26th of May

It was a late night in NCIS, Ziva and McGee had left already and Vance said goodbye a long time ago. Gibbs and Tony were doing paperwork behind their desks.

'' Hey Tony, where were you on 20th ? You took a long lunch, but ate in office, '' Gibbs asked.

'' I think you know where I was, '' Tony said.

'' I don't. I would have understood if you stayed longer on 25th, but there is nothing like that on 20th, '' Gibbs said.

'' What was on 25th ? '' Tony asked.

'' What was on 20th ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' I asked you first, '' Tony said.

'' Kate died on 25th May in year 2005. It means that 5 years passed yesterday from her death, '' Gibbs said.

'' On 20th May passed 2 years from Jenny's death, '' Tony said.

'' You forgot Kate's death day ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' You forgot Jen's, '' Tony said.

'' Holy, '' Gibbs said.

'' Yeah, '' Tony said.

'' How could I forget Jenny ? '' Gibbs asked himself.

'' How could I forget Kate ? '' Tony asked himself.

'' What the hell is wrong with us ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' I loved Kate, you loved Jenny, '' Tony said and Gibbs gave him the look.

'' And you forgot Kate and I forgot Jen, '' Gibbs said.

'' It has been so long already. 5 years since I lost Kate, '' Tony said.

'' 2 years since I lost Jen, '' Gibbs said.

'' You feel any guilt ? '' Tony asked Gibbs.

Gibbs looked up. Stood up and took his chair. He sat down across Tony's desk.

'' Yes. I feel guilt for Kate's death, Ari was after me after all. And also I feel guilty for forgetting Jen's day. Do you feel it too ? '' Gibbs asked and looked up.

'' Of course. It was my mission to protect Jenny, but I failed, I wasn't with her. I should have listened Ziva, but I didn't. And how could I forgive myself for forgetting Kate's death, '' Tony said looking down.

'' You need a drink ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' A multiple, '' Tony said.

'' How does bourbon sound ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' It sounds good, '' Tony said.

'' Bourbon, basement, boat, '' Gibbs said.

'' I'll grab my things, '' Tony said.

Gibbs went back to his desk, took his stuff and walked to elevator with Tony. Stepping into, he slapped Tony.

'' Thank you boss, '' Tony said.

'' I promised Kate, '' Gibbs said.

Tony gave a slap on Gibbs.

'' I didn't promise Jenny, but you deserve it, '' Tony said.

Gibbs nod.

They both could smile, but neither of them did that. There was another feeling inside of them, that was called guilt. There was 2 kinds of guilt in both of them: one for letting down a colleague and another for forgetting the loved one's death day. And now going together to drink bourbon to ease the pain, make the guilt go away. Also to hit themselves, to punish for the things they did. To fight with the guilt and also let it take control over themselves. To deal with the guilt that is inside of them, has been for last 5 years at some point.