20th May 2010

Anthony DiNozzo was sitting in cemetery next to tombstone with a name Jenny Shepard. It has been 2 years since he was out of his game. His mission was to protect Jenny, but he let her go away and then she was murdered. And he was too late, with Ziva of course. He had beaten himself up after this, he was the blame for the death. So he was in her grave, with Phaleonopsis orchids. The same flowers, which were on her desk, when she offered him a promotion. His own team in Roca. With Vance there is no way, that he was going to get a chance like this, Jenny was right after all – A promotion like this won't come up in a long time. It hasn't come for 2 years at least.

'' I'm sorry Jenny, I should have had your six, but I didn't. I know it was your order for me and Ziva to keep away, but we should have stack with you. I was on duty to protect you, the director of NCIS, who I personally like more than Vance. The one who took your office after you left this world. To say between us, you had the spark with Jethro, Ziva, Abby, Ducky and me of course. McGee too, but he seems to get along with Vance too, maybe even better than he did with you, but he is the Probie also. You know, nothing has changed that much, but the same nothing has remained the same after these years. There are times, when I almost say something about our missions, or think what you would say to Jethro for his acts. I miss the way we all got along, true I might miss also the time when I was in charge and you were my boss. Yeah, I miss that too, I miss bossing Ziva and McGee of course. But a year ago I got one case on lead again, because there was rule 38. Your case, you're lead. I got to boss Jethro around, I guess that felt good, a little different. Now I got why you took this job, just to boss him around, that would be a good reason for me. Oh damn it, Gibbs will kill me. My lunch break was way too long. Okay, I miss you and I still feel like I let you down and hope you are better somewhere there, no I gotta go before Gibbs murders me, '' Tony said. He dropped the flowers and left almost running.

The day in NCIS was like any day. They had a case, they had their killer. Just like every day, every case. Just like it wasn't anything special, but it was. It was the day when Jenny was murdered, only 2 years later.