His arrogance.

My annoyance.

His confusion.

My eyeroll.

His nostril flare.

My disgust.

His threat.

My slap.

His slap.

My spit in his face.

His fist on my stomach.

My bite.

His blood.

My tears.

His hug.

My hug.

His apology.

My apology.

"Dont fucking touch me," I mumbled and pushed away from him. I saw behind his mask and went for the bathroom to sit in the tub, where things were calmer. I didnt even bother to put my clothes back on.

The tub was dirty. There was a ring of dirt from me and Jacob's last session with the slapping, punching, biting, pinning and the sex afterwards. There was glass on the floor as well. From what? I couldnt remember.

I tip toed around it and climbed into the tub, chin on my knees, tears still flowing.
Jacob was right behind me, angry as hell. He had pulled his cut offs back on but his erection was fighting them.

"No matter how many fights you start-" he started in disgust but I stopped him.

"I start the fights? Bullshit! If anything, youre the one who gets all heated whenever I merely say something-"

"Damn! Shut the fuck up, Leah! Dammit! Just let me speak for two minutes!" he roared in frustration.

"No, I wont shut up! I swear to God, you and your fucking temper! I cant live without you losing your minding using me as a punching bag!"

"I use you? If anything you, you ask for it! I always feel bad after I hit you because I was raised to never put my hands on a women! But then it dawns on me that I'm not hitting a women. I'm hitting Leah Clearwater."

My eyebrows scrunched and I shut my mouth in defeat.

He froze.

We both knew that was a low blow but it got me to be quiet.

"Leah, you can be a real bitch sometimes. " He spoke with a rarely ever heard soothing voice.

"And you can also be a cunt. A cunt that no matter how many times you fuck the living sence out of, she'll never be happy." He chuckled I tried to hold it back but I knew I couldnt. He held my hand and the skin in contact tingled.

"And then you can also be the kinda girl I'd wanna marry. Lee, I dont wanna spend the rest of my life doing this. I dont wanna spend the rest of my life hitting you and having you hit me back. I dont wanna spend the rest of my life making you feel this way.

"Leah, I just dont know how to say this but-" he stopped himself and eyed me shyly.

"I love you."

I closed my eyes in disappointment. He knew how I felt about that word.

"Lies..." I whispered.

He was gonna hit me. But I just didnt have anymore strength to hit back.

"Love is pain, Jacob." I reasoned, seeing through his hard surface.

He sighed and his muscles relaxed.

"Love is pain? Love is pain, huh? I'll show you pain, Leah..."

I closed my eyes and braced myself for the sharp hit I was about to recieve. In the head, the arm, the leg, the stomach? Who knows? He just might keep his word and kill me this time.

When I opened my eyes, waiting for my punishment, he was gone.

Suddenly he was back, with a freshly sharpened knife and I saw my whole life flash. I knew pain was supposed the hurt but pain from Jacob felt good.

He held the knife up and I grabbed my chest to reduce the feeling but it swerved.

It dodged me and went straight into Jacob's forearm. The blood drew and I cried out the cry of pain cus he didnt. He just grunted a little and the blood dripped onto the white tile, staining it. It was official. He was a fucking psycho.

"Jacob! What the hell are you doing?" I screamed.

He looked at me and squinted.

"Im showing you that love...is...pain." He dipped his finger into his own blood, reached out onto the bathroom wall.

"Oh my God..."

He wrote:


He slowly dipped his finger in the deep puddle forming on his arm.

Love You.

He was done but the blood ran down the bathroom wall causing me to gasp in horror.

"You're crazy as fuck," I whispered.

Nah, shit he was crazy. He just cut his arm open for me.

Some guilty nerve in me made me grab the blade and made a slice through my own forearm as well, his blood still fresh on the knife.

I wanted shout out as the blood seaped from my veins. I cringed and tore my eyes away at the unpleasant vision of our blood, dripping on the floor. Jake let out a light moan of desire as I did the same thing as he.

I love you too.

My blood ran.

"We're no good," he stated and I nodded in agreement, watching our vows of eternal love run down into the tub.
We stood side by side, blood on our arms, hate in our hearts, lust in our eyes, love in our souls.

"You can never take this back." His voice was stronger then before.

"Meaning?" My head fit perfectly in the crook of his neck, the idea of me cutting myself open for him totally normal all of a sudden.

"You wrote in blood," he explained, slowly.

"Same goes for you." I added.

Jacob went for the sink and watch the mess on his arm off some warm. The mixture was gross as it flowed down the drain. I did the same.

"You didnt have to do that, Lee."

I wouldve responded with something smart but it wouldve led to a fight. I didnt need a fight. Not right now.

"Thats alright. I like the way it hurts."

He kissed me then, a soft kiss.

A soft, angelic kiss.

The closest thing to peace and not war in this house.

I smiled, wondering how long this would last.