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„I'm booored.." the blonde man lying on the sofa whined quite loudly.

He was turning the white stick of just eaten lollipop over between his fingers. The man focused his energy on it for a moment, like it was the most entertaining thing in the whole wide world, trying to break it, but the stubborn, flexible piece of plastic just changed its shape and remained in one piece. The blonde's fingers was bending the stick more and more, while he bit his lip slightly and narrowed his eyes, anticipating the crack.

Suddenly the abused thing decided to make an attempt to escape the torturous grip, and managed to slip away at an incredible speed and accuracy, landing in mop of dark brown hair. The owner of said hair flinched ever so slightly, surprised, but didn't pay much attention to his new 'decoration' and continued to type something on his laptop like nothing had ever happened.

"Then find yourself something to do," he just said, not moving his head to the other.

The blonde raised himself up to sitting position and leaned his crossed arms on the back rest of the sofa, so he was now looking at the other man's profile. He rested his chin on his hands not moving his gaze from the other. The corner of his mouth moved slowly boring a dimple in his cheek.

The dark-haired man give him quick look of the corner of his eye not ceasing what he was doing.

"Don't even think about it," he said, answering an unasked question. "I'm busy."

"I didn't even say anything yet," the blonde pouted, but the suspicious smile didn't left his face.

"You didn't have to. Your face is like an open book. Besides, I know that look all too well. And I don't like it."

The blonde didn't say anything more, ignoring the others obvious disapproval of his plans. He reached into his pocket pulling out another lollipop and unwrapped it before putting it into his mouth. Then he stood up and came closer to the other man, standing behind him. He took one strand of brown hair between his fingers.

The dark-haired man stopped typing for a moment, his eyes narrowing.

"What are you doing?"

"Finding myself something to do," the other responded happily, and began to plait the locks.

"And why does this 'something' has to be destroying my hair?" the dark-haired man asked making an attempt to free his hair form the other's grip, but failed.

"Who said I was gonna destroy it?" the blonde pouted again. "Don't you trust me at all, Aiji?"

The sitting man sighed.

"I don't trust your hair styling abilities. That's all."

"Oh, c'mon," the blonde lowered his head to the other's shoulder and his voice to almost whisper.

"I have very skilful hands."

Aiji's fingers froze on the keyboard again as the other's voice so close to his ear, that he could almost feel the warm, sweet breath, sent small shiver down his spine. He moved his head to look at the blonde but before he did, the other straighten up again and finished his sentence louder.

"You know, playing the guitar and stuff."

"Stuff?" Aiji repeated, uncertain.

"Yeah," the blonde smirked and got back to playing with the strands between his fingers. "Stuff…"

Aiji sighed knowing all too well that once his friend get an idea into his head there's no way to get it out until he carries it out or gets bored trying.

Suddenly the blonde's fingers reached the back of Aiji's neck and moved up, sinking in his hair, pulling it lightly. The movement made the dark-haired man shiver again, this time more, and he closed his eyes for a moment.

"Maya.." he breathed out almost unwittingly, uncertain whether he wanted to scold the other or just the opposite.

"Huh?" the blonde voiced moving back to plaiting. "Did you say something?"

"I have some… things.. to do," Aiji answered opening his eyes as his hair was pulled ever so slightly. "And you're distracting me."

"Am I?" Maya smiled mischievously and entangled his hand in the brown locks again, running his fingertips over the other's head.

"I heard that a head massage is suppose to be relaxing. It even has a name.. yy.. shato.. shiatu.."

"Shiatsu," Aiji corrected. "And since when can you do it?"

"Today," Maya smiled.

"Yeah, right," Aiji gripped the other's wrist and removed the hand from his hair.

"Ouch.." the blonde whimpered. "You're strong for such a scrag."

"Don't try me."

"Oooh," Maya lowered his head again almost touching the other's shoulder with his chin.

"And what if I do? Are you gonna punish me?" he smirked looking at the other.

Aiji looked at him, slightly annoyed, before turning back to the screen.

"You bet."

Maya's smile widened.



"Ah, it's not the answer."

"Yes, it is."

"No, it isn't."

"Maya. Stop acting like a snotty-nosed little brat. Give me a break."

"No. I'm curious. Besides, who's little, huh? You reach to my shoulder, big man."

Aiji was tempted to say that he actually weren't that much shorter, and besides he hadn't meant the height in his last sentence; but he decided to give up the silly argument and ignore the blonde, hoping that he would get bored eventually.

Maya seeing that returned to play with the other's hair. Getting no reaction he actually got bored after a minute or so. But only with the hair. In fact, now, when Aiji had said what he had said, Maya was beyond curious. It was like a challenge, and the blonde was determined to bend the other's limits till they break. He would find the way. After all, he was good at it.

Maya began to pull the swivel chair Aiji was sitting on, but the other was faster and braced his feet against the back of the desk. The blonde pulled harder and then began to twist the chair to the left and right slowly. Still he got no reaction, so he finally gave up and rested his forearms on the other's shoulders and his chin on one of them.

"C'mon, Aiji. You're not fun," the blonde whined.

The dark-haired man smiled ever so slightly with triumph, but his smile faded as the other began whimpering again, straight to his ear.

He wasn't going to give up yet, it seemed. And moreover, he pulled the lollipop out of his mouth, which could only mean that he was getting serious.

"Aiiijiii," Maya said, almost like he was singing. "Aijiii," he repeated with lower voice. "A-i-ji," he continued to say the other's name over, and over, more, and more quietly. He began to whisper.

Suddenly his fading voice seemed strangely seductive to Aiji, who involuntarily pricked up his ears; his senses focused on the vibrations of the hot air that was leaving Maya's mouth. He didn't, of course, realize that he stopped typing.

Maya, on the other hand, was fully aware of the situation, satisfied that he finally managed to get the other's attention. He continued to whisper Aiji's name into his ear, each time a bit different, surprising himself, that he found so many ways to voice three syllables. One of his hands sneaked to the other's hair again, pulling it ever so gently. Maya's lips curled into a smile when he noticed the other's body shiver under his touch.

Aiji was mesmerized. His breath quickened slightly. His head must have been an extra sensitive place, he thought, for such a simple touch to feel that… good. Or Maya's hands really were that skilful.

The dark-haired man's thoughts went back to the beginning of their conversation. He began wondering what that other 'stuff' Maya mentioned might have been. Another shiver ran down his spine when the though popped up in his head.

The blonde was watching his band mate amused. Then his gaze moved to the keyboard and the dimples in his chicks appeared in all their glory. He held out his free hand and began pressing the keys randomly.

The sound shook Aiji out of his thoughts and he looked on the screen watching the signs appearing and forming the sentences that had absolutely no sense. Then he realized what is going on and glanced at Maya. The blonde was grinning widely, totally engrossed in his silly prank.

It was uncanny how he was smiling with all his face. His lips, his amber eyes, which seemed more slanting than usual and were half covered with eyelids, and the dimples, which suited him so perfectly, emphasizing his childish nature and making him so appealing at the same time.

Aiji's body began moving on itself. He gripped the wrist of the hand that was wandering around the keyboard, firmly, and, turning on his chair, did the same with the other one.

Maya smirked, knowing that the limits were finally crossed and he was about to satisfy his curiosity. He was going to say something to add some more fuel to the fire but didn't manage to do so as his back suddenly meet the floor and he instantly closed his eyes.

"Ouuuuch. That hurt," he groaned and realized that his wrists were pinned to the floor at each side of his head.

Maya opened his eyes only to meet Aiji's face only inches away from his own; the pair of almost black eyes were giving him the look that he had never seen before. The situation was slightly uncomfortable and when the blonde noticed the other's face mowing even closer, his body froze, as he waited, uncertain what the other was up to.

Aiji smirked deviously seeing the other's expression. Yes, it was payback time. He moved one of his legs placing it between the other's ones, forcing them to part.

Maya's eyes widened as he felt Aiji's knee forcing its way up, dangerously close to his crotch. Their eyes were still fixed on each other and the blonde didn't like the expression on Aiji's face more and more.

Or so he thought.

A short, unconscious breath left Maya's mouth as he felt pressure applied to his groin. And then slow movement around it.

"A-aiji?" the blonde exhaled looking at the other, surprised and worried.

Thoughts in his head were running so fast he couldn't catch any single one, so it seemed to him his mind was blank. His body felt like a marionette, unable to move.

The dark-haired man smirked, moving Maya's arms up above his head so he could immobilize them using only one hand.

"You asked for it," he whispered moving closed to the other's ear, "Maya."

Shiver ran down the blonde spine as he heard his own name whispered right to his ear in such a low and hot voice.

Suddenly he felt surrounded by the other man. Not just immobilized. He was everywhere around. Maya could see him, smell him, hear him, feel him, not to mention feel him on his most sensitive area. I was like he was drowning into the other. His heart began pounding fast in his chest. The adrenaline rushed in his body. It was like watching a horror movie, when part of you want it to end but you're too scared to stop watching or look away, so you're keep staring at the screen, tensing and waiting for whatever happens next.

And what is happening next just draws you more into it, immobilizing your body and mind.

Maya felt his belt being undone. His eyes widened even more, if it was only possible, as he glanced down his body.

Aiji was still looking at the blonde's face, while he used his free hand to remove the studded belt.

"Aiji? What the…" Maya began as he realized where it was going but didn't finish, watching the other's moves intently.

He was all of a sudden more aware of the situation, but still not able to do anything about it.

The guitarist said nothing and continued his ministrations, unbuttoning the other's pants quite fast. He then began unzipping them slowly, enjoying the teasing.

Maya didn't move an inch, though he wanted to slip away somehow. Or didn't he? He was just captured by the time. Mutually exclusive thoughts made his head spin.

Aiji ran his finger over the freshly revealed skin above the vocalist's underwear watching the goose bumps forming under his touch.

He then stopped moving and looked at Maya's face again.

A big grin appeared on Aiji's face and he stood up promptly, leaving Maya on the floor.

"Priceless," he smiled widely down at the blonde, who was still looking at him with big eyes.

It was just like emitting commercials in the middle of the action. It took the vocalist a while to get used to the sudden change.

"What… the hell… was that about?" Maya asked finally regaining his voice, confused.

Aiji sat back on the chair, laughing like he hadn't done it for ages.

"You wanted to know what I might do, so there it was," he laughed more. "Oh man. You should have seen your face! I wish I had had a camera! That would be perfect shot for Denki's blog…"