Title: Widespread Panic

Author: Qualli

Rating: T (PG-13)

Character(s)/Pairing(s):Kurt Hummel, ensemble (Puck/Kurt established relationship)

Genre: Drama, Hurt/Comfort

Warning: Swearing, Panic attacks and possible triggers

Spoilers: Set after 'Preggers' and 'The Power of Madonna' re: Kurt's new sports.

Disclaimer: Not mine

Author Note: Set in the "Breathe" universe, and taking place after "Just Breathe". (What you need to know: Kurt has Generalized Panic Disorder, and a prank by Vocal Adrenaline has made it worse. Puck is Kurt's "Safe Person" (Someone who knows how to deal with panic attacks and spot the signs)

Summary: 5 Times Someone Unexpected Helped Kurt With A Panic Attack, and One Time He Helped Someone Unexpected With The Same Thing.

Part 1. Will Schuester

Will Schuester kind of hated his kids sometimes. Well not hated, just disliked, and only after dealing with them on pop quiz day for 4 hours straight. He really didn't even dislike them. But he was very, very, relieved to finally have a lunch break, where he could hide out in his office and grade those quizzes over a sandwich, kid free.

He threw himself down in his chair with a sigh and rolled it to the desk. His feet connected with something solid and there was a familiar high pitched yelp and a thump as that something tried to scurry further under the desk.

"Kurt?" He asked cautiously, rolling backwards slowly and bending down so he could see whoever was under there.

Kurt stared out at him, wide eyed and curled into an impossibly tiny ball. He had been crying, and still looked a little pale, cradling his hand. A panic attack then. Either coming or going. Hopefully it was going, and accidently kicking the soprano wouldn't start off another round.

"Hi." Kurt said softly and matter of factly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Hi." Will replied, nodding towards Kurt's hand. "You okay? Did I roll over it?"

Kurt shrugged. "Just knocked it. Sorry."

"That's okay. I should have looked first. Do you want some company? I have peanut butter and jelly. Or I could eat lunch in the teacher's lounge if you need to be alone."

Kurt hesitated and Will found himself holding his breath.

"Don't go. But...can I stay under the desk for a while?"

"Sure." Will nodded, rolling farther away. He picked up his coffee cup, pouring half of his soda into it, then carefully sat down, leaning against the filing cabinet. He put the rest of the bottle, half a sandwich and some napkins down, where Kurt could reach it, and started in on his portion. Kurt's hand reached out and snatched the sandwich before retreating back under the desk.

"I don't want to talk about it." Kurt said, wiping at his face with his sleeve, before delicately nibbling the crust of the sandwich.

"You don't have to." Will assured him. "But if you want to talk, sometime, that's okay too." He was new to this panic attack stuff, first with Emma and now Kurt, but he had read all the brochures and picked up a book or two. Puck, of all people, had taken him aside and warned him that Kurt didn't like to talk or have people fuss over him when he was 'freaking' out. Slowly though, Kurt seemed to be changing, wanting people nearby, though he still preferred if they ignored him.

"Thank you." Kurt cut into Will's thoughts. Will glanced up. The kid had polished off the pb&j in record time, and was clutching the soda bottle like a security blanket. He had tucked himself back again, his feet pulled up under him so that he was completely hidden from view if you stood in the doorway.

"No problem." Will smiled, finishing his own sandwich quickly and pulling down the stack of quizzes.

"Can you... I think I need my medicine." Kurt waved a hand towards his satchel, and Will obligingly fetched it for him. A small lipstick case, which apparently doubled as a stash box for contraband, was pulled out, and Kurt swallowed down a pill before returning the case, and tucking the satchel next to him.

"Thanks" Kurt repeated.

Will nodded, going back to his paperwork, staying within sight but not hovering or worrying. He was just...there. Which seemed to help more than anything else.

By the time his lunch and planning periods had gone by, Kurt had fallen asleep, still curled under the desk. An effect of the medication, which meant this had been a pretty bad attack if he needed to take it. He'd make sure Kurt's teachers knew why he was AWOL, they'd all been given the Burt Hummel 'you got a problem with my kid's disability?' speech, and knew that Kurt would occasionally have to miss a class. He was a good kid though, so none of them really worried.

With a groan he hauled himself to his feet, shuffling his papers back into his briefcase. He looked down at Kurt again, then acted on instinct.

"Feel Better" Will said softly, grabbing a serape from the top of the filing cabinet and laying it within reach of his young student, in case he woke up and needed a blanket. He turned off the lights on his way out, and shut the door quietly.

Later, when he came to Glee practice, it was to find Kurt, still looking slightly asleep, tucked between Mercedes and Tina, chatting animatedly about the newest costume designs. He could see the serape folded up neatly on his his desk in the office.

Kurt caught Will's eye, and offered a rare, true, smile. He mouthed a 'Thank You' silently, before being pulled back into the conversation, and Will smiled back.

He kind of loved his kids sometimes.