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Life had become a whirlwind as the rangers tried to become more acclimated back to life in Angel Grove. Tommy had taken Harry's advice and revealed his and the other rangers identities through a press release to a local news station, citing the reason being they wanted to share about the deaths of Adam and Tanya, and that they had given their lives in the line of duty. The space rangers also helped to validate the story for the press. A public memorial was given for them, in which the mayor and other prominent figures in the city said spoke, recognizing them as well as the others.

Though the service for the two was helpful, closure was hard to come by for Jason and Kat. Though still together, their relationship had been consistently rocky, as Jason tried to help Kat past the inner turmoil that she pushed aside in the midst of the wizarding war. Many of their dates ended in tears and anger, normally because Kat was reminded of Tanya, or her torture, even Luna dying for her. It would only compound when she couldn't go and call her now deceased best friend. Still, Jason was fighting for her, and continued to enlist help from Tommy and Kim on how to care for her.

Tommy and Kim also had their struggles; it was the first time in the their romantic history that they didn't have to worry about some bad guy to fight. In a lot of ways, though the space aliens and death eaters were never good, that constant struggle had been more of a blessing as they often saw their relationship as a reprieve and joy. As they began to dig through the real issues, it was often hard and long. Still, they enjoyed being around one another more, and in spite of the difficulties, they felt a growing sense of belonging together.

In June, three months after they returned, the space rangers had revealed their identities, and defeated Astronema and Dark Specter. Tommy, Jason, Kat, and Kim all were appreciative that the focus was now on them, as they had gotten quite a lot of publicity from their press release. Once the others were revealed, people were much more excited to meet them, which was fine by all of them.

At Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all in the midst of their 7th and final year, which was what they were supposed to have the year before. Harry was especially excited, as he could get another year with Ginny in school, as well as his best friends. He no longer had to worry about Voldemort, or his death eaters. Instead, he had to worry about quidditch, and getting the marks he needed to become an Auror for the ministry. He continued his relationship with Ginny, as Ron and Hermione had continued to date as well.

Minerva McGonagall took over as Headmistress, and Kingsley Shacklebolt was serving as the new Minister for Magic. He also assigned Fred and George Weasley to the positions of co-chairs of prison reform, which particularly dealt with how to deal with the overflow of death eaters that had been arrested the night that Voldemort was killed. Kingsley also promoted their father, Arthur, to Assistant Minister for Magic.

Zack and Trini continued to pursue careers in Geneva, but took a month-long hiatus in July to visit Angel Grove. Kat in particular appreciated their visit. She really clicked with the former yellow ranger, and really helped her move past through her hurt, anger, and guilt. Jason also appreciated having Zack back, even if it was only for a few weeks.

*Angel Grove Cemetery, December 27, 1998*

Tommy, Kim, Jason, and Kat gathered around the gravestones of Adam and Tanya. It had been exactly one year since their passing, and Kat had felt it wasn't right for them to do nothing for it. They each brought flowers to lay on the graves, and then they sat in silence for a few moments.

"I still can't believe they're gone," Kat said, breaking the silence. Her tears began to pour down her face yet again, she had cried more than she'd have liked to as a 19 year old.

"I know," Kim said, also tearing up.

"We can be thankful that they died for something they... that we believed in," Jason said.

"Yeah," Tommy added. "They didn't die in vain. They'll be remembered as heroes."

*Ministry of Magic, June 15, 1999*

"So, Tonks, what's going to be my first assignment?" Harry asked. Harry had met all the qualifications to become an auror, and was now in orientation.

"Well, we actually need to go to America... there was a disturbance in a town called Sunnydale in the state of California, apparently had to do with vampires," Tonks replied. "The magical government there asked for help from us, since they knew we had experience in much worse matters."


"We'll find out more when we get there."

"Tonks, you said California, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Do you think Sunnydale is anywhere near Angel Grove?"

*Angel Grove, CA*

It was the grand opening the Yellow Frog Arts and Athletics Complex, which Tommy, Jason, Kim, and Kat all hoped would be a culmination of their dreams. A place where students could come and learn martial arts, gymnastics, or dance, among other things. Tommy had been able to help back it financially due to his race winnings. The others helped to pitch in with their college savings, since they decided to go into this business instead. They all had thought about college, but felt that they'd rather stick together as friends and try to make this business work. They also got a considerable amount of free publicity due to their status as local celebrities, being power rangers and all.

At this point, Tommy and Kim had met up in the main lobby. "I still can't believe we've got our own school!" Tommy said.

"I know," Kim replied. "I've been dreaming of teaching gymnastics professionally forever!"

"Really? I thought you always wanted to compete."

"Well, I did... but careers in gymnastics are short, and I'd love to stay in the field. What better way than to teach and pass on things to next generation of girls."

"That's really cool, Kim."

"Thanks. By the way, you didn't forget about our date tonight, right?"

"I figured we could just spend it here," he teased.

"You better change your plan real quick mister!" She quipped, and he grinned.

"Haha, don't worry, I have a better plan than that for tonight." He gave her a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly, they heard a tap on the door or the entrance. "Come in." They didn't come in. Tommy leaned over to open the door, shocked to see a snowy white owl.

"Hedwig!" Kim shouted. The owl flew up to her, and she put out her arm, and found a note tied to her leg. "Dear Tommy, Jason, Kat, and Kim," Kim read the letter aloud. "Tonks and I are going to be in California soon, in a town called Sunnydale. Any chance we can see one another? Miss you all, Harry."

"Where's Sunnydale?" Tommy asked.

*Sunnydale, CA*

A young blonde woman was getting on a bus headed for Los Angeles. She sat down in one of the seats, obviously shaken from something that had happened. That something was the death of her first love. No teenager should have to go through it, but she managed to have to experience it over and over in her mind. After all, she was the one who had to kill him. Angelus was hell bent on destroying the world, and she, as the slayer, had to stop him. Even if he reverted back to Angel right before she killed him.

"I'm sorry, Angel," Buffy Summers said to herself, as the bus began to move her towards a new life. Or at least she hoped.

The End

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