Summary: 5 Times Someone Unexpected Helped Kurt With A Panic Attack, and One Time He Helped Someone Unexpected With The Same Thing.

AN: wow, looks like the rating has to go up for this chapter. Someone has a potty mouth, and there's some homophobic language.

Part 2. Dave Karofksy

Dave Karofksy knew Hummel was off limits. He had a black eye for 3 days, and a permanent small dent in the bridge of his nose (He still couldn't believe Puck had broken his nose) to prove that.

Now that freakazoid had this 'medical condition' they couldn't get away with throwing him in the dumpster of giving him slushie facial. And he didn't really feel like body checking him into lockers anymore. But that didn't mean he had to start being nice. It was fun to rile Kurt up, see how high he could make him shriek with a super cuts comment, or a dig at his clothes. And Puck hadn't punched him recently, so he figured verbal abuse was still okay.

Speaking of which, Hummel was wearing an ugly ass fuzzy white sweater with tight red jeans. He could not let that opportunity pass.

"Hey Fancy!" Dave called out, his voice loud in the empty hallway. Hummel jumped, then turned around.

"What do you want Karofksy?"

"What the hell are you wearing? Did you skin a muppet?"

Hummel's face twitched, and Dave noticed it was red and splotchy. He was clutching his iphone like his life depended on it.

"Clothes." he answered blandly.

"No seriously, this is the gayest shit yet." Dave flicked a sleeve and Kurt pulled back so fast his elbow smashed into a locker. Kurt's eyes narrowed, and he could tell the smaller boy was fighting to stay calm. "It's alexander mcqueen you douche-bag. And it costs more than you'll make in a year at the nacho hut."

Dave was surprised by the language, but the sneer was familiar.

"Who'd you blow to afford that?" he asked. "Got yourself a sugar daddy? Bet it's Sandy. How many times did you have to suck him off for that shirt?"

"Shut the ifuck/i up, Karofksy." Kurt screamed, and Dave backed up slightly. This

"What the fuck is wrong with you stupid piece of shit?" Kurt was turning red with anger, his whole body shaking and his chest heaving.

"Calm down homo." Dave held up his hands. Okay, maybe he had gone a bit far this time. Sandy was a total creep.

"Don't call me that! You think you can make me miserable just because I'm gay? You think you're better than me? You're an idiot, but I don't throw you in the dumpsters for that. You have acne, you're ugly, and you smell like cat pee. if it wasn't for wine-coolers you'd still be a virgin.-"

Dave scowled at that.

"You shop at Walmart for god's sake! You're a fucking embarrassment to the civilization as a whole, but oh no you're so much better than the poor little faggot, because you don't take it up the ass. You're a stupid fucking moron, and you're going to be stuck in this stupid fucking town for the rest of your stupid fucking life, with your stupid fucking herpes-"

It was kind of funny to see Kurt get angry, though he was pretty sure people weren't supposed to turn that red. Dude was really freaking out.

"Jesus Hom-Hummel, calm down. You're going to have a stroke." He reached out, which was probably a bad idea. a really bad idea.

Kurt's iphone (he had spent the tirade trying to dial a number) was suddenly flying at his head. He ducked, hearing it shatter against the wall.

Suddenly Kurt stopped screaming, all the blood draining from his face. He blinked in shock, as if just realizing what had happened.

"Oh fuck." Kurt whispered, staring past Dave.

"Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck." Kurt shoved past him, kneeling down beside his clearly broken phone. He looked up at Dave, helplessly.

"I had to call- I need- oh fuck." He scooped up the pieces of the phone, franticly pressing the screen. "Come on. Come on." he pleaded to the device. "Call Puck. Come on. I need him"

It was a lost cause, but Dave could only watch, with a sort of sick fascination as Kurt tried to piece his phone back together, trembling and gasping for air. He might have still been talking, but not anything Dave could make out.

Well shit.

He fished his phone out of his pocket, thought briefly about handing it to Kurt, but decided that getting near him was probably a bad idea. He dialed Puck's number (still in his address book from their dumpstering days)

"What do you want Karofksy?" Puck growled into the phone.

"Your boyfriend's freaking out in the english hall." Dave said, then explained quickly "I didn't do anything! He was already messed up when I got here."

There was another growl and then the line went dead. He waited, making sure Kurt didn't pass out or slit his wrist on the broken screen or something, until Puck rounded the corner, and then he made a break for it.

He couldn't just leave the guy there. Yeah he made fun of him, and his really stupid clothes. But usually Kurt fought back, bitchy and sarcastic. He actually seemed to enjoy the chance to rake Dave over the coals, though usually not this...scary.

Dave wasn't dumb. He knew he screwed up, and thinking back he could totally tell Kurt was already messed up before he got there. He also knew that Puck was going to break his nose if he stayed around any longer that absolutely necessary.

And later when Azimio had heard about what happened, high fived him, and called Kurt a muppet in his (still stupid looking) sweater, Dave kicked his friend in the leg.

Kurt had just raised a waxed eyebrow while Puck and Artie stepped (rolled) forward threateningly. Kurt smirked, "Don't worry boys, he's just being a..." Kurt slid his eyes to Dave. "douche-bag." His lips quirked up at the corners.

Then the smaller boy breezed past both of them, leaving Azimio blinking in shock, and Dave fighting back a grin.

Hummel was still, mostly, off limits, he guessed.