Patamon after having some of Tk.s Chocolate was sleeping off his sweet snack. his sleeping was interrupted by a bump against the tree he was in and looking down it was Gatomon, Gatomon was still dizzy and leaned up against the tree. Patamon flew down to her inspecting what just happened.

" Gatomon are you ok?" the little digimon asked. Gatomon's eye's flutter open at first she though she saw Angamon, rubbing her eyes instead it was Patamon.

" yes I'm fine" the cat digimon spoke getting up " I've just had a bad encounter with Veemon" she stretched

" what happen?" Patamon asked. Gatomoned sighed

" Veemon made me dance with him" she said " he claimed he learn his dancing off of TV"

" TV?" Patamon drew his little stubby paw to his chin and though over this then he looked up " oh I know what your talking about" he cried, he levitated to eye level with Gatomon " T.K's mom watches that show each night and I know some of the performances are rough but there are some which are gentle" he took Gatomon's paw into his " let me show you".

Patamon gently spun around with Gatomon, his ears kept him afloat as he glided the cat digimon along the school yard then they ended up doing the tango dip and all Gatomon felt her cheek burn red, she had never felt this way and Patamon was so nice with her. Patamon ended the dancing with a bow and Gatomon bowed back.

" oh my" Gatomon tried to hide her blush, Patamon took the opportunity to plant a little peck on her cheek then he flew back up into the tree

" see you after school Gatomon" he called. Gatomon still stun over the dancing and the kiss she plopped under the tree in the shade trying to figure out what just happened to her.

Digi-Fluff! well Lord Pata asked if there was going to be any Gatomon and Patamon fluff or romance well for now here's some fluff.

Wondering why Gatomon though she saw Angamon, well if you look at it bright sunlight mixed with orange Fur and Gatomon blurry Vision, you can probably end up seeing things.

I'm still iffy one PataXGato but if I read enough fanfic I might get used to it.