to use the toilet?" she asked

" no" Tai said " maybe dad was in there" he suggested, the door to the bathroom opened and instead of a person a orange dinosaur came out with newspaper rolled under his arms, he looked up at the kamiya family who were disgusted by his stench

" Agumon!" all three said


Elsewhere, another digidestined was making Chocolates, she had shoulder length rust color hair, she just finished her last batch

" What you doing Sora!" a pink bird Digimon approached from behind the girl

" oh Biyomon you startled me" the girl named Sora said, she quickly wraped up the Chocolates in plastic wrap and lined them up with the other, Biyomon poked her head up on the counter

" oh that's pretty Sora" she said but still had no idea what the little gifts of Chocolate were for " what are they?"

" where Chocolates" Sora explained " on Valentines day I'm giving every one including the digimon a valentine present, and some give Chocolates to those they care for the most". Biyomon notice one of the chocolates were different from the rest

" why is this one different?" she pointed, Sora blushed

" uh that's one special" she tried to explain with out feeling embarrassed, Byiomon spotted a extra apron, walking over she put it on her self, then walked over to Sora to show off

" I wanna make Chocolates too" she chirped, Sora giggled at her Digimon but know Biyomon she was determine

" ok but first wash your wings" she told her.

it's been along time since I've watched the Digimon series ( not the newer series caused they suck) so correct me if I've got Tai and Kari's house location wrong and is it just me or is Agumon the only Digimon who has to crap a lot?